One on one phone sex with naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544As your fingers play around with my swollen pussy lips, the welling moisture is telling you how fucking hot I am for you. I always revel in how it feels to be finger-fucked by you anywhere, but in this particular situation it was even hotter for me.

My back is pressed flat against the inside of my front door. You had just arrived and right after I let you in, you grabbed me and flung me around, pinning me so that I was trapped between your erection and the door.

“Ashlee, you love to tell me when I need to be a good boy,” you say before attacking my lips with yours. I was taken aback by the speed in which you turned the moment from a usual greeting into an intensely lust-filled interlude.

You pulled away from my mouth long enough to say “Now it’s your turn to be a good girl for me.” Yes, you pulled your lips away from mine in order to speak to me, but your pelvis was now doing the talking as it was pressed firmly up against mine, conquering possession of my body hard and fast.

You knew that I was stunned in the most erotically enthusiastic way, so you continued to assert your dominance over me while you had me so eager to experience what would cum next.

Our eyes locked in a paralyzing gaze as you reached between my legs and starting massaging my pussy lips through the dampened fabric of my jeans.

You pulled back just a bit to gain access to my zipper, and yanked it down. You pushed your hands inside to claim what was obviously yours. You pushed my slushy panties to the side and pushed two fingers inside my creamy pussy. You pulled them out and brought them to your nose to take in a long whiff of my arousal. You then slid them into your mouth, sucking them vigorously. This naughty show of primal assertion drove me insane with desire! Sensing my need to be pleased, you pushed your fingers back into my now drenched pussy and began banging me with deliberate intent.

“Oh my, babe, what’s gotten into you?”

But then we both quickly realized the irony in my question. We laugh out loud together. “No, Ashlee, it’s what’s gotten into you, my dear!”

I consciously tried to muster some mental control of the situation to not comeacross too eager, but with your fingers reaming my walls and your thumb strumming my clit, I was fucking helpless and loving it!

As I continually moaned aloud, you were now concentrating more on evoking pleasure than trying to win the battle of charm and wits.

You realize that attempting to play my own game against me was futile. Focusing on seduction rather than adhering to any sort of strategic critical thinking was bringing you just as much ecstasy as you were giving me.

“Ashlee, do you want me to stop?” you ask.  “Why, oh why, would I ever want you to stop?” “Well then, my buxom beauty, tell me what you’ll do for, um, I mean to me after I make you cum?”

“I’ll do anything,” I utter in a breathy voice. “I’ll do absolutely anything, baby.”

“Wow, anything?” you ask as your fingers bring me to the brink with each rhythmic thrust.

The answer is yes. I will do anything for you.

Please call me, babe.

I’m so ready to show you what “anything” entails.

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