It’s not for everyone. It might not be right for us, but I did want to bring it up because it does have the potential to enhance some of our episodes together.

The term “financial domination” to most people means ugly interactions involving money-slavery. She tells him he’s a worthless piece of shit with a one-inch cock and that he should give up his paycheck to an angry cunt who would never want anything to do with him otherwise. Apparently there’s a market for that, but I don’t have it in me to do that. I’m not like that. You’re not like that. What we have is not like that, and that’s not what I want to introduce to our relationship.

The irony of what I think about financial domination is that money has almost nothing to do with it. What I suspect our bringing the financial-play element into our time together would do is to intensify what already works between you and me. I love it when you assert that you want me, that you love what I do to you. You can moan for me (I do so love it when you do that). You can tell me that you love me, that you love me more than anyone on earth. I don’t doubt that you mean it. You can say the sweetest of things to me that make me blush and make me feel like a little girl floating on air. But you can also show me. You can intensify how romantic you want to be with me by showing me. I’m not talking taking a bite out of your budget. I’m talking about a few nibbles. It’s not about the amount. It’s about the act of surrendering to how you feel about me. The money, no matter how small, is real. That’s why it can work, because the money is as real as how I make your cock feel.

We don’t have to do this. Like I said before, it’s not for everyone. We can try it once and never go back there again. This will only work if it’s on your terms. But I do ask you to give it a moment’s thought, for our sake, and when you do, ask yourself if you think you’d cum harder than ever before if we dipped our toes in this. If you do, let’s talk about it first, and then proceed very slowly.

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