It’s Friday night and the bar is hopping. You’re there with a bunch of your guy friends, drinking and toasting to anything you can think of. Nothing has really been going on worth celebrating lately. However, just being out with friends, knocking a few cold ones back and knowing that you have the next two days off seems like a great cause for clinking glasses tonight!

As you’re getting your drink on, you scan the bar for talent. You’re not really feeling up to hitting on any girls. The week at work was stressful and sapped you of all your energy. Still, the sight of younger girls showing off their goods is enough to invigorate any man whose cock is still working.

As you’re conversing about sports with your buddies, you look up and see the most amazing figure across the bar. You stare at her until she turns around. Suddenly, you start to feel your blood pumping faster when you realize that this flawless beauty is yours truly. I’m not dressed like a slut but I don’t need to be in order to command full attention from you and your cock.

I’m wearing a form fitting lace top. Though it doesn’t reveal much, my tits always garner attention even when I’m not intentionally putting them on display. I’m sipping my lime water when I notice you checking me out. You’re stunned in silence when I raise my glass and wink at you. You raise yours in return.

Just then another man approaches me and wraps his arm around my waist and gives my ass an unsolicited slap. I vehemently turn towards him and issue him a scowl as I push him backwards. If a guy comes at me like I’m a common slut, he’s sure to piss me off and see the bitch in me real fast! Your fight or flight instincts kick in and you march towards me. As you get closer, however, the asshole that put his hands on me turned away and darted out of the bar.

“I’m okay,” I tell you when you come up to me. “He saw you coming and got scared.” I’ve gotten used to guys hitting on me and I know how to take care of myself. But I have to admit that having you come to my rescue like a white knight was a huge turn on and ignited my slutty side. Without even thinking, I take you by the hand.

“Where are we going Ashlee?” I don’t answer. Instead, I lead you to the back of the bar and into the ladies room. I lock the door behind us.

“I want to reward you babe.” You stand still, waiting to see what I’m going to do next. We stare into each other’s eyes for what seems like forever when I finally close my eyes and open my lips. Our mouths embrace and we make out passionately as the lust continues building between us.

My hand finds its way to your crotch and I rub you until I feel you getting harder. When I feel you hard as a rock, I unzip your fly. Your breathing heightens. I drop to my knees. “Take my cock out babe,” I order you. You can’t unbuckle your belt fast enough. Seconds later, your beautifully full cock is standing at attention before me. I lick the underbelly of your shaft causing you to moan aloud.

“Take it Ashlee,” you plead.

“How deep do you want me to suck it baby?” You place your hands on my head. Before you can coax my head towards you, I engulf your gorgeous cock into my warm, wet mouth. I begin sucking fiercely, and then slow my pace. My lips form a perfect seal around your shaft as my head bobs up and down on it.

Eventually I take your entire cock in, opening my throat completely. My lips are around the base of your cock when I hear you whisper, “Oh god Ashlee!” Seconds later you explode into my mouth. I don’t pull away. Instead, I continue sucking, wanting to feel every bit of your load squirt into my mouth and stream down to coat my throat.

“Thank you again for showing respectful concern to me, babe,” I tell you afterwards. You deserved that. You deserve me.

Chivalry always brings out my slutty side.

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