I love a good first time. Not just first time sexual experiences, but the first time I do anything, I always want it to be exhilarating. Driving on the freeway with the top down, surfing, enjoying a concert with friends or exploring the great outdoors, I love it all. But let’s get back to sex…

“Pegging” for instance, there’s nothing quite like the first time. The mere word itself is full of allure and intrigue. Just thinking about getting “pegged” by yours truly is enough to cause your man hole to pucker a bit. When I imagine strapping my dildo on and giving it to you, straight up the ass, it really turns me on. It’s something we’ve both dreamt about for years now.

I get that you don’t necessarily crave this every time we play. But sometimes when you are ravenously horny, thoughts of being taken and the thrill of being on the receiving end of a thrusting motion can nearly set you off (literally).

Since present circumstances prevent us from meeting up at a local brewery and having a few drinks beforehand, I decide to go to your place. I ring the doorbell and when you open the door, you are stunned and a bit overcome by my presence. I am assertively clad in studded latex attire, complete with black over the knee boots.

After I help you pick your jaw back up, you show me in. I make it obvious that I have no intention of engaging you in any small talk. I immediately rub your crotch and give my cock a little squeeze and tell you that “I’m here on a mission”. I grab you by the hand and lead you straight to the bedroom, where it’s right down to action.

“You have always wanted to be pegged and today you’re going to get pegged”. I press you against the wall and give my cock another squeeze before I strip you naked. I then push you down onto the bed and walk over to my bag. You can see me in the bedroom mirror strapping on a huge dildo…

Thoughts started racing through your head (both of them). “Christ is this really going to happen? This gorgeous commando that’s dripping in sex with huge tits and nipples like buttons is going to give it to me hard! Is being pegged going to be everything I’ve dreamt of it being? After all, the roles are reversed here, a woman is going to fuck me with a huge dildo.” I knew your mind was reeling, so I spoke to you sweetly. I reassured you that the experience would exceed your most vivid dreams.

There was no more time allocated for hand-holding or assurances. I knew what needed to be done, and I was more than ready to get down to it. Nerves aside, I knew you were ready, too, because my cock was standing straight up in the air. It was solid, thick and glistening at the tip. I ran my tongue over my lips in anticipation of introducing you to your newest addiction.

I told you to push your knees up as far as you could toward your shoulders and open them up wide. You were a good boy and obliged me. It was arousing watching you simulate doing the splits while waiting for the initial penetration from my lady cock. I used the tips of my wet fingers and began to slowly open up your ass cheeks, separating them nice and easily.

I started to rub the lube into your little balloon button and I could tell that this turned you on immensely. I had one hand on my cock, stroking it, and the other hand on my dildo as I began to guide it in, thrusting it back and forth to work it into your pulsing pleasure hole. You let out an intense moan of approval, as I broke your virgin ass in with unbridled passion.

You took it like a champ, expressing that you had no real pain. All you could feel was the incredible feeling of my creamy thighs banging the dildo back and forth, deep inside of your wanting ass. I continued jerking you off as I thrust my makeshift man muscle even further inside of you. Once I was comfortably situated inside of you, I eased a couple of fingers into your tender tunnel as well. The air was laden with sex talk. Phrases like “give it to me harder” and “don’t stop, I’m about to cum” leaped from your mouth with wild abandon.

We were both groaning steadily now as you rubbed and pressed my clit with your slick fingers, and I jerked my rigid dick, using my hand at full throttle! I arched my back and pressed my tits higher into the air and your body began to tense just as we both screamed out in ecstasy together. You shot massive rope streams of cum that coated my entire chest, and I squirted all over your tummy, cock and balls.

I really do love a good first time!

Call me and let’s find out if you do too!

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