It’s the morning after we’ve had an all-night fuck-a-thon. You were amazing babe. You didn’t miss a beat in fulfilling my ravenous appetite for you and your cock. Thank you for that. I know that you want me badly, and that sex with me is your reward at the end of a very long day. I like being your reward, and I derive a lot of pleasure in knowing that I make you cum so gloriously. I also appreciate that we both have such an incredible sex drive that we literally feed one another’s needs so completely.

When I wake up before you, I like the idea of laying in bed with you. I don’t mind if you sleep later. I just lay there and run my fingers across your body. You’ll awaken in time, and when you do, I might insist on riding your cock again. For the time being, however, I’m content to just feel my body pressed up against yours. My tits hugging your back, as you lay on your stomach. The sweat we created has long since evaporated. Both of us were too tired to shower when we collapsed. Rest up baby, we’ll both need our energy for the next go round.

After a few minutes of running my fingers across your skin I progress to rubbing the full palm of my hand on your flesh. It’s like I’m rubbing oil into your skin, but my hand is still bare. I just like the feel of you. My hand moves down to your ass. I love cupping your cheeks. I rest my fingers in your crack, snugly grabbing at you and resting them there. As I grow restless, I slide down on the bed, placing my face between your legs. In your sleep you begin to toss in reaction to me. This is what I wanted, so that I can spread your legs a bit more. I slid my fingers in my mouth, reminding me of your cock the night before. I moisten them up until they are adequately wet, and then I remove them. I’m now ready to make my move. With one hand I gently pull one ass cheek away, and then slip my wet middle finger into your asshole.

At first I just leave it there, but after about ten seconds, I begin to gingerly work it back and forth, back and forth, just like when you’re fucking me. I hear you moan, as you awaken to the pleasure of a prostate massage. You don’t need to pretend you don’t like this babe. I know that you do. It takes a real man, secure in his sexuality, to admit that he does not want this sensation to stop. You’ve proven yourself to me. Please let me prove to you that I have the insight to know when to initiate what pleases you. I love that nothing is off limits between us.

The morning continues like this for another ten minutes or so. It’s just a prelude to what you’re going to do to me (again). Eventually you roll over and I climb on top of you. “Good morning babe,” I say to you with a grin a mile wide. What shall I do to you next?

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