When you arrived at the park you had no idea what you were in for. You pulled up in your car already sporting an erection from the anticipation of seeing me. You didn’t question why I asked you to wear gym shorts and a tee shirt, figuring it was just because we were going to take a nice, romantic walk on a gorgeous spring afternoon. Instead, when you arrived, I immediately threw you a resistance band and told you that we were going to work out.

My body is only partially God-given. The fine tuning (being flawless) takes work. My smooth creamy thighs, my perfectly round ass, and my taut tummy all are the product of hours upon hours of putting the effort in at the gym. No pain, no gain as they say. Today, I say, “No pain, no orgasm”.

I’ve already been at it for 30 minutes but my energy is more than high enough to enjoy a workout with you. We start with sit-ups, then running in place. You’re able to keep up but when we get to push-ups you’re beginning to struggle. I motivate you with some smiles and little reminders of what your reward will be later. When we graduate to shoulder presses, I can see that you’re ready to give up.

You’re standing up, pushing those dumbbells up into the air above you. I get on my knees behind you. You shudder when I place my hand on your thigh just above your knee. It’s enough of a jolt for you to send the weight straight up over your head. The palm of my hand climbs your leg, moving inside. I duck it under the elastic of your boxer briefs. My fingers find your scrotum, which I gently fondle. Suddenly, I can hear you breathing heavy, both from my arousing you and because you’ve found your second wind.

For the next 30 minutes I play with you like this. You start to falter; I use my powers of persuasion once again to energize you and you impress both of us. Finally, when I’ve had enough fun pushing you, you collapse to the ground. I let you lay there for a moment before summoning you to your car, “Babe, let’s go. It’s time for your cock to get a workout.”

The shot of adrenaline that thinking about fucking me produced came on quick, but was short-lived. By the time your car pulls into your driveway, you’re lethargic again. I sense this and think fast, taking off my sports bra as we walk towards your front door. “Holy shit, Ashlee! The neighbors will see.”

“Then move quickly, babe. Let’s get naked. We need to shower.” You fumble around looking for the key. My spandex shorts are on the ground before the door is opened. I throw my arms around you as we enter your house. I reach for your cock and massage it through your thin gym shorts. You try to pull me to the couch in the living room, but I resist. I insist that we shower first.

In the shower, I soap up your entire body as the hot water beats down on us. I worked you hard today; this is your reward. You stand there, tired, horny, and increasingly impatient. I turn you around so that I can lather up your back. When I get to your ass, I rub in-between your cheeks with the bar of soap before dropping it, causing a thud sound. My middle finger traces the crack of your ass from the top down. When it gets to the bottom, you feel it sneaking its way between those tight cheeks. Soon it shoots straight up, deep inside of you. Your whole body convulses as your interior muscles tighten around my finger.

I spend the next several minutes dishing you intense pleasure by finger fucking you. I press my soapy tits against your back, wrapping my free hand around your chest. I kiss the back of your neck, driving you even wilder. “Oh, Ashlee, I need you!”

“That’s what I needed to hear,” I say as I pull my finger out of your slick ass. I kiss your neck once more as you feel my hand reach for your cock. It’s as hard as a lead pipe. I run two fingers back and forth on the tip and play with the head before gripping your shaft. I begin to pump; you begin to moan. Soon your breathing stops. Your hips lunge forward as you try to fuck the steamy air. My hand is pumping fast now as a gusher of cum shoots out onto the shower floor.

You fall to the ground as the water is still raining down on you. I step out of the shower to get you a towel and when I return, I turn the water off and wrap you in it. I take you by the hand and walk you to the bedroom. I tuck you snugly into bed, kiss you on the forehead, and softly utter, “Thank you for being such a good boy today, baby.”

“Good boys always get their reward.”

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