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You Signed Up For This

phone sex is best with naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544Once upon a time, when you were a younger man, you dreamt about fucking hot girls. Every attractive female that came before you earned at least a few minutes of thought in your daily masturbation sessions.

Maybe it was the new girl in the office, the smoking hot barista at the coffee house, or the girl who has the perfect ass that you always see walking her dog on your block. You thought about her on her knees, her head hanging down from exhaustion as you pounded her bottom. You thought about her sitting on your lap and teasing you to the point of no return.

As you grew up, you realized the probability of your ever fucking these women was slim to none. Maybe you could have indulged a little at some point in your life. However, you’re definitely not indulging anymore.

It’s okay, baby. I’m sure your significant other is a good human being. I’m sure you care for her and she cares for you. But the day she convinced you that you wanted to make sacrifices for her, was the day fucking hot girls was no longer a tangible possibility. It seemed worth it at first, but that is certainly not the case now. Then you met me…

The first time you read “No Man Calls Only Once” you were intrigued. It made you want to see more. So did my pictures. It’s not just my beautiful body featured everywhere, but the look in my eyes speaks to you as well.

They convey the kind of unwavering confidence that can only come from knowing what it’s like to own both a man’s mind and his cock. My site poses a dare. I’m proactively and explicitly warning you that if you call me, you will most certainly become addicted to my voice and the unanticipated ways in which I make you cum!

I am effortlessly able to conjure the overwhelming excitement that has been lying dormant in your libido for God only knows how long. Any phone sex operator will attempt to get you off. I am not a phone sex operator. I am a woman you not only invite, but willingly and gratefully usher into your life during our very first encounter.

And just like the new girl in the office, you’re going to be thinking about me when you’re alone. That’s what I do to men.

What does it mean to be addicted? What have I done to you? I’ve made your cock feel unimaginable. I’ve aroused you to the point where you never want it to end. But I also made you actually think about me. You called me on Monday and it was phenomenal. You had planned on waiting another week or so before having me again, but Tuesday night felt the same as Monday did, and you feel the fever starting to take hold…

You go to my website and reread one of my blog entries, stare at my tits, and look into my eyes. It may be the best phone sex website in the industry’s history, but it’s falling a bit short on Tuesday night. All you want to do is click on my phone number and be connected with me again. But your willpower wins out by a thread, and you hold off.

Then Wednesday comes. You think about me at work. Later, you continue to reflect about how you almost called me. You are glad you didn’t, but you also know that after dinner you are going to be alone with your rampant thoughts and your raging hard-on.

Wash, rinse, repeat! You’d have to spend every moment alone denying yourself the chance to be with me. Instead you give in to your unrelenting craving. You give in to me. When you give in, we are both winners. When you give in a lot, you make it easy for me to fall for you. And that, in turn, makes you want to be with me even more.

You lost something you used to have. I offer to bring that back into your life. But once you indulge, you cannot go back. I offer you the cycle of addiction. You signed up for this—don’t pretend you didn’t.

Your erection now answers to me.

And I promise I’ll make you cum as hard as you’ve been longing to.

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Whatever It Takes

Phone sex is best with Naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544Social distancing from others and close quarters with your wife has been torture. You’ve been unable to get away to see me, and being cooped up with her and the rest of the family has even interfered with our time on the phone together. I’ve been patient with your inability to spend more than a few hurried minutes with me in the middle of the night or while driving to the pizza parlor to pick up dinner.

Because we know each other so well, and I’m able to push all your buttons so adeptly, I’ve become a virtuoso at giving you the release you need as quickly as possible. But while I am a giver, I’m sorry to say that my own needs have not been met during these all-too-brief interludes.

I know you’ve been forced to share the home office with your wife the past several months. But I woke up this morning too aroused to really care. I have a mischievous idea.

You’ve settled in with a cup of coffee, your wife at her own makeshift desk with her back to you across the room. You sigh as you look at the unopened emails and the meeting invites already stacking up in your inbox.

You slept poorly last night. She has been asking why you’ve been getting up so often in the middle of the night and staying downstairs so long, which we both know is because of your yearning to hear my voice, so you suffered through a long, sleepless night thinking of me.

Your phone dings with a message. A picture of me, lying in bed with my breasts exposed, while my knowing fingers softly pinch my erect nipple that is just out of view.

“I know she’s there. Stay at your desk. Tell her you have a conference call and call me. Now.”

Your heart skips a beat and you feel a tingle in your groin. You put your ear pods in and grunt to her that you have to listen in on a call. As usual, she barely acknowledges you, typing away on her laptop.

You do as I’ve told you and hit my name in your contacts. I pick up on the first ring.

“Hi there, baby. Say your name as if you’re joining one of those boring work calls.”

Again, you follow my instruction without hesitation.

“Good,” I say. “Now don’t say a word.”

For the next half hour, you listen as I pleasure myself, describing in intimate detail how I’m fondling the tits you love so well, how wet my pussy is for you, how I’m using the vibrator I had you purchase for me to tease my clit. I say all the naughty words that drive you mad with desire for me.

“Cock, cunt, lover, mine, good boy, pussy, etc.”

Occasionally I tell you to say some innocuous word or phrase that sells the fact you’re doing nothing more than participating in another interminable conference.

The only thing I haven’t done is given you permission to touch yourself, and you squirm with discomfort as that cock which belongs to me strains against your jeans. You struggle to control your breathing as I moan and shout with wild abandon as one, two, three times I cum.

“I know you need to cum now, baby,” I finally say. “It’s your choice. Hang up and excuse yourself to the bathroom. Or enjoy the sweet agony until tonight when we WILL talk.”

You see, I need to hear your voice, too, sweetheart.

So do whatever it takes to ensure she doesn’t interrupt us tonight.

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Clandestine Lovers

phone sex is best with Ashlee 605-2544I would like you to think back to what sex was like with your wife before you found me.  Likely, you weren’t having any memorable sex to even recall, and more than likely, you can’t even remember the last time your cock slid inside her pussy.

We met because things had become nonexistent in the bedroom. There was a time when the two of you used to fuck like bunnies, and looked forward to every chance you had to sneak away and be alone. Shortly thereafter, however, it became less frequent, and when it did happen, it was something she gave into because she was tired of hearing you bitch about not getting any, or because she felt like it was her once a month duty.

Sex is sex.  The final few seconds of it are fantastic no matter which hole you choose to snuggle your cock into. That final thrust summons the load from your balls; it then shoots through your shaft and spews out of your head into a glorious orgasm. But once sex became just another thing you had to beg for, it chipped away at your desire and began to erode your manhood.

Sex with me is anything but boring!  Every time we are together you experience pure ecstasy. This derives from a culmination of things. It’s not only your climax, but the anticipation of hearing my sultry voice driving you to the brink and back during the process. You get excited and have pep in your step just knowing later that night you’re going to be with me.

Once I’m in your presence, you feel exhilarated, like everything is right in the world again. Those final few seconds are beyond compare, but the lead up to the crescendo feels so fucking good that sometimes you prolong it, wishing it could last forever. (Was sex with your wife ever this phenomenal?)

I meet you in your guest bedroom upstairs and your cock (my cock) is already twitching. Because your heads (yes, both of them) know that once I take control, all the pleasures of the world will be sublimely felt.  It’s just you and me in those moments, babe.

No one else matters (I so love us), the stresses of life go away, and only sexual bliss is on your mind. I lay down on top of you, pressing your erection up against me, and my lips meet yours. We embrace passionately in a kiss that makes you glad you are alive.

My tits feel soft against your chest. You could take me hard and cum within seconds, but you so very much want to elongate the pleasure we give to one another. Soon, your cock is dictating things (drum roll, please) and you tell me you’re close. Don’t worry, babe. I’m close too, I exclaim!  I spread my legs apart, grab your cock and guide it into my wet pussy. The sound of my moaning as I ride you sends you over the edge. Soon you ejaculate inside of me and my body swallows what feels like an entire pint of your cum.

There’s nothing like the real thing, baby, and I’m the real excitement in your sex life. I resurrected feelings within you that you haven’t experienced since you were hot for your wife all those years (and pounds) ago.

My gorgeous tits, my silky voice, my expertise in knowing exactly how to get you off, and my authentic desire to be with you have all breathed new life into your sexual world, and overall life in general.

You’ve shown me appreciation for what I do for you, and I’m grateful to you for all that you do, too. She, however, assumes your libido has died just because hers has been 6 feet under for a very long time.

You need me, my baby, and oddly enough, she does too.

I’ll always treat you like the man that you are, not just some dutiful companion.

You and I were fated to be clandestine lovers.

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Rub and Tug- Conclusion

phone sex is best with Ashlee 866-605-2544“Good boy.” I reward you with a squeeze of your balls. You let out a gentle moan, pleading for me to understand that the last thing you want is for me to remove my finger from your ass.

But as amazing as it feels having your ass penetrated, my other set of fingers are caressing your tight balls, which feels fucking fantastic, too!

The attention I’m bestowing upon you is both exhilarating and excruciating as you tense up trying to take it all in (quite literally).

Your cock morphs into a steel pipe, and you shimmy your torso so you can press it firmly against the table. I’m aware of what you’re doing, and I withdraw my finger from your asshole. You gasp, to which I respond, “Just a sec, babe. I’ll be inside you again in less than 30 seconds.

I quickly remove my top, revealing my succulent melons. They’re proudly bouncing a bit as I move about, and watching them momentarily distracts the numerous emotions that are coursing through your mind.

I wiggle out of my panties and toss them to the side. I look at you as I squeeze some warm oil between my tits, and allow you to stare as I oil them up. As I finish, I slap your ass hard to awaken you from the spell my breasts have put you under.

You wince as the burning sensation sets in from the imprint my hand has left. My knowing hands meander towards your ass cheeks once again, and I place one in each hand, spreading them wide, exposing your eager hole once more.

I kiss my middle finger and ram it back in as hard as I can, and I apply as much pressure as I can muster to the base of your balloon knot with the tip of my thumb. You’re writhing in both pleasure and pain as you scream “Oh fuck, Ashlee!!”

I’m quite amused at what I’m able to conjure in you and I celebrate my dominance by fucking your ass for the next several minutes. You collapse into the table halfway through, not even remotely trying to pretend you have any free will.

I’ve enslaved you by demonstrating what I can do for you; and you’ve embraced the fact that you need me just like you need air to breathe. I’m not a mere craving. I’m not simply your favorite phone sex operator. I, alone, embody the most phenomenally sublime source of sexual pleasure you will ever experience.

“What are you, babe?” You’re silent at first, not knowing if my question was rhetorical or not, and if it’s not, you don’t know what answer I want to hear. “You are mine, all mine” I say in a neutral tone.

“I am your property, Ashlee,” you repeat.

“Good boy,” I whisper into your ear before giving your sweaty forehead a peck. “Now roll over,” I say as I pull my fingers out from inside you. You do as you’re told. I grabbed the towel draped over you and tossed it onto the floor. “We will not need this.”

Your cock is standing up straighter than a skyscraper. I take a moment to savor the beautifully engorged mushroom-head as it pulsates feverishly. I drench your balls with oil and use both hands to cocoon them, massaging them until you squirm. Your pelvis thrusts upwards as you fuck the air with your erection.

You’re responding involuntarily to the sensations I’m sending to your heavy balls, and you’re also silently begging me to give your cock direct attention. When you absolutely can’t wait any longer, you finally beg aloud “Please, Ashlee!”

“Okay, babe, I’ll jerk your cock, but only for a few seconds.”  You immediately latch onto my offer like a drowning person accepting a life preserver. My fingers wrap around your shaft and squeeze. You scream my name as I continue to steadily stroke your cock. I spool up the oozing pre-cum and feed it to you with my fingertip.

My fingers trace the bottom of your cock head… when I stop altogether. The fear washing over your face confirms what I needed to know. Before you can plead with me to continue, I utter, “Babe, I’d like to propose a trade. I will jerk you until your cock spews gloriously if…”

“Anything, Ashlee,” you interrupt. “I’ll give you anything!!”  My hand attacks your shaft and beats it hard. My other hand gently squeezes the head.

“Oh, fuck!” you shout. The cum shoots out of you like a fire hose!  A second huge stream comes gushing out before the first one has even landed on your stomach. The third blast is only as big as it normally is when you masturbate alone. And the fourth swell lands on your balls as you pant for air.

“Anything?” I ask…

I’d like you to check out my brand new page showcasing my tits!

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Rub and Tug- Part 1

Phone sex is best with Naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544When you enter the room, you’re taken aback by the setting. You expected a museum-like cleanliness with white walls, a room with ocean waves emanating from a CD player, and perhaps the scent of essential oils wafting through the air.

Instead you see a comfortable, fluffy queen size bed, and a massage table. The radio is playing soft rock. You came here for a massage, and while you fantasized about the masseuse arousing you and then jerking you off, you didn’t actually expect it.

The reputation of the massage studio seemed legit. So much so that when you called to schedule an appointment, a man answered and even asked if you wanted to be with a man or woman. Now, knowing a bed is going to be your body’s platform, you were getting your hopes up.

You could feel your cock twitching in your pants when the hostess, who was very pretty, with dishwater blonde hair and shapely tits, walked in and announced, “Ashlee will be with you in a few minutes. Why don’t you take off your clothes and get comfortable?” She then walked out.

Your cock twitched again when your brain digested her words “take off your clothes” and stayed at attention as you saw her tight ass slowly leave the room. Part of you was disappointed, as you wanted so much for this girl to be the person touching you. Another part of you was excited over getting naked for a girl named Ashlee. How could she not be hot?

You strip down to your underpants and sit atop the massage table waiting for me. I come into the room singing to myself, announcing my jovial mood. My tits enter the room first, followed by the rest of me a moment later. I let you take in my bouncing breasts, as I am braless. My flat stomach and hourglass hips were rocking, stiffening the bulge in your crotch.

We make eye contact. “Hi, babe. I’m Ashlee. I know I’ve made you hard by your uncontrollable staring.” You respond with an eager nod. I toss you a towel to cover yourself. “Lay down on your belly. I’m going to start on your backside.” Your hard cock initially resists the table, but eventually it finds comfort from your body’s weight pressing into it.

I peel back the towel and rub your back with oil. My cold hands feel heavenly against your warm flesh. With your eyes closed, you imagine what being inside me would feel like. Thoughts of me race through your mind, one fantasy after the next. When you feel me spread my legs and sit on top of your ass, you moan aloud involuntarily. “Oh,” I start, “Are you enjoying our session so far?”

“I love it, Ashlee,” you say as you open your eyes and turn towards me to see my face. The look in my eyes tells you we’re on the same page, but I’m enjoying teasing you.

“Well, good. What part of your body do you need me to rub with oil next?” You laugh and look at me, hoping for a flirtatious smirk. Instead my face is neutral, not explicitly confirming for you that I’m going to make you cum.

I’m going to make you be the one to cross the line. With our eyes locked you say, “Will you please massage my cock, Ashlee?” You’re momentarily nervous. You are confident that my teasing was a means to get you horny so I can eventually make a hand job happen, but you also know that if everything was just in your head, this request could have bad results.

I maintain a straight face as I lay my hand on your ass cheek. “Oh you would like that, would you?” I ask as my fingers spread out and reach into the crevice of your ass crack. My middle finger is oiled up when it crawls forcibly into your asshole.

“Oh God!” you scream with pleasure. I feel your asshole muscles tighten around my finger as the lubrication allows me to slide in and out of you with ease.

“Do you want me to stop?” I purr. “I mean, I think you said you wanted me to rub something else instead of what I’m doing to you.”

“No, Ashlee,” you moan. And you beg, “Please don’t stop! I want you to do whatever you want to me.”

“Good boy.” I reward you with a little squeeze on your balls.

To be continued…

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