Shortly after I made you cum the last time, something happened that really unnerved me at first. I allowed it to get to me for a short while, but after a glass of wine, I calmed down. I then indulged in thinking about how amazing I made your cock feel, how incredible it felt inside of me, and my calmness graduated into relief, then eventually, I started giggling.

A few weeks ago I had some problems with my computer. I took it to a repair shop, frantic that I lost all of my personal data. I sat in the waiting area for my number to be called. There were four people already seated when I got there, yet somehow my number got called before any of them. I didn’t think much of it at first, figuring that it must be that customers are called up based on the magnitude of their problem. Boy, was I wrong.

Greeting me at the service desk was a man that looked like he was in his early 30’s. The grin on his face when I approached was a bit creepy, but I’m used to guys not being able to hold back their glee when I show them attention. I desperately needed his help, and he presumed as much. He asked me several questions about my computer, and then tried to make small talk. He even told me he could tell that I was worried, but that he would get to work on my computer right away and call me back to the store in no time with the results. I was glad that he was eager to help, but also hopeful he was not going to ask me out, which is pretty much what happens any time I engage with men. After a long interview about my computer and some paperwork, I was finally free to leave. As I entered the doorway, I felt as though I was being watched. I turned for a look, and sure enough, there they were, computer geek and his co-worker eye-fucking me with big smiles on their faces.

Later that day, he finally called. “I spent all day working on your computer,” he delighted in telling me. “You’re welcome to come by to pick it up, but beware, we close in an hour. However, I can stay late if you can’t make it here in time, just let me know.” I rushed to the store in a flash, not wanting to take him up on the offer and avoid any chance of spending time alone with him in a deserted store. Once again, I didn’t have to wait in line, and the guy was all too happy to help me. He went on and on about what was wrong and the great extent he had gone to repair it. I’m not a computer geek; I don’t need the level of detail he offered. “Please dude, just the cliff notes, I don’t need the whole damn novel,” I said to myself. Just before I left he said, “Can I just say one thing before you leave?” “Oh lord,” I thought, “here it comes” as I rolled my eyes. But instead of asking me out, he said “Ashlee Jade, you have the hottest voice I’ve ever heard. I made fixing your computer my top priority just so I could hear it again.” I thanked the creepy computer geek and darted out of there, deciding right then and there that I’d find another store if ever I needed my computer serviced again.

A few days later, he called me again, this time from what was apparently his personal phone. “Ashlee, I apologize for the intrusion, but I wanted to see if your computer is working okay?” I thanked him, said everything is working properly and that I wouldn’t need any further help, and then hung up. Unfortunately, he didn’t take a hint and called again the next day. This time I let it go to voicemail and the message was him admitting that he just needed to hear my voice again. This happened once more just a few days later. Finally, I lost patience and blocked his number.

During our last call, my other line was blowing up. I was concentrating on your cock. Nothing was going to distract me, but I’ll admit, it was a nuisance. You are so good to me; I wouldn’t dare allow myself to be unfocussed when I’m thinking about your erection pumping and throbbing inside of me. After you exploded into exhaustion, I listened to my voice message. It was him again, calling from another number! This is what led to my being unnerved and the glass of wine I mentioned earlier. However, one thing he said really made me think about you and me. “Ashlee, I am so green with envy of any man that gets to hear you talk sweet to him. Just hearing you say hello makes my cock hard. I would do anything to have your incredible voice get me off.”

Well, I don’t just get a man off. He has to deserve it, like you deserve it. Oh my, you most certainly do. When my phone rings and I see that it’s your number, I smile and I’m overcome with giddiness. I think about you in between calls too. I think about how when I first hear your voice, it sounds calm and collected. We converse for a little bit before you make it clear that you need more from me, my voice, my body, and my affection. Your cock is out, it’s hard, and it’s ready for action.

I tell you, “lay down, baby, and let me take it from here.” You do as your told (because you’re a good boy), then I climb on top of you and sit on your crotch. I slowly slide back and forth, my wet, swollen lips lubricating your erect shaft under me. I’m not letting you inside just yet, I enjoy the tease. The sight of my tits makes your eyes bulge, competing with the sensation of the pressure my body weight is applying to your cock. You can have both though; you can have anything you want. I reach for your hands and place them on my breasts. Feeling your warm hands on me, I lift myself up, grab your raging hard-on, and gently guide it into my ripe, wanting pussy. The sensation I feel when you first enter is overwhelming. My body starts to bounce, up and down, up and down as I ride you into ecstasy. While you may have sought me out tonight for your pleasure, I’m in heaven too. The muscles of my pussy grip your cock tightly, causing you to squirm with pleasure. You lift your ass off the bed pushing your cock as deep inside of me as you possibly can. You can’t last much longer, nor can I. Beads of sweat roll down my chest and drip onto yours. We cum together, screaming through our climaxes loudly.

There’s not a more desirable way for me to spend an evening than getting to make you cum. I look forward to it more than you realize; probably almost as much as you do. I just want you to know that you’re special to me, babe. Just as it’s important to me that you know that my voice is not just for anyone, but for your indulgence. Let the creepy computer geeks of the world remain jealous of you. What we have together is really that special.

Call me. I’m ready to remind you of how good green looks on us.

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