Phone sex with naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544It’s Friday morning. You’re sitting at the kitchen table eating a high calorie breakfast and drinking a cup of sugary coffee. Breakfast is supposedly the most important meal of the day, and it’s where you get your daily fix of carbs.  You work hard, and you deserve a treat every morning. Sometimes just for getting out of bed on time.

What differentiates Fridays from all other mornings, however, is that your iPad will feature a new blog entry from Yours Truly. Most mornings you scroll through the same boring social media apps, or news and sports websites. But on Fridays, it’s like waking up on Christmas morning, every week! The moment you see the new picture I posted, your eyebrows perk up, and your cock does, too! You’re welcome, babe.

You take in my weekly update with your iPad propped up while both your hands massage your crotch through the fabric of your pants. Within a few minutes you’re aching to call me, but the clock is ticking and you need to leave for work.

Throughout the entire day you think about me; everything seems to remind you of me. From the attractive brunette who works as the boss man’s secretary to the hot young girl who delivers your lunch. All roads lead to Ashlee. By the time you come home your balls are aching. You go out to dinner with some friends, knowing that you are going to surrender to your urges this weekend.

Saturday arrives and you sleep late. You run your errands, take care of things around the house, all the while trying to figure out when you’re going to get some alone time to partake in me.

Finally, the time comes. You go to my website to vote for me, submit a comment on my Guest Book Page, and survey the pink writing that declares: No Man Calls Only Once. The words scream at you to delay no further. You look at my phone number one last time. It’s not that you don’t have it already permanently seared into your brain, but it gives you just a little bit of pleasure an comfort to confirm that.

Moments later and I’m in your ear, “Hello, babe. I was expecting your call. It’s finally time to take your cock out for me!” (I say this as if it wasn’t already freed from your pants before you called me.)

I instruct you to wrap your hand tightly around the shaft. Press your thumb against the head gently and trace the rim. Touching your cock always feels good, but with me lying next to you it escalates to another level you simply cannot reach alone.

“Start stroking it for me”, I whisper. “Let’s go slowly at first, shall we?”

“Yes, Ashlee,” you obediently respond.

“Good boy.” I want you to think of my soft, wet lips sucking your hard dick straight into my mouth. The warm walls of my cheeks embrace the shaft as it moves along the warm floor that my talented tongue creates. I can feel it thrusting deeper as I suck you in more vigorously.

“Oh, Ashlee, oh my God, I’m going to cum!!”

“Who are you going to cum for, baby?” I ask. A few seconds later, you coat the inside of my mouth with what seems like a gallon of hot cum. You pant for air as I reward you further with romantic whispers about what a good boy you’ve been.

The next morning you awaken, and are chagrined that it’s not Friday yet. But each morning brings you one day closer to indulging in Me again. All the little (or big!) reminders of me during your work week are confirmation that “I’m the best thing in your life.”

It will always be just a matter of time because…

All roads lead to Ashlee!

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