Being snowed in, elevators, waiting in crowded lines. What do all these things have in common? Call it claustrophobia, cabin fever or whatever you like; but, in the end, it all boils down to the same thing: feeling trapped.

There’s another kind of claustrophobia, however, that no one likes to talk about. It’s not an immediate feeling, like an elevator door closing. It creeps, it builds, and it sneaks up on you so slowly that you don’t even realize how closed in you’ve become until it’s too late.

Your present relationship probably started off like most. Your lustful thoughts and the anticipation of putting your dick inside of her for the first time were pulsing through your veins and controlling your every thought. You constantly fantasized about fucking her brains out and imagined watching her suck your cock so feverishly that her jaws were sore the next day. The first few months were incredible, weren’t they? You could hardly keep your hands off of each other. Back then, her libido was just as insatiable as yours.

And then you took the plunge and fully committed. Why wouldn’t you? You found someone who not only complemented your personality, but satisfied your sexual needs as well. You found the best of both worlds. As time went on though, that slowly changed, didn’t it? The frequency died down and you tried telling yourself life was just too hectic. Then the spontaneity spark fizzled out and you told yourself she’s just tired.

Before you knew it, you were down to nothing more than quickies on your birthday and special occasions. Your sex life is now virtually non-existent, and to make matters worse you know getting caught watching any kind of porn would only lead to one of “those” fights.

What happened? Where did that mischievous little nymph you committed to go? When and how did your sex life become so unimportant to her?

Now here you are and even the embers between the two of you have died out. The possibility of a chance encounter is chanceless. You lie awake at night and feel the walls closing in. Things may have changed some since you met her, but you still have the same desires you’ve always had. You still get horny and crave release just as badly, but see no way out of this virtual celibacy box that you have been put into.

Well, you can relax, baby. Take a deep breath and embrace me because I am your way out. I’m ready to help you escape that box she’s been keeping you in for so long. I hold the key to your next great orgasm. I will give you the genuine dose of female attention that she’s deprived you of. I will edify you and never let you forget that you are a man first and foremost. I actually welcome your arousal and I don’t have a honey-do list that you have to complete before entertaining the notion of fucking you! My desire burns just as hot as your own, if not hotter.

With me, you can live out every one of your desires without the fear of rejection or the feeling of being indebted. Our pleasure exchange is limitless and always discreet, so she never has to know. She might think she has you put away and pining for the slightest touch from her, but little will she know that your every need is being fulfilled spectacularly by yours truly.

I’m your light at the end of the commitment tunnel and I’m ready to turn you on in ways you know she would protest and scoff at.

Do you want to feed my hungry mouth? Would you like to pump me from behind? Or maybe you want me to take the reins and ride you straight into ecstasy?

Whatever your pleasure, you can rest assured that you’ve found the dream-fuck you’ve been craving.

It’s time to escape her box and enter mine.

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