You are not the average phone sex Joe
I am not like any girl you know
I will turn you on with my voice and mind
You will ogle my tight behind

I will empty your balls
Will you bang my walls?
I adore taking your calls
I dig shopping malls
Yes, you can buy me a gift
Click below to access my wish list
I promise to thank you properly during our next tryst!

I love lapping up your pre-cum
Are you ready to give me some?
I suck and lick your beautiful dick
As far as phone sex goes, I am your pick
I’m the best you’ll ever find
I’m waiting to help you unwind

I’ll cradle your cock between my tits
My calls are better than a stay at the Ritz
When my voice is in your ear
You know your climax is drawing near
Yes, I love the funky holidays
Your ensuing orgasm will leave you in a daze
It’s time to dial my number
I’ll take care of your hard lumber

With seduction, I light your fire
Precisely why, I’m Your Only Desire
This entire poem is a ruse
It’s my spin on Dr. Seuss

Happy bad poetry day
Yes, it’s a real holiday!
Are you ready for a romp in the hay?
It’s time to call Ash-lay

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