Phone sex is best with Ashlee 866-605-2544I can feel my shoulder blades press up against the inside of the front door to your house. I let out a sound that’s a cross between a moan and a pant for air. My eyes are sealed shut by the ecstasy you’re giving me a couple of feet below.

My tits bounce up and down, owing any semblance of composure to how firm they are, and how tight my top is. You’re on your knees, focusing all of your energy into the tip of your tongue as it makes love to my clit.

I reach for the back of your head, cradling your skull when I find it. I press you into me as I feel myself racing toward climax. Suddenly my body convulses and my pelvis thrusts forward, forcing your face away. I cum gloriously as I scream out your name so loudly that anyone outside could easily hear.

I feel myself completely sapped of energy as my legs collapse beneath me. You catch me in your arms and stand up, holding me. “Babe, what did I do to deserve that kind of welcome from you?”

You don’t answer me; you just hold my stare while grinning like the Cheshire Cat. This tells me all I need to know. You are so incredibly hot for me that your heart pounds with frustration from not being able to put it into words. The volcanic eruption of cum that spews from your cock when I make you go off is the closest comparison of how intense your level of infatuation is for me. I am not just your drug… I am your assurance that the next time you’re chasing the dragon, you’ll actually catch it!

All this insight flutters in and out of my mind as you carry me up the stairs. I lean over to kiss you. You stop walking so you can indulge in meeting my lips with yours.

Moments later you tuck me into your bed, pull the covers over me and plant a kiss on my forehead. “Get some rest, Ashlee,” you instruct me. “I’ll be downstairs but will join you soon.”

Thoughts of me ran through your head all day, causing you to be unproductive at work. You made a deal with yourself that after I came over tonight, you’d put in at least an hour, maybe two after I go to bed.

The fact that I came over so late meant you were waiting and waiting for me to show up, and that meant more thoughts floating through your mind keeping you from getting any work accomplished. That’s why you attacked me as soon as I arrived, and went down on me like a wild animal indulging in a feast.

But now that you’ve made me explode, you find it even more impossible to focus on being productive!  The growth in your boxer-briefs is of a similar mind. You massage your cock through your pants as you attempt to read a work email on your IPad.

You can feel your cock pulsing as you imagine penetrating me from behind. The thought of your hands using my hips as handles sends your fingers on a mission to my website. You take a moment to cast a vote for me, (thank you, babe) and then you stare at my Photo Gallery: (who can blame you?). My tits stare back at you, and that’s all you need to send you charging right back upstairs.

I can hear your footsteps punishing your staircase; you are entering your bedroom in no time. I’m still going along with my farcical slumber when I feel your fingers gently, but quickly, run through my hair. Your hand cradles the back of my head, just as I did to you.

I open my eyes and gasp at your magnificent erection staring at me with its one brilliant eye. You pounce on the opportunity, and enter my open mouth with your rigid cock. My lips form a wet seal in the middle of your shaft and my throat commences sucking you in deeper.

Your hand has my head bobbing up and down. You’re not inside me for 60 seconds before your moans turn to screams. “Oh, Ashlee, holy fuck I’m going to cum!!!” I pause my sucking for an eternal moment.

You can’t understand why I’ve stopped when you suddenly feel your entire cock move forward another inch down into my throat. I take you in all the way until my lips are at the very base of your cock. Your head falls backwards; you lose all control and explode down my throat with one last blast of cum that seemed to take forever to exit your balls.

“Holy shit, Ashlee! That was the greatest sexual experience of my life. What did I do to deserve that?”

“You called me. That’s what you did to deserve that, my love.”

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