Naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544I’ve mentioned to you before (and you can see it referenced throughout my site) that with my being a very sexual person, I am capable of getting you off to a glorious climax with any number of topics or themes. Whether it be a mind-numbing blow job, doggie-style with you bending me over in front of a 4th story window so that people on the street below can see me screaming in ecstasy, or just plain missionary (not that there’s anything boring about that), there’s no fantasy of yours that I am not skilled in bringing to life. All this said, I am not a mind reader, nor do I expect you to be. With that being the case, I would like to compare and contrast two concepts that I very much enjoy exploring, but for the purpose of clarifying them, as sometimes the same verbiage is mistakenly applied to both: Domination versus Seduction.

Domination can be angry. It can include whips, chains, pain, blood, and forced eating to fatten you up, to name just a few manifestations. It can be extremely sensual instead, with a loving voice that gives you the female attention that perhaps you do not get enough of on a regular basis. Tender whispers from me reinforcing your addiction to me can be as strong as handcuffs. I need no leash to keep you or to fully engage you. Domination is less about the method used, and more about the relationship. Whether your subordination to me is hard or soft, my hold is strong. You submit because you know breaking free is just not realistic. It’s better to recognize what I can do to you and for you and just bask in letting me do it.

Seduction is a related concept to domination, but the differences are important. Seduction is when I’ve brought you to a point where you do things for me, not because you feel you have no choice but to submit, rather because you want to and it gets you off. You would be gravely disappointed if I didn’t ask you for something, wouldn’t you? I could go in for a job interview that I’m not even qualified for, and still get the job. If I fucked the boss and then threatened to tell his wife, that would be domination. If I sat on his lap, rubbing his erection (that I created therefore own) through his pants, I bet that I could get him so hot that he’d not only give me the job, he’d beg me to accept it!

Imagine I did this to you? You might not have a job to give me, but I bet I could get you turned on to the point of no return. Think on these two concepts. Which are you hoping we can play with?

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