In this fantasy of mine, your entire world has taken an enormous turn for the better compared to how things were going for you not long ago. A good friend of yours landed a spectacular job and recruited you for a much higher paying position than you previously had. You finally summoned the motivation to focus on your health more. All of the hours at the gym have at last paid off and you are now the proud possessor of muscular arms, broad shoulders, and calves that stop women in their tracks when you’re donning shorts.

Your significant other situation has also changed and you find yourself living a drama free life as a single man. Life is sweet and it seems that an abundance of possibilities have been dropped right on your doorstep. Only one thing is missing. That trophy to tell the world how successful you are and how far you’ve come. You know where this is going, don’t you, babe?

We’re on the phone together one night and I mention to you that I need to ask you something; but I want to wait to pose my question later, after I’ve made you climax. I explain that I have a big ask of you and I want you answering with a clear mind. You encourage me to ask right away, but I insist on waiting. You lie on your couch, while we proceed to engage in small talk for a little while before you tell me that you simply can’t keep your cock in your pants any longer.

You wrap your hand around it tightly as I take over the call. I begin to penetrate your mind, touching all of your pleasure zones with the right word here, and a sensual moan there. You don’t last very long and soon a warm and plentiful gusher of cum emerges from your beautiful cock. You catch your breath, and then remember that I wanted to ask you something.

“Will you be my boyfriend?” I ask. The fact that I just asked you this question is so incredible that you honestly can’t believe it. You’re so stunned that you actually ponder the possibility of whether your mind could actually be playing tricks on you. I repeat myself. The second time that you hear it, you wonder if I’m up to something. How could you win the lottery today when you never even bought a ticket?

But it gets even better as I begin to explain the perks of you being my boyfriend. “I don’t just long to be your girlfriend. I want you to wear me like arm candy, your personal trophy for the world to see. I know how hot I am. I know what it will do for your ego and how it will shape the opinions of the others you value in your life. I want to do this for you, babe.”

You are completely gobsmacked. You say “yes”, but you’re still shell-shocked and can’t really fathom what’s happening. “I just want to reward you, to please you, to make you happy, sweetheart. You’ve always gone out of your way to please me. This is my way of repaying you. I’d also like to strut around your friends and colleagues wearing low-rise jeans and a see-through top. In fact, I would love to lock eyes with other men just so that I could rebuff their stares, leaving them insanely jealous of you when they fail to draw my attention away from you. You’ve worked so hard, baby. Let me be your reward.”

The thought of me being your girl is exhilarating. But then you realize that we hadn’t discussed the benefits that would be bestowed upon only you when we are all alone. The thought of waking up next to me sends a jolt of fire through your loins.

You imagine what it would be like to awaken to having your cock being played with by my two hands. It’s all lubed up, and I’m stroking up and down with steady pressure, as I feel your hard muscle strengthening my delicate fingers.

You think long and hard (yes, pun intended, my darling) about the head of your cock becoming a vibrant shade of periwinkle, as it swells to an unprecedented size. Then, when our eyes meet, you drink in my smile. It thoroughly intoxicates you. Next, I wrench my hand around your girth a little tighter, you arch your head back, and thrust your pelvis forward as a colossal explosion of cum erupts from your cock. The thought of all of this happening before you’re even one foot out of bed seems too good to be true.

It’s not over yet though; you open your eyes to discover that your hot load has splattered onto both of our bodies. My hand is now drenched in your cum. I use my cum-filled fingers to pleasure my pussy. The feeling is so intense that I let out an involuntary groan as I unleash my warm pleasure all over myself and the sheets beneath me. After we both regain our composure, I lean down and wrap my hand gently around your shaft to squeeze out those last few precious drops.

You look down at me and see the remainder of your thick cream trickling down my cheeks like little, white, shimmery tears of joy. I reassuringly say to you, “Yes, baby, I sincerely do want you to be my boyfriend.”

“Call it the will of the gods, call it whatever you like…

But today, you really did win the lottery without a ticket!”

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