Some guys love breasts (and I love displaying them for you). Other guys are more drawn to my beautiful ass and legs. No matter what part of me catches your eye first, I get turned on just by knowing you’re looking.

But even if you’re a die-hard breast man, I’m sure you can appreciate these legs (and ass). And if you’re a leg man, you’ll want to do more than just appreciate them. Would you like to worship them? I know that just by dangling my legs in front of you, I can get you to crawl over to me, naked, on your hands and knees. Maybe I’d let you kiss my ankles. I might even let you run your hands up along my soft calves. Perhaps, if you’re a good boy, I’d even let you run them up my inner thighs.

There’s actually a lot I can do with these legs. I could wrap them around you and squeeze you tight. I could allow you to put your face between my legs to taste my sweet juices and then clamp my thighs together so hard that you couldn’t breathe. I know that’s where you long to be…Willingly trapped between these legs, completely at my mercy, your face pressed against my hot, wet pussy.

Or I could simply sit down and rest these legs and lower my sexy, gorgeous ass right down onto your face as you lie naked on the floor below me. Then I would smother you, basking in the feeling of your tongue as it probes me in and out. Mmm…I could sit like that for hours.

No matter what I do with these legs of mine, you’re in no position to resist them. I know that you’re looking at them now, becoming entranced by them, gazing at my ankles and following my perfectly-sculpted legs up to my beautifully-shaped ass. It’s made you hard, I know. By now you’ve got your cock out of your pants and you’re slowly stroking it as you stare at my legs and body fantasizing about being here naked in front of me.

It’s just another way I have of controlling your cock. A girl has to use what she has and today I feel like using my legs.  It’s working, isn’t it? Very soon you’ll pry your eyes away just long enough to pick up the phone to call me. You’re so predictable and cute, but I like you that way. Commanding your cock amuses me and it makes me horny.  When I’m horny, I need to be satisfied and nothing satisfies me more than knowing I can and will make you cum.

Deciding which part of me to ogle first is indeed a “hard” choice, but I know how good it feels when I make it hard for you.

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