You may have noticed something of a secondary theme to most of my blog entries (second to reinforcing how incredibly irresistible you find me). I’ve been trying to showcase my flexibility. If you waste your energy checking out other girls’ sites, you’ll notice they all claim to be into everything. They are all things to all guys, specializing in anything that has ever made a man erect. Well, I believe that to focus on everything is to focus on nothing. Therein lies the challenge for me. Because while I don’t even pretend to engage in everything (ex. snuff fantasies, blasphemy, accomplice etc.), I am an extremely talented call girl!

I am a thinker and I like to think about making men do what I want. I find myself wanting to post all of the ways I can make you cum hard. I care about every word that I write. I never want to come across as disingenuous or claim to deliver something that I cannot. So I’ve been using my blog as a forum to show you that I actually understand your fantasies and I put my all into executing them. I’m also always willing to learn more and perfect the time we spend together. In addition, I will allow you teach me how to please you (try finding this elsewhere).

Continuing with the theme of showing what I can do, I think it’s equally important for you to know what I am willing to do. I can do romantic or dirty (think Mary Anne vs. Ginger – posted 10/1). I can be bitchy and possessive (8/26, two very feminine qualities). I can be sensually dominant (7/27), even take it to another level (not for everyone, 9/6). But there’s one thing I can do that I don’t know I can craft an enticing narrative for, so I will just come out and state it: I can do quick & quiet (all the talking).

I know there are times when you want our time together to be less hurried, more of a gradual exchange that escalates into your pants needing to come off. But while I am a woman and do enjoy romantic tending, I know that there are times when my man just needs to get off! I make you feel lust. Sometimes your lustful needs require immediate attention. I am adaptable and prepared to direct my attention to the situation at hand (pun very intended).

Quick and quiet: Is someone else due home in the next 15 minutes? Do you need a pick-me up at half time because your team gave up a pick 6 with under a minute to go? How about a wake- up call to tame that morning wood, or just when you need to kill time as your microwaveable meal cools off? I want you to know that I’m up for a quickie.

Quick and quiet: Did you ever see the movie Poison Ivy starring Drew Barrymore? This was when she was at the height of her powers. Ivy just exudes sex when she’s around her teenage friend’s father. The father struggles to be a gentleman. His wife is sick and miserable. He loves her, but Ivy’s youth and insane body are too much. With his wife medicated and sleeping, he crosses the line. I too am totally prepared to take over the entire call. We can figure out logistics via text. And I can figure out a way to ensure you don’t go to bed with aching balls just because your less attractive wife or girlfriend wasn’t worth waking up to fuck.

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