I enjoy getting massages. For an hour or so I’m laying down on a table naked, with a professional rubbing my luscious body with various lotions and oils. It’s one of the few times in life where I can just forget about all the stresses of the world and just be pampered. I made the mistake once of allowing the parlor to assign a man to be my masseuse. At first everything was normal. His hands admittedly felt heavenly on my back and thighs. Eventually, however, I began to feel his fingers reach a little too far up my legs. The first time he copped a cheap feel of my ass, I let it go, and giving him the benefit of the doubt that it was an honest mistake.

When I lay down on my stomach, my breasts are almost like pillows underneath my body. My body is slanted up because of it, showing off a lot of side boob. When he was massaging my back, I felt his hands reach down and the palm of his hand was touching my breast. I immediately ordered him to stop and declared the session over. He was embarrassed, pretending he didn’t understand why I was upset. I thought about complaining to the manager, but instead just got dressed and began to leave. On the way out the girl at the front desk yelled that I hadn’t paid yet. “Oh, he’s going to pay for my session. I’ll let him explain it to you.”

On the ride home I was furious, but my anger eventually subsided. After a while I realized that it’s another example of how different men and women are. If the genders had been reversed, it would have been a much different outcome. I actually began to wonder about what if I was the masseuse and you were my customer. A fun thought indeed.

You arrive at the parlor for your appointment. I appear and see the pleasure in your eyes when you see how attractive I am. We exchange small talk for a minute, and then I leave the room to let you get undressed. When I return, I see you fidgeting beneath the towel. I suspect you have an erection already, and are enjoying pressing it into the table. I oil up my hands and begin by rubbing your back through the towel. Soon I peel it back, exposing your body. There are goose bumps covering you all over. I work out the knots, but also gently caress your skin. When it’s time for me to work on your legs, I remove the towel altogether, leaving you completely naked on the table. “Do your buttocks muscles need attention?” Surprised by the question, you stammer at first before answering “Uh, yeah. Yeah, they’re quite sore.” I grasp both of your cheeks at the same time, squeezing them together, gently pulling them apart, and then squeezing them together again. Your fidgeting increases. “Why are you squirming so much dear?” I ask, feigning ignorance. Before you can answer, I pull your ass cheeks apart and use my thumbs to massage your asshole muscles. I can hear you exhale. I had spent ten minutes leading up to this part, and then spend another ten with my fingers pleasuring you below.

A few minutes later, I instruct you to turn over. You hesitate at first, reminding me that I need to put the towel over you again. Once I do that, you roll over again. Your crotch is pitching a tent so obvious that I cannot help but call attention to it, “I guess you were hoping for a full body massage.” With that, you open your eyes and they lock with mine. I’m not smiling at you, rather pretending it was a serious question. “Yeah, full body,” you finally reply. With that, I apply one hand to your inner thigh, and the other grips your erection. You let out a loud moan. You’re mine now. I rip off the towel and drop it on the floor. “We won’t be needing that for a few more minutes babe.” The hand I have on your thigh reaches for your balls and gingerly fondles them. My other hand returns to gripping your hard cock.

The oil makes for terrific lubricant as I slowly squeeze your cock as my hand glides up and down, up and down. With my thumb, I very deliberately massage the head of your cock, pressing down on it and sliding while the rest of my hand strangles the shaft. You feel the movement of my palm and all ten of my fingers. The way I’m touching you is causing you to convulse on the table uncontrollably. I quicken my pace on your cock while my other hand leaves your balls and finds the skin just above your asshole. I rub it with two fingers. You can’t take it anymore and shoot an epic load into the air. It lands on your stomach, but you also coat my forearm. “How was that babe?”

“It was amazing; just amazing!” You answer after catching your breath. I present my cum drenched forearm to you, bringing it right up to your face. “Can I wipe this on your face?” I ask this because I want you to acknowledge that I’m powerful enough to make you subordinate yourself. “You can do anything you want,” you say.

“Yes. Yes I can.”  I can do anything I want to you. But for me to do things to you, you need to take the first step. Pick up the phone, babe. I’ll take away all of the stresses in your life as you indulge.

Rubbing you the right way is what I do.

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