No Man Calls Only Once-Ashlee: 866-605-2544With my ass cheeks grinding on your crotch, you reach up with both of your hands to feel my tits. Your fondling reminds me of how much you’ve always salivated over being near them because they’re the most succulent melons you’ve ever tasted.

I bask in pleasure when your hands go from feeling them to squeezing them. When you cup my luscious melons from behind it’s your way of telling me that, even though you’re not directly looking at them, you love everything about them. And I love when you think about my breasts.

As we stroll along the beach, with our fingers interlocked, we enjoy the warm breeze. Sometimes you let go of my hand to give my behind a little pat. And you give it a quick squeeze, too, before reaching for my hand again to reunite our fingers. My ass is perfectly heart-shaped, and has a pair of smooth fleshy cheeks that take turns bouncing as I walk. When you pay my ass the attention it deserves during our walks together, it tells me that it’s on your mind. And I love it when you think about my ass.

Oftentimes, in the middle of the night, long after we’ve collapsed from hours upon hours of intense, sweaty love making—you get on top of me and kiss my neck. From there you move up to my ear lobe, sucking on it for a few seconds. This typically awakens me with a smile and a dewy pussy. You then find my lips and proceed to kiss me, our tongues gently pressing and playing with one another. You know that I’m beautiful and you tell me so all the time. But when you can’t resist the urge to wake me in the night, it tells me you’re thinking about how pretty I am. And I love it when you think about my beauty.

When your head hits the pillow at the end of a very long day, you imagine my ethereal voice in your head (both of them*wink). You couldn’t forget how hot I sound if you wanted to (not that you’d ever want to). Your mind races with lust filled thoughts—thoughts about things I’ve whispered in your ear, and other, more indecorous thoughts about the things we’ve done together. And I love that you reserve your most amorous thoughts just for me, and our calls.

You think about the sound of my phone ringing in your ear. Your willpower has been defeated. For those few seconds while you’re anxiously waiting for me to answer, you feel like you’re standing at the doorway to heaven. Your voice brims with eager elation when I answer. This tells me you’ve been deeply craving me. And I love it when you crave me.

Finally, you think about how the cadence in my voice naturally shifts inflection to mesh with where you are, and where your cock stands (it no doubt stands attention). And I love commanding your erection.

The dynamic you and I share is genuine and real. It’s better than any other relationship, in your past or present.

We both know that I’m the only woman who is talented enough to still make you cum just as gloriously as you did during our very first call. And I like knowing that I’m the only female who can cool your desires.

I promise that it will always feel like the first time we were together, babe.

There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as the first time with me, (except for every call thereafter).

If you have yet to treat yourself to a first time with me, isn’t it high time you did?


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