The other day one of my girlfriends asked me what I’m attracted to most in a man. At first I thought she wanted to set me up with one of her boyfriend’s pals (no thank you), but it soon became apparent that what she really wanted was for me to ask her the same question in return.

The list of appealing qualities that she demands from her mate includes him being handsome, athletic, having a high income, being intelligent, etc. I suppose her expectations are not totally uncommon, but I think it speaks volumes about her insecurities and how superficial she really is. She’s basically a gold digger. She wants a free ride with a nearly perfect man that can provide her with everything she ever dreamed of. In return she will do no more than lay on her back whenever he rises to the occasion. She probably won’t even do that for him after a short while.

Call it arrogance (I’m fine with that), but I think of myself as being above vanity and insecurities. It’s not about my thinking that I’m more superior, but I am certainly more mature. I know that I’m smart, hard-working, sweet, and of course, hot enough to make you pull down your pants and pump your cock at my leisure. What I most desire in a man is someone who wants to be with me. I want a man that can truly make me feel like I’m a rare pearl in a sea full of oysters.

He can have riches and looks, but if he isn’t all about me, then I can’t be all about him. I don’t insist on a guy who subordinates himself to me (though that does have its positives too), rather I just need to know that “I do it for him” so to speak, and that he’s willing to make me a big part of his life because of who I am. It’s not about having a million dollars, it’s about a man that makes me feel like I’m worth a million dollars.

Are you like that? If you’re unsure, ask yourself if you’re turned on right now? If you are, then you know the answer, and you know what to do about it. It’s time to hear my voice.

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