You pull up to my house and park your car. You had previously mentioned that it’s important that we arrived to the Halloween party on time as the host, a friend of yours, is a bit on the uptight side.

I called you from inside my house to tell you that I was running late, I could hear the desire to protest this from the cadence of your voice (thank you for stifling that, babe; you’re such a good boy). “Babe, I need more time than I thought to put on my costume,” I said.

As you are waiting, you sent me a text to announce what time it was. “I’ll be just another minute,” I text back. But I was not just another minute. I was over ten minutes, ten excruciating minutes of your nervousness morphing into frustration. Then I heard the front door to my house open. You were ready to full-on scold me, but you also knew you’d have to be careful not to upset me or I might not be up for fucking after the party. As you thought about this, you reluctantly went back to your car to wait some more.

When I finally emerged from the house you were awestruck. Seeing me saunter towards the sidewalk where your car was parked was like a scene out of a movie. The tops of my tits were exposed and bouncing as I approached you. You felt like the world was moving in slow motion, whilst your entire body was paralyzed, and the only sound audible to you was your pounding heartbeat. My tits seemed to get bigger as I got closer, but while that was just an optical illusion, the size of the bulge in your crotch was definitely not!

“I’m sorry I took so long, baby,” I say as I make myself comfortable in the passenger seat. But there was no apology necessary, and you assure me of that. “And I know your friend will be a real dick about it and give you shit. I’m so sorry.” But you couldn’t care less. Seeing my cleavage rise and fall as I took a deep breath washed away any concerns you might have had.

But then another thought crossed your mind. “Ashlee, you’re not even wearing a costume?!” you ask and exclaim at the same time. I pull out a little tiara from my handbag and place it on my head.

“I’m a princess, or does that not count because on Halloween we’re supposed to pretend to be something we’re not.” You laugh out loud, but are still amused and a bit perplexed.

“I mean,” you start, “Ashlee, you’re not really wearing a costume. And that little princess hat didn’t take you forever and a day to put on.”

“Sweetheart,” I say as I place my hand inside your thigh, and lower my voice to a seductive whisper, “I didn’t think you’d mind how I look.” I put my index finger to your lips to indicate that you are not to jump to quip your protest of my clarification. I continue, “Besides, I promise you that when the party guests lay eyes on me, every wife and girlfriend will be more scared than if a pack of hungry zombies stormed down the door.” You smile in agreement. “And as for what took so long, well, I was working on my costume. Shaving my pussy for you is a part of my appearance.

With that statement, my hand flies to your delicious looking bulge. You let out a light moan. I follow by unzipping your fly to liberate your magnificently hard cock. When my fingers wrap around it you fight back the urge to let yourself cum right then and there. I see you’re already close to ejaculation so I unhand you and command you to begin driving.

As you drove, I gave you a little time to calm down and your cock started to go flaccid “Babe, I want you to think about the grand entrance we’re going to make. You—dressed up like whatever the hell you’re supposed to be—along with me on your arm, we will be the center of attention. Every man there will want to fuck me and envy you. You’ll be walking around with the confidence of a man with a nine inch cock because you know you’re going to unload your balls into me before the night is over.”

My hand is tightly gripping your cock again, but I’m not stroking it. Instead I tell you to pull over. You do as commanded. When we’re parked I begin jerking you off. Our eyes locked, I ask you “Will you cum for me, lover? Please? Please cum for me here and now. And please get it on me.” You explode a river of thick, white, man gravy all over the top of my tits.

“Happy Halloween, my baby.”

If you find yourself dressed up with no place to go, call me.

I’ll liberate your cock too!

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