Yes, even I will soon graduate from my 20’s and enter the world of adulthood. I say that because someone older and wiser once told me that the day you turn 30, you are an adult in the eyes of the entire world. While most people already regard you as an adult at 29, some still do not. When I turned 29, I bemoaned the idea. Now that turning 30 is fast approaching (next week), I no longer feel apprehensive. Instead I’m going to celebrate being the single hottest piece of ass in my age bracket.

When I was 16, I could make any boy in high school my own. Senior girls were jealous of me at first, but they quickly learned not to try to compete with me. The last thing they wanted to do was motivate me to pursue their boyfriends. When I entered my 20’s instead of boys, men fell all over themselves to get up my skirt. The only thing that has changed since then is that my arrogance has tempered. I no longer need to prove to the world that I’m at the top of the pecking order.

Look into my eyes. They draw you in and tell you things that you’ve never heard before. How about my tits? My beautiful melons will make you do things that you didn’t know you had in you (use your imagination). They were probably why you wanted to meet me in the first place. The single sexiest voice you have ever heard turned your attraction to infatuation. The way I’ve made you cum has taken your feelings for me to another level. When I turn 40, I’ll still be making you cum as hard as I have thus far. I’ve left you panting for air and I’ve had you breaking your back to find time for me. You’ve shown me over and over again that I rock your world. I’ll bet your cock is growing right now as you think on this.

Your girl was put on this earth to capture your eyes, invade your mind, fuel your balls, and funnel blood to your erection. Your cock was given to you to allow me do these things. We are a match made in Heaven. And we will match ourselves, cum for cum, well into the decades.

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