You may have noticed that I like to explore numerous different topics on my blog. I enjoy sharing everything from personal stories of past experiences, thoughts on society’s norms, to all forms of fantasy exploration. So many of you have shared with me how much you appreciate my posts and look forward to them each week, but what you may not know is how much I love hearing from you too.

One of the highlights of my week is seeing you post comments on my entries or mention something from a post when we are on the phone together. I feel like my blog is a way for us to explore another line of communication and grow our bond. Even when I am not whispering in your ear while pleasuring myself, we still have our written words to connect us and share with one another.

My blog is intimate, personal, and written with only you in mind. I do not write for traffic or keywords, and I’m not the kind of girl that just throws a couple generic paragraphs up and calls it a day. My blog is a direct line into my mind and my real life experiences and feelings. Just as your feedback is a direct line for me into yours.

With that being said, I’d really like to hear more from you. What do you like about my blog? What would you like me to write about more? Do you have a special request for a certain fetish or topic you’d like to hear my thoughts on? Share with me what it is that makes your luscious cock spring to attention and need to fuck me?

Don’t be shy. Whether you’ve come to know me well, or you’ve just found me – I want to hear from you. Please, speak out in the comments section of this post or reach out to me privately through my email. Let me know what you’d most love me to post about. I write for you, your cock, and ultimately your intense orgasm. Knowing that what I write moves you in some way fuels me.

I have my secret cravings too and thinking about them as I write has my panties soaked. Are you ready to act upon your fantasies?

My pussy and my mind need to be filled with your desires.