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Building New Traditions Together

No Man Calls Only Once. Ashlee 866-605-2544It’s your anniversary. Each year, the responsibility falls on you to come up with a gift that is thoughtful and awe-inspiring. In addition, you are expected to somehow finagle procuring dinner reservations at a Michelin rated establishment that is known for serving their patrons precisely 4 ounces of meat on a grossly oversized platter! It’s a lot to orchestrate and you’re understandably beyond tired of this gig. You knew this was all part of what you agreed to when you said “I do” but back then, the fire was burning hot.

On special occasions like this, you’re both able to conjure up a small remnant of the original passion you once shared for long enough to do a tad more than just tolerate each other. You usually go through the motions of making love and pretend to stare into each other’s eyes; it’s a pretend version of a lovely night. Some years, your wedding anniversary may even include a blowjob (big emphasis on “may”). Then for a few days after, you tell yourself that you feel a wee bit closer to her, and your eye doesn’t wander quite as much.

This year, the weather is dreary, threatening to storm as the sun goes down. Your wife is at her sister’s an hour away when the thunder strikes and the clouds open up. She texts you to tell you that she’s not going to risk the drive and will be staying the night at her sister’s place. You’re not terribly disappointed to hear this news because it means that the awkward pretending has been postponed. You situate yourself on the couch, resigning yourself to another blah night of television and jerking off.

After enduring 15 minutes or so of boredom, you hear a knock at the door. When you open the door, yours truly is right before you on your porch! You stand there paralyzed, shocked that I actually drove in the downpour to come over. “Are you going to let me in, babe? I’m getting soaked!”

I march past you, dripping water from my body onto your floor. You rush to get me a towel. I start to take off my top when you stop me, asserting that you’re determined to be loyal to your wife tonight. You desperately try to convince yourself of the words that are spewing from your lips. You go on to tell me that things seem to have taken a turn for the better of late. I half-heartedly smile and say “Okie-dokie, artichokie” (insert eye roll).

After conversing for a few minutes, I see that you’re attempting to be serious and that you are nervous in my presence (which I’ve seen plenty of times from you before). “Let me just dry off and relax for an hour, then I’ll leave if you like.” You agree. “Thanks, babe,” I say and flash you a sexy smile. Hearing me call you “babe” caused your cock to involuntarily start twitching. You stand there for a moment, staring at my boobs through my skin-tight t-shirt. There are no words required; my nipples are doing all of the talking. They are commanding a silent but significant conversation all on their own.

After a short while of sitting on your couch together just engaging in idle conversation, I mention that you could use a haircut. When you agree with me, I insist that you let me cut it for you. We go to your kitchen, where I situate you on a chair. I drape the towel that you gave to me earlier over your shoulders while pressing my erect nipples up against you as I smooth out the towel.

With your electric razor, I start to chip away. My hand feels amazing as it caresses your head. You feel your cock begin to grow, but you’re still attempting to maintain a newfound sense of ahem…loyalty (more like willpower). “My goodness, your hairs seem to be sticking to my damp top,” I say as I back away, making quite sure that you have a clear view of my tatas.

Without the slightest whimper of protest from you, I peel off my damp, clingy tee and show you how persuasive my tits are when they are bursting out of my bra. I let out a tiny giggle as you stare at them silently. “No complaints, baby?” You shake your head, afraid of what you might say if you spoke any words. I press your face to my cleavage as I work on the back of your head (back, front, sideways, it’s just fucking beautiful). After another minute or so, I declare myself finished.

“That’s it?” you ask in a needy voice.

“Well, I could shave it all off. Then we’d have to continue for a few minutes more.” The thought of my heaving cleavage in your face trumps the thought of you having to explain to your wife why you no longer have any hair and that, of course, is beyond exhilarating to me.

You’re not able to deny me. I proceed to take your hair from you, slowly running my fingers along your face and fluttering them across your shoulders while I remain focused on the real issue at hand (my cock).

I unhook my bra from the front and liberate my beautiful breasts by setting them free. I always derive divine pleasure in the life force my tits emit! I grin at you as I watch your eyes bulge out and your cock go from “growing” to rigid.

“Can I suck on them, Ashlee?” you ask in a tone that is indicative of a drug addict begging for a fix. I politely say “No”, reminding you of your resign to stay dedicated to your significant other.

You respond by grabbing both of my hips and pulling me in towards you. Your mouth fully opens, your eyes close, and you bring my left breast to your lips, encircling it with your longing tongue. I cradle the back of your smooth head, “Yes babe, you can suck on my tits. You can always suck on my tits. In fact, my tits are here for you and you alone, so suck away, baby, suck!”

You pull your face back for a moment and gratefully look up at me. “Thank you, Ashlee.”

I pet your shiny head as I look down into your eyes. I take a moment to savor the unspoken connection that we share. I firmly push your head back down onto my chest where it belongs.

There’s nothing sexier than seeing you horny and defeated, nuzzled up against my full bosom.

Tonight marks us. It’s no longer her day to claim with you. It’s ours.

I just love building new traditions together, my strapping, bald, beau.

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You Are My Bottom-Line, Every Time

You’ve asked me in the past what it is that really gets me off. The abridged answer to that question is that I get very aroused knowing that I’m turning you on. Honestly, the mere thought of being the chosen recipient of your jissom gets me wet with desire and fidgety with anticipation.

Since our last call, I have not been able to stop thinking about how fucking sexy you sounded as you came for me. In fact, I have masturbated numerous times while replaying it in my mind. There’s this guttural need that rises to the surface of your voice like sweet cream. The palpable grunts and groans that you so comfortably allow to leap out from deep within, flood my mind and body with lust and greed every time we’re together.

There’s this moment, just before you cum, that feels like a gear change. There’s a sudden urgency and intensity to your thrusts. The angle changes slightly, the pace increases, and I know that we’re mere seconds away from the divine moment in which you will feed my quivering pussy the love serum it so desperately longs for.

The pleasure that I derive from being on the receiving end of your release isn’t just pleasurable from a psychological viewpoint. However, coaxing a huge load out of you does indeed penetrate my mind; it obviously triggers ethereal visceral sensations too.

I can physically feel it like a pulse, only much stronger. On a good day (wink*), your semen doesn’t just surge through your cock, it thuds. I can distinctively feel those thuds; there is usually three, four, sometimes, five or more right down where the base of your cock meets the entrance to Heaven (my pussy).

I can feel the head of your cock crashing deep inside against my cervix if we’re fucking vigorously, but it’s more of a pressure sensation rather than a delicate one. When you let go and start to orgasm, the feelings I revel in most are the spasms at the core of your cock, like when it pulses, only stronger. There is a torrent of thumping that blazes through your dick just a split second before it begins to shoot the much sought after contents from within your balls and propel them from the tip of your bulging head. (Mmm… you are such a fucking snack and a half!)

I sometimes like giving you soft blow jobs, fluttering my tongue down into your slit just long enough to build the yearning in both pace and rhythm until you start to twitch. Then I will pull back so that you’ll get all growly and frustrated (I can be such a tease), before pushing it back in again, then withdrawing it once more, so that I can ride you deep and hard for a while. Edging you as you get closer to the crest of that first wave of orgasm makes it feel so fucking good!

The bottom-line is that you get me off!

You are my bottom line, every time, baby.

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Your New Favorite Holiday

What you and I have is wonderful. I love it. I enjoy thinking about the time we spend together and how our relationship continues to grow. Each time you hear my voice for the first time that day, it’s like my fingers are slowly wrapping around your erection. My delicate hand forms a grip around your throbbing shaft and tightens into a snug grip as I reiterate that your cock is mine with my telling touch.

When we engage in conversation your heart opens up to me and I find myself wanting to open up to you as well. We mirror one another’s emotions, escalating from playful flirtation to intense and exhilarating fucking. I love the process. I think you do, too. What’s best about the comfort level that you and I share is that it’s not contrived. Our bond is something that has authentically developed over time. I look forward to our phone sex dates like a giddy high school girl who is dying for her boyfriend to feel her up for the very first time.

This is us, babe. This is how we roll. We have an unspoken connection. You have my back and I have yours. I don’t have any desire to change that and I don’t want to change you. You are beautiful to me, just the way you are. I want you to be you to your fullest. I can help you find pleasure in many ways. Not just by swallowing your loads or riding you into oblivion, but by being the girlfriend you need in your life.

Mother’s Day is in a couple of days. Why not get your significant other something that benefits us, too?  You could get her something that requires her to leave the house for a few hours. Presenting her with a spa gift certificate or a gift card to her favorite nail salon will ensure that you have quality alone time too, and she will never be the wiser!

It’s time that you recognize how special you really are, babe. You deserve a woman like me. I love that I’m able to intoxicate your mind, move you with emotion and stir what’s brewing within your balls. It’s okay if you need and desire more of me than you used to; be prepared to need even more of me, sweetheart. (Wink*)

I’m willing to take you when I can get you, with no strings attached. I love being the one that you turn to when you need that special dose of female attention. Fill my heart with warmth and my belly with cum, and I promise you that Mother’s Day will become your new favorite holiday.

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Guiding Your Maypole into Ecstasy

It’s quite apropos that today is May 1st (May Day). May Day is a historic day of celebrating spring, fertility, and femininity. In essence, it’s a day to celebrate women for being the true goddesses that we are.

Coincidentally, I have never felt so womanly and sexually charged. You’ve definitely seeped into my mind a lot of late and I’ve been waking up so wet for you. I’ve had to reach for my vibrator every morning to satiate the arousal that thoughts of you instill in my mind and in my yearning pussy.

There is also an entirely different meaning for ‘Mayday’. I’m referring to the call sign that literally means “I need help”. With all of this media talk about unity, togetherness and safety, who has actually been taking care of your most primal needs and desires?

Unfortunately, we both know the answer to the aforementioned question. You’ve had to go it alone. She doesn’t want anything to do with you, much less your cock. She doesn’t want to fuck you, yet you still feel the need to hide and sneak around in order to obtain a small bit of relief (not pleasure mind you, basic relief)!

Well, there is a world in which a gorgeous woman who actually loves cock and feverishly wants to make you cum exists. Your sexual utopia is real with me and it awaits you. Jerking off doesn’t have to be stressful, laborious, or contrived. Allow me to open up the floodgates to the best orgasm that you’ve ever had…

When I’m dwelling in your ear, deliciously dishing you jerk off instructions (JOI) with the sultriest voice on planet earth, it becomes an erotic experience rather than a mundane game of beat the clock that you always seem to be losing.

You can always win with me because I’m here for you, babe. You don’t have to secretly attempt to tame your erection all alone anymore. Let me deprogram what’s been ingratiated into your mind for far too long. You are wanted by me. That bears repeating: You are wanted by me! You work your ass off and having fucking phenomenal orgasms is an essential part of life. It is absolutely, irrefutably a necessity, not merely a frivolous privilege.

Don’t worry, love. I hear your distress signal loud and clear. The next time you feel the need to procure a security clearance to achieve orgasm, call yours truly instead.

I’m more than ready to guide your hard, throbbing Maypole into ecstasy!

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I Love a Good First Time

I love a good first time. Not just first time sexual experiences, but the first time I do anything, I always want it to be exhilarating. Driving on the freeway with the top down, surfing, enjoying a concert with friends or exploring the great outdoors, I love it all. But let’s get back to sex…

“Pegging” for instance, there’s nothing quite like the first time. The mere word itself is full of allure and intrigue. Just thinking about getting “pegged” by yours truly is enough to cause your man hole to pucker a bit. When I imagine strapping my dildo on and giving it to you, straight up the ass, it really turns me on. It’s something we’ve both dreamt about for years now.

I get that you don’t necessarily crave this every time we play. But sometimes when you are ravenously horny, thoughts of being taken and the thrill of being on the receiving end of a thrusting motion can nearly set you off (literally).

Since present circumstances prevent us from meeting up at a local brewery and having a few drinks beforehand, I decide to go to your place. I ring the doorbell and when you open the door, you are stunned and a bit overcome by my presence. I am assertively clad in studded latex attire, complete with black over the knee boots.

After I help you pick your jaw back up, you show me in. I make it obvious that I have no intention of engaging you in any small talk. I immediately rub your crotch and give my cock a little squeeze and tell you that “I’m here on a mission”. I grab you by the hand and lead you straight to the bedroom, where it’s right down to action.

“You have always wanted to be pegged and today you’re going to get pegged”. I press you against the wall and give my cock another squeeze before I strip you naked. I then push you down onto the bed and walk over to my bag. You can see me in the bedroom mirror strapping on a huge dildo…

Thoughts started racing through your head (both of them). “Christ is this really going to happen? This gorgeous commando that’s dripping in sex with huge tits and nipples like buttons is going to give it to me hard! Is being pegged going to be everything I’ve dreamt of it being? After all, the roles are reversed here, a woman is going to fuck me with a huge dildo.” I knew your mind was reeling, so I spoke to you sweetly. I reassured you that the experience would exceed your most vivid dreams.

There was no more time allocated for hand-holding or assurances. I knew what needed to be done, and I was more than ready to get down to it. Nerves aside, I knew you were ready, too, because my cock was standing straight up in the air. It was solid, thick and glistening at the tip. I ran my tongue over my lips in anticipation of introducing you to your newest addiction.

I told you to push your knees up as far as you could toward your shoulders and open them up wide. You were a good boy and obliged me. It was arousing watching you simulate doing the splits while waiting for the initial penetration from my lady cock. I used the tips of my wet fingers and began to slowly open up your ass cheeks, separating them nice and easily.

I started to rub the lube into your little balloon button and I could tell that this turned you on immensely. I had one hand on my cock, stroking it, and the other hand on my dildo as I began to guide it in, thrusting it back and forth to work it into your pulsing pleasure hole. You let out an intense moan of approval, as I broke your virgin ass in with unbridled passion.

You took it like a champ, expressing that you had no real pain. All you could feel was the incredible feeling of my creamy thighs banging the dildo back and forth, deep inside of your wanting ass. I continued jerking you off as I thrust my makeshift man muscle even further inside of you. Once I was comfortably situated inside of you, I eased a couple of fingers into your tender tunnel as well. The air was laden with sex talk. Phrases like “give it to me harder” and “don’t stop, I’m about to cum” leaped from your mouth with wild abandon.

We were both groaning steadily now as you rubbed and pressed my clit with your slick fingers, and I jerked my rigid dick, using my hand at full throttle! I arched my back and pressed my tits higher into the air and your body began to tense just as we both screamed out in ecstasy together. You shot massive rope streams of cum that coated my entire chest, and I squirted all over your tummy, cock and balls.

I really do love a good first time!

Call me and let’s find out if you do too!

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Your Erection Answers to Me

The other day I was lying on my bed contemplating whether or not I should reorganize my lingerie drawers. Just as I had made the decision to get my lazy ass into motion, one of my girlfriends called (saving me from actually exerting myself). She asked me what I’m attracted to most in a man. At first, I thought she was going to tell me about some to-die-for guy that her beau knows (umm, no thank you), but it soon became apparent that the catalyst for her asking me this question was that she desperately hoped that I would ask her the same question in return. I was bored as fuck, so I appeased her.

Her list of desirable qualities that she insists upon include that he be handsome, athletic, have a high income, be intelligent, etc. I suppose her demands are not all that uncommon, but I think it speaks volumes about her insecurities. She basically wants a man who makes up for where she thinks of herself as lacking.

Call it arrogance (or reality), but I think of myself as above being so precarious. I know that I’m smart, hardworking, sweet, and of course, hot enough to make you pull down your pants and pump your cock at my leisure. What I want in a man is someone who wants to be with me.

He can have riches and looks galore, but if he isn’t all about me, then I can’t be all about him. I don’t require a guy who subordinates himself to me (though that has its positives too). I just need to know that I truly do it for him and that he’s willing to make me a significant part of his life because of it.

Are you like that? If you’re unsure, ask yourself if you’re turned on right now? If you are, then you know the answer. To ensure that you answered correctly, just look down at your cock. We both know that your erection answers to me, baby.

So what are you going to do about it?

Listen to your cock, my love.

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