I stand on the wooden porch of our cozy little rental cabin and look out over the majestic scenery. You see me give a slight shiver and come out to wrap a thick woven blanket around us and hold me tightly.

“This really was a good idea,” I say as I snuggle up close to you. An icy wind picks up around us and even amidst the smell of the pine trees and freshly fallen snow, you catch my scent, so soft and feminine, and suddenly feel a stirring of arousal. Not wanting to interrupt this special moment, you say nothing and let your thoughts linger on the possibilities to come.

We eventually make our way inside our mountain retreat and I curl up on a bed of plush blankets near the fire you so expertly built for us. The heat begins to thaw the chill that the cold wind has left on me and I close my eyes for a moment to savor the feeling.

I feel you sit down next to me and gingerly brush the remaining snowflakes from my hair. I feel almost as though this trip has caused me to see you in a new light. While I’ve known your passionate and sometimes welcomingly rough side, this has been my first real glimpse of a whole other side to you. A gentle softness in the way you touch me, a caring side in the way you bring me coffee before I even have to ask for it.

I smile and you can see into me just by the way I’m looking at you. Slowly you lean towards me and kiss me with a tenderness that feels new. We’ve kissed so many times before, and yet the way you begin to languidly explore my mouth with yours makes it feel like it’s almost the first time.

I purr with pleasure, shifting my position to look towards you and lean my body against yours. I can feel your bulging erection pressing against my thigh, but you continue, slowly sliding one arm around my waist and pulling me even tighter against you.

You lean me back and I feel your weight upon me. Your slow and deliberate kisses begin making their way down my neck. You tenderly lift my top from me and pull the cups of my bra down to continue your trail. I feel your tongue play against me expertly as it always does and as you reach my nipple you slowly trace it meticulously in every way imaginable. Arching my back, I feel my desire reaching heightened levels. The need to feel you inside of me is nearly overwhelming.

Unexpectedly, you tell me that you’ll be right back. I assume you’re going to the restroom when you promptly return holding a pair of my thigh high stockings. You undress and lean down to remove my jeans and panties. Then you very carefully slip my silken thigh highs onto my feet and wiggle them up slowly onto my legs.

The initiative you took by thinking to pack my thigh highs for our getaway took me aback and literally set my loins ablaze with desire. Seeing your cock react to touching and playfully teasing me is causing me to nearly writhe from the primal need I’m now feeling.

“Please,” I beg, surprising even myself as I’m not accustomed to begging for anything.

You give me a sly smirk and begin kissing your way down my stomach, continuing right where you left off before undressing. As you reach my smooth, soft mound, you slide your tongue sensually around my swollen clit and feel me arch again. You continue taking your time even though you sense that I’m beyond ready. You lick my wet pussy lips over and over, lapping my juices as they drip into your wanting mouth.

Knowing me as you do, you can see that I’m on the verge of climaxing from your torturous titillations. Bringing your mouth up to meet mine again, I taste my sweetness on your tongue as I feel what I desperately crave pulsing against me. You begin to slowly push your erection inside of me and I feel the world nearly fall out from beneath me.

My eyes roll back in my head and everything melts away except for the feel of you inside me, your hands caressing my body, and the heat of the roaring fire against my bare skin. The combination is almost more than I can take and I feel on the edge of orgasm with every thrust you gently rock me with.

I stroke my hand through your hair as we kiss and pull away just enough to whisper to you “Release me…”

With that, you bury yourself balls deep within me. Your brace yourself with one hand firmly on the floor and lunge your hard cock into me hard and fast. Only a thrust or two later, you feel me begin to quiver and bear down around your thick cock. You let go inside of me, giving over to an orgasm so strong that you think you may pass out.

As the last bit of your hot load trickles out, we lay there with our bodies pressed together by the fireplace. We are spent and the waves of pleasure are still gloriously lingering. You rest your head on my chest and say…

“God, Ashlee, you really have a way of igniting the fire down below!”

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