Holy crap, I’m so glad February is over and winter is winding down. March is a winter month, but it also includes the official beginning of spring. This month will be cold, but it will also provide a few warmer days to feature some shorts and tight t-shirts just to remind you of what’s to come.

Spring is about when the first signs of growth on branches can be detected, more people going outside, baseball season getting underway, and of course, it’s when hot girls like me show off their legs and proudly wear their tits. I also have a few traditions of my own. When I look at old pictures, I can always tell what time of the year the photo was taken just by looking at my clothing, hair style, and hair color.

Right around the same age that I starting really becoming interested in boys, I started playing with hair colors and makeup. I love being able to completely change my look with a new shade of lipstick or hair color. It’s always thrilling to witness a man’s reaction to any new look that I decide to embody. This particular photo was from last year in mid-March. I’m dying to know if you think I’m just as hot or even hotter as a strawberry-blonde.

Come Spring, when that first really warm day strikes, my girlfriends and I always like to plan a girl’s trip. We toss a tent and a bunch of sleeping bags in my bestie’s SUV and head out to camp in the woods. We know the warmth will be short lived so we always make the most of it. By nighttime it’s cold, but we cuddle up by a fire and drink apple cider and Fireball to compensate. This year, however, I had some other thoughts on what to do. What if I went camping with you instead?

I imagine you calling me every morning that your weather app says its reached 60 degrees. “Nope, babe,” I tell you. “60 during the day means 30 at night. Not quite yet, babe.” Then, after about a week of it being 50-55, the sun decides to come up early and 75 is screaming off the rooftops.

I’m sitting at my kitchen table eating breakfast when the phone rings. “Yes, babe!” I answer. “Come and get me.” You pull up in your car. Before you can even put it in park, I come dashing out the front door. I’m wearing a flimsy dress that would be helpless against the breeze. I throw my bag in your backseat and situate myself next to you. “Let’s rock and roll, babe.” So many thoughts flood your mind.

Once we get on the highway, I pull up the seat dividers and cuddle up next to you. “Keep both eyes on the road, babe. I’ll do the rest.” I haven’t even touched your crotch, but I can see your cock stiffening. I plant wet kisses along your neck and suck on your ear lobe a little. Now that you’re fully erect, I gently squeeze the head of your cock through your shorts. You get fidgety and take a couple of deep breaths, attempting to maintain your composure. When you close your eyes and let out a moan, I get a little nervous. “Okay, babe… let’s just take a break until we get there. I need you to concentrate on driving.” Your foot slams on the gas at the thought of having to wait.

Finally, we arrive at the secluded campground in the woods. I start to pull items out of the car when I feel your hands on my hips from behind me. You start kissing the back of my neck as you pull my dress up and my panties down. You press your erection between my ass cheeks and say to me, “I need to be inside of you, Ashlee.”

I turn around to face you, place my index finger on your lips, and look you in the eyes and say, “I need to feel you inside of me, too.” With that, we kiss passionately. I can feel your hand running up and down my backside until you urgently, bordering on violently, pick me up and back me up against a huge tree. Next, you lower me to the ground.

I get on all fours and instantly feel the bottom of my dress being lifted from my body. Then I feel you bury your entire face into my ass, as you clench my silky panties with your teeth and rip them from my body. I’m soaking wet in anticipation of what you’re going to do to me next. You eat my pussy and ass for what seems like hours, as I lunge back to meet your frenzied mouth over and over again.

Your hard cock finds its way to my swollen pussy and plunges right in. We let out simultaneous moans as you give me that first thrust of initial penetration. God, I love the way your dick feels when it’s shoved deep inside of me and you’re powered by intimate rage.

Your next thrust is harder and by the third pierce of your cock, I can hear you panting. By the fourth crash of your hips, you let out a yell that could wake the dead as your hands dig deeply into my hips. You hold me there captive to receive your long awaited load. You fiercely explode into me which sends me reeling into my own orgasmic bliss.

We collapse to the ground and we lie there, taking in the aftershocks of our primal passion for each other.

With breathless pleasure, I utter…

“Let’s consummate spring like this every year, baby.”

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