You’ve shown me over time that there is nothing that I’ve ever wanted that you’ll say no to. Part of that is because I turn you on to the point that you’ve only ever experienced in your wettest of dreams. No other female in your life has ever made you ache with lust just by knowing how hot she is for you. Our synchronization is undeniable and extremely powerful.

But another reason that you’ve never declined me is because I’ve never really asked for much. Feeling safe with me is why you’ve been willing to drop your guard. Please know that is not lost on me. I appreciate the trust you’ve placed in me. I’ve worked hard to earn it and I would never jeopardize that.

I admittedly want to know how far you’ll go for me. It’s not really about us, rather it’s more about me. When I was a teenager, I learned about the power I held over men (all men, not just boys my age). It was intoxicating and I have to admit that I was quite the little tease. I used to make guys do things for me, not because I desperately wanted a new outfit or because I wanted to own the jewelry that I asked one guy to steal from his girlfriend for me. It was a power trip and 17 year-old Ashlee needed to know how mighty her powers of persuasion were.

Fast forward to my early 30’s, and there’s still a part of me wanting to put men to the test. I’m more mature now, and it’s no longer about shock value. I suppose that I just want to know that men worship my tits as much as they did when they were still in the process of growing bigger.

I think about us lying in bed, enjoying the afterglow from an amazing episode of sex. When I made you cum, it shot out of you like a missile taking flight! “Did you like the way my cock looked as I blasted all over your tits?” you ask me. “Of course, I did. I love the way your cock looks any time it’s hard for me! However, I’d like to know if you liked the way your cock looked, baby?”

You answer an emphatic, “Yes!” You felt powerful in this moment. I stroke your forehead, wiping off a bead of sweat with my index finger. I kiss your lips gently and then rub my nose against yours. “Good. A big impressively erect cock is a beautiful thing. Every time I see it, I just want it in me.” You can’t help but smile. I ask if there’s anything that you would deny me. You answer my question correctly. “I’m glad to hear that, babe, because there’s something that I want you to do for me.”

My fingers are a little cold, but not so cold that you stop me from wrapping them around your cock. “I want you to indulge me a little by allowing me to talk about you, perhaps, one day having a cock enter your mouth for me.”

You didn’t see this coming and the thought of this startles you a bit. “What’s the matter, babe?”  You are bordering on speechlessness, so I continue. “I’m not saying that I want to turn you out and offer up your asshole to the highest bidder. I just like the idea that you would permit a cock to pass through your lips because it’s something that I want. Will you at least consider it for me, love?” You agree to think about it and let me elaborate on it some more.

“I envision the two of us in bed, getting ready to make love. You’re on your back with me straddling you. I ask you to close your eyes and turn your face sideways. I plant a big, wet kiss on your lips and then pull away.”

“It’s time,” I whisper. Your eyes are still closed and I’m kissing your neck; suddenly, you feel a strong hand cradle the back of your head. “Open up,” I whisper. A few seconds later, the head of an erect cock is resting on your tongue. “Close your mouth and wrap those willing lips around it and form a seal. We’ll do the rest.”

For the next few minutes, a cock is in your mouth. You’re being such a good boy for me. I see that you’re working your jaw and sucking muscles to make it even hotter. I tell our friend to pull out even though he hasn’t cum yet.

“Keep your eyes closed, babe.” You feel his hard cock lay down on your face. It’s still wet from being inside your mouth.

I kiss your neck and whisper in your ear, “That’s enough for today, baby. I’m very pleased with you.”

“Thank you for opening up to the possibilities to cum.”

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