Recently I was asked what “Queening’’ was. I know that some of you reading this, namely, my more conventional callers may not be familiar with this term. That being said, I think this particular brand of oral sex falls into the “Fetish” category. Oftentimes we don’t know if we care for a particular fetish that we’ve been entertaining in our minds until we’ve actually tried it. Perhaps some of the fantasies that dance through your mind are considered kinky, a little off color, or even a bit depraved. You know that even your most trusted partner might (I’m being too nice-will) not share your interest in exploring such things. I am ready to serve up any sexual side dish or entrée that you wish to simply sample or fervently feast on.

I believe in experiencing sex at its fullest and it is my goal to become the person responsible for your hardest hard-ons and most glorious orgasms! Queening in its most simplistic form is “Face-sitting”, a term that is pretty self-explanatory. However, I want to elaborate on that definition a bit more. Queening is a very erotic take on cunnilingus and power exchange. It’s an act in which a woman sits on a man’s face and receives sexual gratification while shamelessly wielding her power over her man.

There are varying degrees of queening, ranging from straight up (yes, you would be) pussy and ass worship to full-on smothering. This type of unabashed intimacy dissolves any inhibitions and  brings eroticism to a whole new level. Just imagine my pussy adorning your face…my wet thighs locked against your head, I’m bucking wildly with each thrust of your tongue. Your cock is stiffer than it’s ever been and your balls are screaming for release. While I’m grinding my tight holes on your face, you are so consumed with pleasuring me that you barely remember to gasp for a breath of air.

Queening is just one of a billion fantasies you and I can explore together. I will be mentioning a few more areas of exploration in future entries. Attempting to keep your true desires subdued will only enhance your secret cravings more. I’m never going to tell you no or spew disdain at you and I am not afraid to venture down a road others won’t travel with you.

Pleasure isn’t found in just one position, fetish or scenario. There are so many intriguing ways to exchange pleasure and I see the possibilities in all of them. While keeping your fantasies to yourself may ensure no awkward conversations with your partner, it also ensures a raging case of blue balls for you!

I’m ready to empty those achy balls and bring your fantasies to fruition.

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