phone sex is the best with Ashlee! 866-605-2544As you can tell by looking at my photographs, I’m well-aware of the power my breasts wield over the male species. Being infatuated by a great set of tits goes back centuries, perhaps even to the beginning of time; even before chomping on the infamous apple, Adam may not have known the full significance of Eve’s frontal accoutrements, but he sure knew what he liked!

Men go out of their way to steal a glimpse of my bounteous boobs. Granted, they are visually arresting, I know. However, I offer much more than just visual rousing. I possess countless other alluring attributes as well. My most intimate and powerful characteristics are the ones you can’t see, and I do not give them away freely.

It’s true that upon first look, my most inspiring bestowal is being drop-dead gorgeous. And I don’t pretend that I am average aesthetically. (I believe everyone should embrace a self-evident truism.) I was blessed with great genes, but I also work very hard at being me. I know who I am, and I proudly wear my confidence.

My mind is nothing to scoff at either. I use it with diligence, and I enjoy using it on you when we’re together. My favorite idiom of all time is “A mind is a terrible thing to waste”. Come to think of it, I prefer not wasting anything that is useful, and that includes your time, money, energy, or even your cum (wink*).

After over twenty years of sporting such sumptuous tits, I have come to realize that regardless of what I wear, where I go, or what I do, my chest elicits titillation to the nth degree. I love that you’re hot for my hooters. But although my heaving cleavage is climactic on its own, it is the collaboration of my mellifluous voice, amorously arousing aura, curious charms, and extremely erotic essence that truly holds you captive.

“No Man Calls Only Once” is not a dead-end declaration. It is a meaningful manifesto which I hold myself accountable for, every single time you call. Whether or not I deliver on those five words matters a great deal to me. You matter to me, babe. I do not simply hope to draw you in with my beguiling body for a one and done. I will steadily learn you, enthrall you, and make you cum gloriously as we continue cultivating an authentic relationship. (Pinky promise)!!

If you have not indulged in a phone sex encounter with me yet, I invite you to hear and feel what you’ve been missing.

My assertion is fact, not fiction!

The proof will be in your protein-packed pudding.

Your search is finally over…

I am the one.

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