You know me, I love talking to you – learning more about you, listening to you tell me about your day, getting caught up, all those little things we share that are just between us. Getting to know one another on a deeper level is wonderful and that slower tempo can definitely enhance our playtime together even more.

However, I understand that time and circumstances do not always allow for leisurely trysts between us. I do treasure our chit chat, but I never expect it. You never have to chat me up to get me in the mood or whisper sweet nothings in my ear afterwards. There’s no work that needs to be done before we get down to it. I am always ready when you are. I’m always willing to go at whatever pace your situation calls for in that moment.

I know that as a red-blooded man, you have certain carnal needs and those needs can strike swiftly and powerfully. My goal is to meet your needs with the same fervor that is racing through you as you are dialing my number. I understand that there are times when your cock is raging against your pants threatening to burst right through them!

In those situations, I know that your balls need to be emptied stat! During those times, my mission is to get your cock into my mouth or between my thighs as quickly as possible!  Your desire fuels me and just thinking about you taking me hard and deep without a single word turns me on beyond belief.

Whether your frenzied hands need to grab onto my head while you pump my hungry mouth, or you need to feel the warmth of my pussy wrapped around your pulsing cock, I will fulfill your needs and in doing so, you’ll be fulfilling mine.

Just say the word baby, I promise it will be sublime in record time. (Wink)

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