I'm your escape- call Ashlee 866-605-2544You’re on vacation with the wife and kids. It’s great to get away to a place where it’s warm and inviting all year round. Every time you step outside you remember what it’s like to feel at ease and alive again. When it’s cold and blustery outside and you’re not on vacation, your home is a prison; and by late winter, it begins to feel like a coffin. You had forgotten what it’s like to just throw on a t-shirt and flip-flops to go outside.

Holding hands with the wife, you take a stroll along the beach, taking in the waterfront views. You notice your wife is staring straight ahead, more focused than she had been a few seconds ago. You look around for what she’s fixated on, and it doesn’t take you long to find it.

There, on the sand only 25-30 yards ahead, is your wife’s biggest nightmare!  A magnificently designed woman who is well aware of what her glistening, sun-kissed body is doing to you and all of the other male on-lookers. Her toned legs look even more enticing as she suggestively hikes up her bikini bottoms to reveal more of her flawless flesh. Her hips sway as she saunters along the sand, and her ass cheeks take turns bouncing ever so slightly. You imagine your hard cock snugly placed between them, your hands reaching for her shoulders to steady yourself as you thrust your own hips into her.

You tell yourself that your wife has no clue about the vivid fuck fest that is going on in your mind right now. As the sex fantasy continues to unfold in your mind, you inadvertently let go of your wife’s crinkled, clammy hand. A few moments after dropping her hand, you realize that she’s only so much of a fool. She knows that the only thing preventing you from leaving her to profess your undying lust to this breathtaking beauty is that she has the money, passports, cash and plane tickets locked in the hotel room safe and you do not know the pass code she created.

Your wife and you remain in awkward silence for the next couple of minutes. Finally you speak up, asking your seemingly butt-hurt ball and chain if she is enjoying the scenery.

She offers up a retort that’s as limp as she makes your cock, and adopts an attitude that is less than enchanting.

This has happened many times before, so it’s not like it will haunt you for the rest of the day. Other hot pieces of ass cross your path throughout the rest of your vacation, but the beauteous babe you spotted on the beach was enough to encourage you to take a stab at your wife’s self-esteem. It was also enough make your head spin relentlessly.

When you get back to the resort, you hint to your partner that you’d like to fool around, but she still hasn’t forgiven you for her not being pretty anymore or the weight she has packed on. And the fact that a younger, glaringly gorgeous female is the catalyst for your sudden desire for sex bothers her even more.

But it’s not your wife you want to fuck anyway. Eventually she’ll be in the mood, and you’ll be a horrible husband for treating her the way she treats you. Meantime, the engine in your balls has been ignited and they are now at full capacity! Then you start to realize that for the remaining days of your vacation, you’re trapped. There will be no chance for release with your wife scrutinizing your every move. That’s when you have an epiphany.

A couple days later…

“Hey Ashlee,” you say to me when I pick up the phone. Just hearing my “Hello” is enough to lift your spirits. You tell me you bought your wife a spa treatment while on vacation, just so you can have some alone time with me. You put the Do Not Disturb sign on the doorknob, for which your nagging wife will no doubt complain about later, but it’s worth it because you are going to fib and tell her that you just needed to take a nap (Which is really not a lie at all because when I’m done with you, you will definitely need one.)

You describe the perfect thighs that have tormented your aching balls. You let me know that seeing her ample ass bounce as she walked was what made you orchestrate a situation that allowed you to call me. I tell you to take your cock out for me. “Relax, babe. I’m here. We’re together now. Let me take over.”

It was just what you needed to hear. For the next 20 minutes I take you away from the world, painting a picture of what Heaven looks like. Your right hand is on my hip; your left hand is pulling my hair as I grind my ass back onto your cock. Yes, you might be fucking me doggy-style, but I’m doing all the work. Because being with me is the only time you get a break from it all.

It’s not a vacation unless I’m a part of it. That’s because I am a part of your life. You need me. And I need you.

Stop dreaming about an escape.

I Am Your Escape.

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