Hot phone sex with Ashlee 866-605-2544When my hand finds your crotch you’re only semi-hard. But the mere feeling of my fingers squeezing through the fabric of your boxer briefs and shorts awakens your cock from its slumber.

I feel around a bit, ensuring I touch the head, the shaft, and the base. Next I grasp my other hand around your balls. I can feel your cock growing beneath your clothing. I unzip your fly, and push my hand inside searching for my cock. It’s hard as a lead pipe but it’s pointed down towards your leg.

My fingers grab your head through your briefs and move your cock to point towards your balls, and then backwards so that it’s now aiming towards your face. The underbelly is facing up, which I massage for a minute or so. You groan with the pleasure of intense erotic sensations mixed with the agony of being a victim of my teasing. I’m not ready to make you cum yet by a long shot (pun intended), but you know what eventually lies ahead!

With your body totally paralyzed by the trance I have you in, I carefully line up my defined ass crack with your erection. When I sit down and press the full weight of my body down onto your cock (my cock) you moan aloud. When I start grinding on it back and forth with steadfast intention, your moans grow louder. You feel my hands lean on your knees for balance. You see me close my eyes and take a deep breath.

Suddenly my facial muscles show strain as I lean my head towards the ground and aim my perfectly shaped ass into you as if I was reverse taking you by force. Your head arches back, your eyes shut, and you try to lunge back to meet my thrusts, but I’m grinding on you so hard that I’m overpowering you. The feeling of complete and total submission overtakes you. “Ashlee, do whatever you want to me. Do whatever you want!”

“This is what I want,” I say with a breathy and heavy whisper. I grind on your lap for a few more seconds before I turn around and drop to my knees. I grab at your belt buckle and struggle to undo it. But then I decide I want to even further reinforce how much I own your erection, how much ogling my ass is going to cost you.

I pull out a pair of sharp scissors and cut a small hole in your khaki shorts. From that small hole, I am able to poke one blade of the scissors in, and then proceed to cut the fabric. Within seconds I’ve opened up your pants wide enough to make your raging hard cock accessible. You’re staring in wonderment and complete subordination, while loving every moment of it.

I lube up that beautifully rigid muscle and I stroke it a few times.

“Oh God, Ash—holy shit! OMG!”

I think you know what happened next. This is us. This blog entry laid out a visual application of what my voice and essence does to you.

I turn you on the moment I say “Hello”, paralyze you, and then the fun begins, culminating in the most divine crescendo you have ever experienced.

Call me…

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