Best phone sex is with Naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544It’s just another weeknight. You’re on the couch, watching television; your wife is sitting next to you sinking her jaws into another pile of calories. She used to seem genteel and decorous as she delicately placed each small forkful of food in her mouth. Now she seemingly shovels it in like it’s her last meal.

She used to excite you and make you want to fuck her. But, it’s been years since she last entered your mind in any sort of romantic fashion. And you definitely aren’t fantasizing about her luscious tits when your cock is hard and you need to cum.

Babe, please don’t take this next statement as arrogance. I really don’t mean to play up my self-esteem, but I genuinely regard you as extremely fortunate to have found me. I am the best phone sex provider in the industry, presently and always. Yes, I have the hottest voice you will ever hear. But, No…, that is not why I’m the best. I’m the best because I understand men and your need.

You crave lust. Any female can spread her legs and become your receptacle, even the chunky-monkey on the couch next to you. But that’s not enough. I know you need a certain kind of attention from a female. You need to be with someone who makes you actually feel like a man.

I do it naturally because I radiate femininity. From my body, to my voice, to knowing what you want, when you call me, you are temporarily entering into a world where the fact that you have to work tomorrow is forgotten. I may have an hourglass figure, but time stands still when we are on the phone together.

The woman on the couch used to do that for you. I know reading that stings a little. I’m sorry, babe. I, on the other hand, always have and always will give you that vacation-like feeling where you allow yourself to not care and punt the stresses of life until later without feeling bad about it.

The entire time that the television is on, you’re sitting there in a bit of a daze. You see the images before you, but the thoughts running through your mind are about escaping for a short while so you can indulge in another short vacation with yours truly…

“Honey?” you ask. “Do we have any more beer?”  This is your passive aggressive way of reminding her that she said she was going to get groceries earlier in the week and didn’t. She said she was going to make dinner tonight, but instead, as you were getting ready to leave work and fight rush hour traffic, she asked you to pick up Chinese food on the way home. With guilt as your most powerful weapon, you succeeded in shooing her away on an errand so you could be alone. You said “I do” to a female that made you thrilled to be alive, not to the person she has devolved into.

When her car’s ignition sounds, you make your way upstairs. It feels physically awkward to run up the stairs as your erection grows. Simultaneously you dial your phone as you strip naked. My voice answers “Hi, baby”, sending a momentary shock through your body as your sensitivities spring to life!

You lie in your bed and pull the covers over you. It’s just like stepping into a bubbling hot tub at a beach resort. Mmmm, you’ve once again stepped into Ashlee’s world, where nothing else matters, the hospitality impresses you, and your cock is the guest of honor.

This blog was not a story about me seducing you, or sucking you off, or bouncing up and down on your cock while steadying myself by holding both of your shoulders…

I’m the best phone sex lover because I know that the above story is what turns you on. I know I’m your escape. More importantly, I appreciate and understand that you need to escape!

I’m not here just to make you cum. I’m here to give you what you thought you were getting until death do you part.

Because every man doesn’t just deserve some of that respite, he needs it just to be a man.

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