It’s that time already!  The dreadful buzz of your alarm has been interrupting your dreams, banishing a very erotic scenario with yours truly into mere vapor as you hit the snooze button once again. You work too hard and all of the long hours you’ve been putting in have finally been catching up with you. As you start to drift back into my arms and place your head against my full breasts in the best dream of your life, you hear the shrill sound of that menacing alarm again! Sighing, you finally turn it off and begrudgingly wake up.

Your senses are still full of my scent, taste and touch. The image of my alluring eyes and long flowing raven hair are freshly seared into your mind as well. But unfortunately, the remains of your blissful dream are starting to become a bit hazy as dreams often do. You try desperately to ignore the twitching that is coming from your eager cock as you need to start your morning ritual.

You begin by reaching for your phone to check your email and one email in particular catches your eye immediately (it’s from me, of course!) At first, you wonder if you might still be in a fuzzy dream fog but no, you are indeed awake and your heart is racing with excitement wondering what gift might lie inside of my message. At this point you’re running late but you’ve been longing to hear from me. Your mind made that abundantly clear when your pulse sped up and your morning erection is certainly validating what your brain wants.

As you giddily click to open my email, your eyes immediately widen and the head of your cock turns a gorgeous deep shade of purple as you lay eyes on a very beguiling photo of me. You are frozen as you drink in each of my womanly curves. Looking at me has catapulted you into a state that far surpasses merely being horny. You can’t resist the temptation, so you pull down your boxer briefs and begin slowly rubbing your pulsing erection.

The image of me and the recent mind swirl from your dream are layered together with your lust. This triple threat is taunting your libido and rapidly increasing your need to hear my voice. With one hand clutching your cock and the other holding the phone, you swiftly dial my number!

And just like that, you have my velvety voice on the other end of the line as if I knew how badly you needed me (wink). The cadence in my voice immediately calms you and makes you feel like everything is right in the world again. The sexual tension coupled with my sensual voice has you a bit off balance. My excitement is definitely building too; I can sense that you need me in a primal sort of way. I want you just as badly. Why else would I have sent you an email containing such an entrancing photograph?

You can feel your cock throbbing and your balls tightening as you frantically blurt out “Ashlee, will you please get me off?” I respond with “Yes baby, of course!”

I hear the frenzied desire in your voice and waste no time working my magic. Within minutes you are moaning and panting with such intense pleasure that you cannot form a single word.

I become just as crazed with desire when you call me up with such urgent need for me! In fact, it excites and stimulates every part of me to make you cum so hard!

With your eyes now closed, slowly regaining your breath, you picture me there with you, as I open my mouth to tell you how much I adore being with you and then – BEEP – BEEP – BEEP!!!

Your alarm goes off again (almost as much as you just did!)

You will definitely need a shower and you might be a little late but you’re smiling now and you will be in a fabulous mood all day!

I just love being an extension of your dreams baby.

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