Most of the time, I prefer being in control. I like bending your will in order to take possession of your cock. I can be a ruthless vixen and make you beg me to let you cum and love every minute of it. But sometimes, I can be tender. Sometimes I don’t want to be in control. Sometimes I just want to feel pretty and feminine and explore my deep desire to please my man. That’s how I feel today.

When I’m feeling girlish like this, I just want to devote myself to the needs of someone. Is that someone you? Call me and let’s talk about what you need and want. I’m here to listen, to care, to spend part of your day with. Just for today, let me be your girlfriend. Come home to me.

I’ll fix you a drink while you get comfortable and then we’ll do whatever you wish. You’re in charge today. How about a relaxing body massage? I’ll start on your neck and shoulders. Then I’ll gradually move down your back. I have some hot oil I can use. And then, when you’re really comfortable and loosened up, I’ll start gingerly massaging that cock of yours. I’ll pour a little extra oil over it and make it nice and slippery, then stroke it ever so slowly. And I’ll gently strum those balls of yours as they get heavier and heavier. Maybe I’ll drop this frilly top of mine and guide your cock between my fleshy tits. You won’t have to do a thing.

That’ll just get us started, of course. From there, we can do things any way you like. I’m here to totally take care of your needs today. I can be whatever you want me to be, your girlfriend, your sultry lover, your willing whore. We can do whatever makes you feel good.

Better hurry, though. There’s no telling when a mood like this will wear off and the next thing you know, I’ll be in complete command of your cock again, telling you what to do and amusing myself by making you come to me naked, cock in hand, begging me to whisper those things in your ear that will make you shoot that creamy load of yours.

In fact, I’m starting to feel a little like that already. Well, either way, I’m always up for anything. What’s it going to be babe? Attentive girlfriend, sultry seductress, or dominant mistress?  Call me. Today I’ll let you decide.

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