In the early stages of my professional career I worked as the head librarian of the city library near where I live. In my private life I am outgoing, fun and flirty. I embrace my inner goddess openly when I’m not at work. However, my career is important to me and during my time as the head librarian, I was particularly intense. I dressed conservatively and I wasn’t mean or unfriendly, but I was very focused and diligent in making sure that I, and the other employees, always completed the tasks at hand.

We had an opportunity for a volunteer to come in and help out and only one person showed up to interview for the position. The man’s name was Reuben and he seemed qualified so I welcomed him aboard. I considered him to be a good looking man. He had broad shoulders, well defined arms, and fetching hands. But being that I was in charge, and I didn’t want to lose my one and only volunteer, I didn’t have any plans to test those waters. However, I didn’t mind having some eye candy in the library and I enjoyed watching him put books back on the shelves, shoving them in place with his long fingers.

One day while I was working, one of the other librarians called in sick and he was supposed to close so I had to stay late and close up. Toward the end of the evening there were only a couple of patrons in the library and we were set to close in 15 minutes. Reuben had completed all of his duties so I told him he could go. He asked me if I wanted him to wait so he could walk me out to my car. It hadn’t occurred to me before he asked, but I didn’t like the idea of walking out to my car in the dark by myself, so I accepted his offer.
He hung out in the magazine area while I let the last of the looky-loos know they would have to check their books out soon because we were about to close. I could feel Reuben’s eyes peeking over his magazine as I made my way around the library. I had on a white blouse, a little leopard print ascot scarf, and a pencil-length black skirt, all of which were a size too large. Completing the stereotypical librarian look, I kept my hair in a bun and wore glasses during business hours. Despite my attempts at shrouding my assets, I can’t completely hide my curves and I knew Reuben was wondering if my panties were as conservative as my outer wear.

When everyone had their books checked out and they were finally on their way, I locked the front door and told Reuben that I needed to pick up my purse in my office and we could go out from there through a side door. He followed along and as we were walking I started having naughty thoughts. It wasn’t a long walk to my office (just long enough for me to wonder how his cock compared to his strapping hands ), but by the time we got there, I’d already imagined Reuben’s fingers gently pinching my nipples, massaging my clit, and probing my dripping wet pussy. As I felt the burning desire between my creamy thighs, I imagined his cock entering me from all of my favorite positions and I wondered if he had any clue of how ripe and ready I was for him. (To be continued…)

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