Don’t think I don’t know what this picture is doing to you right now. I definitely do. That’s precisely why I posted it for you. I’d like to take this opportunity to show you just how capable I am of getting inside of your head (both of them). I’m going to do that by dissecting how your mind is reacting to my photograph. Some of it you will recognize immediately, while some of it is simply me knowing you better than you know yourself. I am a master at seeping into your unconsciousness by way of your cock. Read on and indulge.

First, the most obvious thing is that I’m completely nude. But that’s not entirely enough. Yes, any semi-hot female can cause your cock to pulse (mildly). But look at my flawless form. Go ahead; drink it in for a few moments. Next, look at my face. My eyes are demonstrating to you that I’ve just taken possession of your cock. Yes, your erection answers to me. My cock is now pulsing more than mildly.

Notice the way my body is positioned. I’m ready to be pleasured by you, which ultimately gives you pleasure as well. I’m resting my shapely arms on my head as I ponder all the possibilities and ways in which your desire works to my advantage.

Perhaps I might wrap these arms around your legs, slowly tonguing the inside of your thighs, as the tip of my nose gently nudges your hard cock. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll coat my finger with some warm oil and ease it into your ass. (Just because you are not fully ready to admit to yourself how incredible this feels, doesn’t mean I don’t know.) Yes, love…I know how it sends shivers up your spine.

The possibilities for us are endless. My beautiful legs travel straight up to my ripe pussy, where my soft landing strip will caress your chin as you lap and lick my sweet juices. The moment you begin to breathe in my intoxicating scent, you’ll instinctively grab my ass and pull me onto your face. There are just so many ways to go.

I have shown you my magnificent melons many times in the past, but this particular photo acts as a roadmap to all of your erogenous zones.

No matter which direction your tongue (or cock) travels, the scenery is breathtaking.

And the ride is always fucking fantastic!

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