It’s been an entire week. You’ve been such a good boy, watching your finances, pondering how much you’ve spent, not calling me, keeping your hands out of your pants for a whole week now. This past week has been something of a test of your endurance, hasn’t it? I, of course, have been at the forefront of your thoughts. How does that one song go? “The more you try to ignore me, the closer I get.”

You silly, silly man; who do you think you’re kidding? You know you’re mine, your cock tells you so. Remember what you told me the last time we talked? You whispered it to me in sort of a confessional tone. That’s the thought that comes back each and every time you consider masturbating without me. The reality is setting in…you need me and only me. You need my curves, my unforgettable voice, my attitude, and my attention. There’s no other woman who brings my unique combination to the table. No one else can creep into your mind and haunt your thoughts the way I can.

What’s that twitch in your groin? Why the shortness of breath or the quickening pace of your heartbeat? It’s your desire, of course. It’s reminding you what you need. How many times has this happened this week? How many times have you had to stop what you’re doing, close your eyes, and try to clear me from your thoughts? It’s getting to the point that trying to concentrate on what’s going on around you is an impossible challenge. One thought about my breasts beneath my tight tee shirt bleeds into the next thought about my fleshy legs, which then flows into the memory of the way my voice sounded and how it pushed you over the edge of explosion the last I was in your ear. These thoughts of me are racing through your mind, but the more you try to slow them, the faster and more frenzied they become. Your thoughts of me are parallel to a junkie fiending for his next fix, yet they’re also comforting like a warm blanket enveloping your body. You can’t escape them, but do you really want to?

It’s a wonderful thing to be limited in your choices, constrained. Not having so many choices gives you a certain freedom. It opens you up to think about other things, to focus on tasks and interests that you never before had the mental space for. Of course, there’s a cost; a good chunk of your thoughts, and therefore your time, belongs to me. It’s a cost we both know you’re happy to pay. So come on, babe, nourish your desire. Feed the uncontrollable monster growing inside your mind. I like being your only desire.

Call me and live your destiny.

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