I am writing today with your addiction in mind. I know we like to use that word, partially because it sounds good, and especially because it feels true. “Addiction” is a powerful word. It means that you are dependent on something and must have your fix.

I know that you’re addicted, and I know that we’ve toyed with this concept, but I don’t think you quite realize how strong my hold over you really is. I don’t think of myself as a craving like nicotine or a fatal narcotic like opioids.

I’m more like food to an obese person. You can stop smoking cigarettes if you really want to. But you cannot stop eating food. You need to have it or your stomach violently protests.

You try to cut back on calling me (Pfft). But try as you may, all the other substitutions do not satiate your hunger. Only I can do that! You cannot stop calling me. It’s simply not an option. Why would you want to? I’ve got what you need.

I surmise that you just want to have more control over your feelings for me. You can pursue this all you want. However, I suggest you save yourself the agony and stop trying to kid yourself.

I set the terms for your lust fulfillment. You cannot quit me and attempting to do so will only bring about disappointment and misery.

End the charade – I promise it will feel good.

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