As you take a sip of your drink, I catch your eyes on me just above the rim of your glass. In a cavalier manner, I nonchalantly give back a come-hither glance that instantly places you in the palm of my hand. The party itself may be lacking in excitement, but you can sense something far more intriguing has just begun.

As the night wears on, we both make our rounds through the crowd visiting with our intoxicated friends and acquaintances. Glancing over, I notice an attractive blonde stroking your arm as she presumably tells you something humorous. Stone-faced and intent, however, your eyes remain on me. I wonder if you’ve even registered her presence, as I intentionally shift my body against the bar into a subtle arch. My perfect ass framed delicately in my sapphire satin dress beckons to be pulled up to reveal my sumptuous secrets beneath. Though no longer looking at you, I know very well the reaction that would have ensued had I given you that promising little peek. Thinking about this causes me to smile to myself.

Twice you get up the nerve to approach me. You steady your shoulders and smooth your shirt. You keep a steady pace as you approach me while you run your potential lines through your mind. Each time, however, I thwart you with a quick brush by you and a hot whisper in your ear, “Not yet.” I can feel the bulge that I have been nurturing in your pants against my hip as I brush by. By your second attempt, the bulge has grown even tighter against your slacks and I purposely let my hand graze against it as I whisper yet again, “Not yet.” I notice a visible shudder pass through you as I murmur these words in your ear. I feel the forceful twitch of your cock and know that I have you exactly where I want you.

The clock ticks by. The music plays. We dance around our little game of cat and mouse while our host turns on the TV in preparation for the big moment. The thousands of excited New Yorkers on the screen could not hold a candle to the anticipation I have been cultivating in you throughout the evening. I check the clock on the screen and spot you in a corner. Sliding up behind you, I feel you tense as you register my touch. I whisper a single word, resulting in you nearly dropping your drink…


You eagerly follow me as we make our way through the halls of our host’s home. I lead you out onto a private guest room balcony; we can clearly see the party we just left is still bustling in the living room and main patio. I back up against the stone railing and your mouth is instantly upon me. Your panting breath, warm and whiskey-laden, conveys the urgency you feel to touch me, kiss me, and enter me.

You begin to speak but I put my finger to your lips and turn myself away from you. I lean against the cool railing with a perfect line of sight to the party and the glittering ball on the big screen. You slide my panties down with almost trembling hands and then I feel it, the bulbous, throbbing head of your cock! You slide it slowly up and down between my slick lips and utter a small moan as you slowly push it deep inside me. My body heat that is enveloping you is stark in comparison to the cool air against your skin and it leaves you feeling tingling in the most euphoric way. As you bury yourself inside me again and again, I react with moans of pleasure. You see a few heads turn on the patio, trying to decipher where the sensual sounds are coming from. They eventually chuckle and continue to carry on with the party even though they’re secretly envious of the sounds they hear in the distance.

You start off slow and deep but I look back at you over my shoulder with a wicked glint in my eye. “I don’t want you to make love to me; I want you to fuck me. Fuck me HARD.”

The grin that spreads across your face as I give you permission to unleash your primal urges on me is priceless. You wrap a hand in my hair and pull my head back tight. “You got it” you say as you begin thrusting harder and deeper into me. I nearly lose my balance, as I’m taken aback by the force of nature that I have just unleashed. You rock my body again and again with your sizable, swollen cock and I feel the stirring of your hot release begin to build up inside of me as the clock ticks down.

“10, 9, 8…”

I worry that the ravenous pleasure will overwhelm my ability to speak, but I’m able to manage the one word I desperately needed to say,


With frenzied intent, I feel you plunge impossibly deeper into me. As the ball on the television reaches its intended climax, you reach yours, unloading a seemingly endless stream of cum into my quaking pussy. You stay inside of me, savoring the slowly diminishing spasms of my pleasure and then help me to stand up again on my quivering legs.

I regain my composure and smooth out my dress. You look to the sky, flush and still breathless with pleasure as I lean over and kiss you on the cheek. With a wink, I whisper one last thing to you…

“Thank you for giving me a New Year’s Eve to remember.”

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