Phone sex heat 866-605-2544With my hands on your knees, I look up at you and smile. It’s a perfect July summer day. The sun is beaming to the tune of 95 degrees, giving every attractive girl an excuse to wear her tits. Yours truly is not sporting anything slutty. I don’t need to do that to make a man’s cock raging hard. But raging hard is what you are for me right now. You are as hard as the sun is hot.

We’re outside, making ourselves comfortable in a beautiful backyard. One of my girlfriends—the one who struck the marriage lottery—is away for the month and asked me to stop in once in a while. I told her I’d have no problem ensuring her pool was well kept!  The lawn is as green as the grass at Wrigley Field, a fire stirring in the fire pit behind me. Birds are chirping and smooth jazz can be faintly heard in the background. The smell of the fresh air made everything about this scene almost perfect, until I decided to go for complete perfection. That’s when I fell to my knees…

My hands slowly slide up your leg. Not your inner thigh (yet), rather atop your quads. Feeling my fingers and the warmth of my hands gliding over you, your cock awakens. I scratch you lightly with my nails, keeping my hands where they’re at. The anticipation of where they could travel next has ignited the engine in your balls. I’ve set a powerful machine into motion, fueled to work faster and harder when my eyes lock with yours and I give you a seductive wink.

“Baby,” I start, “would you like me to suck you off?” I ask. But who are we kidding? That wasn’t really a question. You stumble all over yourself to find your tongue before finally uttering verbal affirmation. “Oh, my bad, I know you want a blow job morning, noon, and night. But what I guess what I’m really asking is how much do you want me to give you head right now?” You look puzzled until you finally realize that I was in the mood to make you beg.

“Please, Ashlee,” you begin complying. “There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to feel your gorgeous lips wrapped around my cock right now. There’s no price I wouldn’t pay.” You realize I’ve got you right where I want you. My hands are not fondling your balls yet, but you’re reacting precisely as if they were. My hold over you is stronger than iron and chains. I know what buttons to press, how to get you to the point of no return, and I’m also attentive enough to know when you’ve arrived there.

But on this summer day I don’t need any price to be paid beyond the confirmation of knowing that your cock is mine. Even though you’ve bound yourself till death do you part to someone else, our connection is even stronger.

Call me, babe.

Even in July, I bring the heat and I make it hotter than she ever could.

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