It’s Monday morning and I’ve been on pins and needles since last night when you told me that your wife is going away next weekend to visit family. She flies out Thursday night and then you’ll have the house all to yourself for an entire week. This wasn’t something you plotted for or even knew about that far in advance. When the ball and chain brought up the possibility of going away for a week, she was sort of throwing it out there, secretly hoping that you would protest a little.

She knew that you couldn’t just up and join her on such short notice because of work. But she had hoped to feel the tug at her heartstrings as you conveyed concern and dismay regarding being left alone, all by yourself. (Being the lost and lonely man she’s convinced herself into thinking you are without her.) Ha! To the contrary, when she brought it up, you were all for it. In fact, all you could think about was being able to spend more time with yours truly. You couldn’t say “yes” fast enough.

Thursday morning, when you settled in at the office you were welcomed by a text from me, “Tonight is your first night of freedom, babe. Want me to get you off tonight?” The thought exhilarated you but you knew it was unlikely since you had to drop your wife off at the airport to catch her late flight. By the time you make it home, it will be nearly midnight. Still, it was a tempting thought to be with me after the hellish day you have facing you. We end our text exchange agreeing that you’ll call tonight me if you make it in by midnight.

Work that day was indeed stressful, made even worse by your wife’s frequent calls and texts asking you if you’ll remember to water her plants while she’s away, and where you put the suitcases, and why can’t you leave work early to help her pack blah, blah, blah. Reminding yourself that she’s going to be gone a week and you’ll be hearing my voice soon enough is the only thing that saves you from completely losing your shit!

Hours later, her whining taxes your patience when her flight is delayed. The more you hear her voice, the more you wish it were mine instead. Finally, after a two hour delay, she boards the plane and you leave for home. It’s already after 1 am and you just want to crash. You send me a quick text apologizing for disappointing me.

But I’m not your wife, my love. I appreciate you more than she does. I know that you worked hard today. I know you’re juggling a lot. I reply that I completely understand, urge you not to be sorry, and promise you that this weekend will be magical. Your head hits the pillow with your mind in a good place.

The next day is excruciating. It’s Friday, but you wouldn’t know it from how busy you are. It’s a hot summer day, it seems like half of the office is taking long lunches, and you’re stuck inside. We trade texts throughout the day. I’m not pestering you with “When will you be ready?” or the like. I’m teasing you, asking if you think you’d last longer in my mouth if I didn’t fondle your balls as much. Around 3 pm, I get an Amazon delivery. It’s a gift that you bought me from my wish list. I send you a picture of my tits, as a little thank you. (My bad, a very big thank you,*wink.)

6 pm arrives. The place is near empty but you still have more work to do. On a whim, you text me that you’re packing up to go home, but you desperately need a nap before calling me. “No rush at all, babe.” “Thanks for always making it easy, Ashlee.” I assure you that it’s all cool, as I amuse myself with devilishly obvious thoughts… I always make it easy (well, except for when I’m making it hard as a rock), in very sharp contrast to your wife. She couldn’t even leave without making your life harder first.

7 o’clock pm and you’re fast asleep in your bed alone. The blasting air conditioning makes for soothing white noise. The week is over, she’s away, and you’re at peace. I enter the house with a key you gave me last Christmas. I strip naked, then tip toe into your bedroom. Climbing into the bed and under the covers, I’m careful not to wake you yet. With you lying face down, I lay half on top of you, half beside you, draping you like a warm blanket. I plant soft kisses on your neck to peacefully awaken you. Your smile tells me you’re ready for me.

You roll over and I fall off of you. We’re facing one another, your arms encircling my naked back, clutching me closer. I feel your erection jabbing me just above my pussy. Our mouths embrace, your body shutters. You need to be inside of me. I grab your cock and rub the tip against my slit, teasing us both. Seconds later, you’re deep inside of me and my eyes are as wide as my legs. I’ve lost all power to move, completely submitting to you.

You take over, ravaging my pussy, yanking my long locks, both for leverage and to assert yourself over me. I wrap my leg around your hip and pull myself closer to you, exerting the only control I have in this moment. Your head goes back, your mouth gasps loudly as your balls explode into me. We collapse, panting for air. I lay still, basking in the residual aftershocks from cumming so hard. I can feel your warm load dripping from between my thighs.

You can have me on your terms, babe. This is what it looks like.


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