Cyber Week, the week following Thanksgiving and Black Friday where all companies seem to inundate our email boxes with endless drivel about 20% off, 25% off, even 30% off all in order to separate you from your money. Or, to put it more mildly, give you an opportunity to buy the perfect gift for a loved one at a reduced price.

Just ten years ago, when Christmas was just a bit less commercialized, “cyber” meant something completely different. I was in college, the Internet was relatively new, to me at least, and to cyber meant you would logon, find a chat room, and hook up with someone that happened to strike your fancy. I would partake from time to time. There were evenings where I’d go out, have drinks, dance, and have a nice buzz going, but, I didn’t want the risk or the complications of actually having a one night stand.

I’d head back to my apartment; wait on those odd, piercing tones also known as dial-up, and soon I’d be in a whole different type of club, a whole different world. I could go straight for the X-rated rooms, find a room to sing karaoke, or even plop down and listen to people talk politics. The subject matter was infinite and occasionally interesting. However, my favorite rooms were low-key and open subject. There were people just hanging out and chatting. There wasn’t the whole “Mad online” persona that’s been brought on by social media of today.

I remember this one late night and one particular gentleman. I was buzzed, feeling happy, and I entered a random chat room. This gentleman, I don’t recall his chat name, but I do remember it was quirky and cute; it described him to a T. He picked up the mic and began to talk. He had a nice voice, deep and manly, a bit mesmerizing, really. He also had a boyish sort of charm about him, an attractive innocence to which I was drawn. As he spoke, I don’t recall what about, I began to daydream about him. I leaned back in my chair, rested my head in my hand and closed my eyes. I was lost in his voice and the visions of him that I had created in my mind. I was so far gone into my decadent imagination that I hadn’t noticed that I had been rubbing my fingertips over my satin panties. Once he stopped speaking and another stranger began, I awoke from my fantasy and realized that his voice alone had made me soaking wet.

I decided I needed to learn more about this mystery man that had excited me with only the power of his voice. So, I said to myself, “What the hell,” and decided to send him a private message. All I could really muster was a “hello, how are you?” Fortunately, he replied. “Hello, I’m doing well, how about yourself,” he asked. I was definitely intrigued by him and obviously excited by him too, but I played coy at least through introductions. I told him I had been out and had a few drinks, a few dances, but none of the college boys enticed me. “You have a nice voice, you seem sort of interesting, do you happen to have a camera?” He replied with an invite to view his cam and a few moments later, there he was on my computer screen! He was actually more attractive than I had imagined in my mind, dark, wavy hair, dark eyes, and a five o’clock shadow. I don’t normally like men in a ball cap, but he was wearing one and I didn’t mind at all. He had a full on country boy look and I had always wanted one to play with. I asked him, “Are you wearing boots and jeans over there too, country boy?” He gave me that boyish grin and I could see his cheeks flush a bit, but he stood up and sure enough, he had that tight Wrangler ass that all the women seem to love.

We continued on for about half an hour with small talk. We talked about my school, where we were from, the usual. Finally, I asked him, “Aren’t you curious about me?” He said, “Sure, do you have a camera too?” I ran to the bathroom in a flash to make sure I was still looking my best. I had pretty much started tossing my clothes off and onto the floor the moment I hit the door upon coming home. I was in nothing but a white tank top and panties, but I didn’t care. I wanted to pique the interest of my new online friend. I brushed my hair a bit, put it in ponytails, put on some lip gloss, and gave myself a smile and a wink as I left the mirror. I might’ve glided back to my desk, getting there in just three steps.

I sat in my chair and clicked that little camera icon on the screen. Once I appeared to him, he leaned back as his eyes grew wide; his ball cap even fell to the floor. “What is there something wrong?” “No, nothing, nothing wrong at all,” he replied. “Then what is it? For a moment, I thought you were going to fall over in your chair.” He couldn’t hold back his smile as he said, “Well, most women on here aren’t as attractive as you. I’m just a bit shocked is all.” I got exactly the reaction I was looking for.

Well, you’ve obviously discovered the link to my site on my profile and have seen my beautiful, full breasts in my pictures, so just imagine his excitement when he saw them confined only by a white, cotton tank top. I may have even brushed my hands across them to harden my nipples. “So, country boy, you like what you see?” The flush of his cheeks was glaring by now, and he was grinning like the Cheshire cat, but he mustered up a “Yes.” I lifted my ass from my chair and leaned into the camera a bit so he could get a nice view of the valley between my tits. He looked completely embarrassed, but he was hanging in there, curious to see what I would do next. I had him right where I wanted him; he was putty in my hands. I decided to throw him a curveball and asked, “How’s the weather tonight?” He replied with, “It’s warm right now, but supposed to get hot, damn hot.” I laughed while putting my hand up my top. He could see me cupping my breast in my hand, pinching my nipple between my fingertips. He shook his head at me and suddenly stood up. The Wranglers that once hugged his tight ass slid down and to the floor. I could see by the stretch in his boxers that he had a raging hard on.

I asked him, “May I see?” “See what,” he asked. “You know, baby. Pull it out for me, I want to see it.” He paused in thought for a moment, but obliged my request. There it was, a hard, throbbing cock that was as beautiful as the rest of him. I smiled and stood up to put my knees in my chair. I leaned over the back as I coached him to stroke it for me. As he pleasured his cock, I started a slow spin in my chair. I wanted him to see my thong pulled tightly between the cheeks of my ass. I peered back over my shoulder so I could keep watching him.

I placed my hand between my legs and ran my middle finger up and down over my panties. I’d circle my clit through the fabric then push it up tight between my erect, swollen lips. I heard him say, “Oh my god” across my speakers. “I love your cock. Are you enjoying the view?” “Yes,” he said, “I never imagined something like this was going to happen tonight, but thank God you happened to find me.”

“Keep stroking, baby, I want to see you cum.” I kept my ass to the camera. I think he could see how soaked I was. I even brought my hand to my mouth so he could see me taste the sweet juices from my pussy. That’s the moment he was about to lose it and I decided to push him over the edge. I jerked my thong to the side and gave him a full view. I was ripe and ready to be fucked. I parted my lips with my fingertips. My creamy, pink pussy was on display for his enjoyment. Suddenly, he grunted and a long stream of cum erupted from the tip of his cock. “Fuck me, baby, I love it!” He must’ve erupted another two to three times!

I couldn’t help from having an orgasm myself. He was fucking beautiful and I wished he was blowing his load into my mouth. I could tell he hadn’t had the touch of a woman for a while. He collapsed back into his chair, still smiling. I stood up and gathered myself, then sat back down. “Thank you, baby, that was just what I needed. I had a nice buzz going and wanted to be fucked. Now I can get good night’s sleep.”

That was the first and last time I had an encounter with the online country boy. I’d logon from time to time in hopes to find him there, but he must’ve changed names or moved on. I even think of him now and again wondering what became of him. Who knows? As for cyber week, it’s moved on too. Now, it’s just seven days of spam in your inbox.

As I’ve reminisced on one of my many college escapades, I’ve realized there really is a lot of power in a voice. There’s a curiosity and excitement about meeting a stranger and losing yourself in a chance encounter. A call with me is much the same. Whether we’ve spoken before or you’re a curious, new caller, my voice will intoxicate you, make you lose your inhibitions, and take you places you’ve never been before. So why wait?

Call me and let’s escape into our very own virtual reality.

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