“It’s been a long time,” you sheepishly say after I pick up the phone. The sound of my voice delivers a hard fix. You’re not exactly sure of how I’ll respond to hearing from you after your notable hiatus from my Caller ID.

“Whose fault is that?” I ask. You can tell from my tone that even though I’m not entirely thrilled with you, I am happy you called. The realization of this sends a shockwave of jolty, little shivers through you, culminating in the instantaneous swelling of your cock. It was flaccid when you dialed my number; but after hearing just one short sentence from me, it’s fully erect, and you are mine, once again.

You divulge to me that you and your wife have been working on your relationship, trying to fix what had felt like a breaking partnership. I reinforce to you that I don’t want to replace her and I never did. I’m well aware that you need her in your life for the trivial, more mundane things. But I also know that you need me and can’t be without me for too long (addiction is such a cruel beast to tango with). Giving in to your only desire today solidifies this. There is a definitive place for me in your world and that place was born out of your sheer need. Incidentally, our relationship was un-broken.

You go on to explain that my getting you off ruined sex for you with your wife and that there was no way she could compete with me when it comes to igniting the fire within your testicles. You reveal that it got to the point where fucking her devolved into obligatory sex; you even counted down the minutes until you suspected she was nearing orgasm so that you could fake your own exhilaration and withdraw your cock from her cobweb-laden pussy.

Additionally, you tell me that when you’re with me, you don’t use lubrication. You tell me that by using your hand to dry-stroke your cock for me, you cum harder than you have with anyone else before me. When we’re together, I’ve already made your cock hard before you even begin to touch it. It’s my innate ability to invade your mind through your cock that is no match for a novice like your wife, or anyone else on the planet for that matter.

In fact, the pleasure that you derive from my brand of erotica nudges at you to slow things down. You do this because you want to elongate the ecstasy for as long as you possibly can. She doesn’t edge you or allow you to bask in the realm of heightened sexual splendor. But yours truly, does.

I’d like you to envision the following scenario: I’m standing before you as you’re seated in a chair. I begin engaging you with a playful striptease. I sensually slink my sexy body around yours. I tauntingly toss articles of my clothing over my head. Some of them fall onto the floor and one in particular, my  black thong, I intentionally drop into your lap.  You swiftly raise the tiny piece of lingerie to your nose, you can smell my arousal and immediately become intoxicated by my scent. I encircle you, rubbing myself up against you. You have become entranced by my body language, and my powers of seduction have put you in a euphoric haze. You can no longer think straight. My clothing is strewn all around us as I stand there now wearing only a pair of earrings, a pearl necklace and a pair of 5 inch strappy heels.

I saunter over to the bed and lie down, positioning my body horizontally across the mattress. I open my legs and reach down with two fingers to part my soft, dewy pussy lips. Next, I gingerly slip my finger into my wetness, wiggling it around just enough to reveal my hard clit to you. I bite down on my bottom lip as I push my fingers in deeper. I moan out as I squirm and clutch the sheets with my free hand. As my clit is played expertly by my knowing hand, my body tenses and I cum hard! I pull my sex-drenched fingers from my pussy and dangle them in midair like candy.

What are you feeling right now?

I’m willing to bet that just entertaining the notion of being in the aforementioned scenario with me turns your cock into a rod of steel, causing it to pulse with uncontrollable desire. Doesn’t it?  I presume your answer was a resounding “yes”. That’s because your erection answers to me. I hope that little dream sequence has reiterated that for you (*wink).

Let’s switch things up a bit and pretend for a moment that you’re in command (emphasis on “pretend”). What if I were batting my lashes at you and said “I’m yours for the taking, baby. How would you like to fuck me first?” Likely, you would grab me, bend me over the bed and thrust your monster erection straight into my wet pussy from behind. That’s the kind of raw lust that only I can instill in your cock. In the same way that I inspire lust-driven need, I deliver glorious pleasure at will.

Dry-stroking absolutely did not prevent you from enjoying sex with your wife. She did. She made it unenjoyably laborious for you. The plethora of lackluster phone sex providers you previously spent your hard earned cash on gladly took your money and left you empty handed. It’s okay. You found your way home to me and luckily, I’m still the best there is! (Aww…huge sighs of relief, I know).

“I want to lube up my cock and jerk it for you, Ashlee,” you say aloud to me. But we both know it was really more of a request than a declaration. “No, babe, I will not allow that. That’s a definite hard no. We’re not doing that. Throw that bottle away. I am your girlfriend and it’s time for me to make that cock mine again.”

This is exactly what you were hoping to hear. You give in immediately. Yes, you are married, but she’s a total buzz kill! Yes, you can find other subpar phone sex providers floundering around out there. I, however, am the reigning queen of getting you and I always will be. I get you off in spectacular fashion each and every time!

There’s a priceless lesson to be learned here and a reason why…

No Man Calls Only Once.

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