It’s quite apropos that today is May 1st (May Day). May Day is a historic day of celebrating spring, fertility, and femininity. In essence, it’s a day to celebrate women for being the true goddesses that we are.

Coincidentally, I have never felt so womanly and sexually charged. You’ve definitely seeped into my mind a lot of late and I’ve been waking up so wet for you. I’ve had to reach for my vibrator every morning to satiate the arousal that thoughts of you instill in my mind and in my yearning pussy.

There is also an entirely different meaning for ‘Mayday’. I’m referring to the call sign that literally means “I need help”. With all of this media talk about unity, togetherness and safety, who has actually been taking care of your most primal needs and desires?

Unfortunately, we both know the answer to the aforementioned question. You’ve had to go it alone. She doesn’t want anything to do with you, much less your cock. She doesn’t want to fuck you, yet you still feel the need to hide and sneak around in order to obtain a small bit of relief (not pleasure mind you, basic relief)!

Well, there is a world in which a gorgeous woman who actually loves cock and feverishly wants to make you cum exists. Your sexual utopia is real with me and it awaits you. Jerking off doesn’t have to be stressful, laborious, or contrived. Allow me to open up the floodgates to the best orgasm that you’ve ever had…

When I’m dwelling in your ear, deliciously dishing you jerk off instructions (JOI) with the sultriest voice on planet earth, it becomes an erotic experience rather than a mundane game of beat the clock that you always seem to be losing.

You can always win with me because I’m here for you, babe. You don’t have to secretly attempt to tame your erection all alone anymore. Let me deprogram what’s been ingratiated into your mind for far too long. You are wanted by me. That bears repeating: You are wanted by me! You work your ass off and having fucking phenomenal orgasms is an essential part of life. It is absolutely, irrefutably a necessity, not merely a frivolous privilege.

Don’t worry, love. I hear your distress signal loud and clear. The next time you feel the need to procure a security clearance to achieve orgasm, call yours truly instead.

I’m more than ready to guide your hard, throbbing Maypole into ecstasy!

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