Magical phone sex with AshleeThere are many ways to say, “I want you”. You can do it with protestations of love, of how you’d climb any mountain to be with me, swim any ocean, slay a thousand dragons. You can shower me with gifts and tell me how badly you want to strangle your cock when you hear my voice.

However, I hope you realize that I want you just as badly. I work my magic by summoning my innate powers of seduction in a way only you inspire. You’ve commented on how horny my voice gets you, and while it is naturally sexy, it’s only when I want you back that I intrinsically become turned on. I’ve been told many times that the cadence in my voice becomes undeniably hypnotic when my juices begin to flow; I believe this photo perfectly captures that I am confident I have you and have successfully conveyed how much I want you too.

They say love conquers all, but I think my power over you is something greater than that. We don’t have a word for it because you and I have an unspoken connection.

There’s an urgent need that moves through your body when you are craving phone sex with me.

In fact, you have that frenzied feeling right now.

Call me, I’ll empty your balls spectacularly.

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