Phone sex with 866-605-2544Conclusion…

I wondered how I could go about getting a phone sex job working on a hot line like the one I had seen on TV. A quick internet search turned up numerous phone sex sites. All of them featured tons of women dripping in sex, each one claiming to be better than the rest. The sites were brightly colored and had flashing lights like a virtual version of Vegas! I was a bit overwhelmed, to say the least.

After a little more contemplation, I decided to call and inquire about a job. A woman answered the phone at the first company I called. She asked me a few questions, told me she loved my voice and hired me on the spot! All that was required of me was that I work at least 15 hours a week and procure a dedicated landline with a separate phone number installed to which my calls would be routed.

As soon as I got my new line up and running, I created a profile to introduce myself and my assets to the phone sex seekers of the internet world. I described myself as being a unique blend of a nurturing nymphomaniac who is both sultry and sweet. I closed out my self-depiction by boldly declaring myself “too hot not to call” (even at 18, I wasn’t afraid to speak the truth wink*). And just like that, I was officially established as a sexual force to be reckoned with!

I soon found out though, that my “phone sex profile” didn’t just attract salaciously horny men. My first call was quite memorable. The gentleman who called me was quite forlorn and was not really seeking sex at all. This took me aback, and I had to think fast on my feet as I had no official training as a PSO much less as a compassion therapist (yet!).

My new profession in the phone sex industry had me interacting with a variety of different men right out of the gate. Being a top-notch provider of “any service” (in my case, phone sex) meant a lot more to me than muddling through something to earn a quick buck. I’ve always been an “all or nothing” kind of girl. I derived an immense amount of pleasure becoming Your Only Desire, and it still colors my world in the same way, today!

I was disappointed to discover that the company I was working for was recording every single call.  The direct violation of your privacy as well as mine outraged me. Privacy is paramount to me, and I felt that I needed to resign at once.

I decided to start providing phone sex my way (the right way)!  I created my own website, started growing my own reputation and executing my own, distinct brand of phone sex.

I was doing pretty well after my first solo year, so much so that I almost considered quitting school and just making this my permanent career. On the other hand, I had always wanted to be a teacher, and I thought that continuing to take calls was something I could always fall back on if times got tough, or if I wanted to save up for something special. (In reality, the connections we had cultivated were just too special to give up).

My folks never guessed why I spent so much time down in my room, and I let them assume that I studied like a studious little scholar (batting my lashes). My parents were Southern bred and exemplified the kind of work ethic and values that others could only hope to learn. I would sneak extra cash into my dad’s wallet or my mom’s purse, since they refused to take any money from me for room and board.

Following graduation, I started my job search again, and was hired to replace a teacher who was moving over the Christmas Holidays. After six years of advanced learning, I was finally doing what I had wanted to do since I was young (Although, I do love “doing” you too, my darling)!!!

I love being able to enhance your life in some small way, while you definitely enhance mine in the ahem…“biggest” way possible. I’m not planning on ever side-lining my calls with you. I’m going to continue to fly solo and dish up the infinite possibilities that cum when we are spending time together!

Now that you know how I became Your Only Desire, it’s time to call so that I can reiterate why: No Man Calls Only Once.


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