phone sex is best with Ashlee 866-605-2544You arrive at my house on time, as usual. I, however, am still upstairs primping. You let yourself in, sit down on the couch, and turn on the television. As I begin to make my descent down the stairs, you can hear the click-clack of my shoes on the wooden steps, and smell my perfume gently wafting through the air. You inhale through your nose in order to savor every morsel of my essence.

I’m wearing pearls, strappy heels, crimson lipstick and nothing else at all. I don’t wear this on every Thanksgiving, but this year, I want to show you just how very thankful I am for you, baby!

You are stunned when you see me sauntering over to you. Without saying a word, I kneel down before you, pull your legs apart, and unbuckle your pants. As I pull your thick cock out, I just move my eyes up and down the length of your one-eyed muscle and stare at it with lust-filled wonderment and gratitude in my eyes.

I close my eyes as my lips move to taste the tip of your dick. I begin to suck the head, curling my tongue around your pre-cum drenched slit for about a minute or so before your body starts to convulse.

I can tell that you want me to take more of it in, but I remain focused on just that first inch. When a moan professing eagerness escapes your lips, I come up for air, and inhale you deeper into my throat. As I continue sucking you, I gaze up at you with obliging eyes.

As I start to slow my pace again, I softly strum your heavy balls with my fingertips. You begin moaning again, begging me to do more. “Ashlee, please,” you plead.

“Please, what?” I retort while feigning ignorance. You’re getting a bit frustrated with me because you know that I’m perfectly aware of what you want from me. Our eyes are locked; we are engaging in a conversation that spoken words would only interrupt.

Before you can resume begging, I put my skilled mouth to work, completely engulfing your engorged penis until I can feel it almost bottoming out in my throat.

With my lips now touching the base of your cock all I can see is your skin near your waist. I clench my throat in order to squeeze your cock just a tad deeper inside, and I start finger-fucking your neglected ass!

You let out another moan. My head bobs up and down feverishly as I push my fingers up and further inside your ass to massage your prostate.

When I know you’re close, I feel you push my head down onto your cock as you slam your ass against my fingers even harder. “Ashlee!!!!” you sing as you cum gloriously. ‘WTF was that, Ash?”

That was me demonstrating my thankfulness, sweetheart.

Happy Thanksgiving.

I am indeed thankful for you.

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