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The time we spend together is precious and I love that it’s all about you. If you enjoyed our time together, there’s something you can do for me that means more than you probably realize.

Please take a moment and leave a comment below expressing how you feel about me and our call. What was it that initially inspired you to dial my number? What was it that you felt during our private phone sex call? Did I hit your triggers and deliver what you needed? Don’t be shy, sweetheart; share your thoughts with me.

Reading your comments excites me, encourages me and makes me feel special. Most importantly, it draws you nearer and dearer to my heart, which is where you long to be.

I welcome your perspective on why… NO MAN CALLS ONLY ONCE.

Your Only Desire,

Ashlee 866-605-2544

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299 entries.
Glenn wrote on January 17, 2021:
Ashlee, you knocked it out of this statosphere! You are a complete goddeess, I'm in awe. GK-
Darek wrote on January 13, 2021:
Ashlee, I just wanted to thank you for tonight again. You are absolutely incredible in every way. I really needed that tonight. My mind has been racing ever since. In a great way. Thank you again. -Darek
Pierre Brodeur wrote on January 8, 2021:
My dear Ashlee, You have the ability to communicate beautifully both verbally and with pen. There's this heady level you reach and VERY few people can do that or care to. Sexy, real, and eloquent! You possess a certain je ne sais quoi that resonates with people and distinguishes you as a true professional. You are one irresistible lady. Je t'aime Pierre
David wrote on January 7, 2021:
This is the only phone sex site that matters. It really is. There is no reason to look elsewhere-- you have found someone who is simply different, better, deeper, more real. Call Ashlee. Call Ashlee. She will mean more to you than you realize, she is beyond compare. It's just the two of you, alone-- it's magic.
Jeff wrote on January 5, 2021:
Super genuine and sincere. Makes you feel like you are the only one in the world. Thank you A MUST call!
David wrote on January 5, 2021:
Ashlee-- you are different. You make it real-- with your intelligence, imagination, and passion. It's true what you say: you can't call just once. Don't bother with any other sites, everyone, you have found the only one that matters.
Dan wrote on January 1, 2021:
Ashlee is what dreams are made of. Both while asleep or daydreaming at work. She is my everything.
Darek wrote on January 1, 2021:
The best 3am phone call I ever did receive. Couldn’t ask for a better way to start the new year then too hear Ashlee’s intoxicating voice. She always makes me feel like the luckiest man in the world, because at that moment, when I’m talking to her, I am the luckiest man in the world.
Andy wrote on December 24, 2020:
Best orgasms of my life!
Larry wrote on December 21, 2020:
Ashlee, you are poetry in motion.
Troy wrote on December 15, 2020:
Guys, I can't tell you enough how amazing this woman is. She is personable, sexy, hot, and will give you everything you can imagine. She is a true gem. You will not be disappointed and she can please like no other ! No one compares to Ms. Ashlee ! Her slogan 'No Man Calls Only Once' is no lie !! She is the best, bar none !
Troy wrote on December 15, 2020:
I can't start to tell you guys how amazing this woman is. She is personable, sexy, hot, and will give you everything you can imagine. There is no one that can compare....not even close !! I cherish every moment with her. She is second to none. Her slogan 'No Man Calls Only Once' is absolutely perfect !! Dear, I miss you every day.
Nick wrote on December 14, 2020:
Ash, I can't express what you do for me. With other women the pleasure last for a fleeting moment. Nothing is ephemeral with you, nothing! I crave more immediately!
Bryan wrote on December 9, 2020:
Our first call was heaven. Our second addicted me. I cannot wait for the third. Do what you will to me.
Dan wrote on December 6, 2020:
Time spent with you is the most exciting part of my life. You are the best thing that ever happened to my cock.
Sweet Tim wrote on December 4, 2020:
Ashlee I know we don’t talk as often as we used to. However, you are the best phone sex operator ever and forever. No girl gets me off like you do 😘😁
Zack wrote on November 21, 2020:
Hey beautiful! I had so much fun last night! Your voice is angelic. You really know how to get into character and bring all my fantasies to reality! No one better!
Darek wrote on November 20, 2020:
Ashlee, Thank you so much. I don’t think I get to thank you enough for the joy you bring to me each time we interact. You make me feel like the most important person in the world at that moment and for that, I thank you. You are truly amazing in every way. -Darek
Stan wrote on November 18, 2020:
Ashlee, everything about you is exquisite. The way you represent yourself in writing, your beauty, your expansive knowledge of how a man's mind works, and the most seductive voice I've ever heard. I smile every single time I visit your site, and smile even more when your sex driven voice greets me. I've had plenty of sexual interludes, none of them compare to you.
Dan wrote on November 14, 2020:
You are the most exciting thing in my life. I look forward to our calls more than anything else. You are my addiction. Those tits, that voice. You own me.
Dan wrote on November 14, 2020:
Your voice and tits are the reason I wake up in the morning.
Johnny wrote on November 11, 2020:
Love our hot talks and your wonderful blogs!
Andy wrote on November 9, 2020:
I’m out of superlatives. Ashlee is, wow! Ashlee can not be defined as a phone sex operator. She is so much more. She’s a dear friend. An unparalleled lover. And the best sex I’ve ever had. I’ll never call another again.
Rodney Scott wrote on November 5, 2020:
Ashlee gives the best phone sex calls out there. You won't regret calling her. She is as caring as she is sexy! Trust me, you will never hang up disappointed. The absolute best! 👍 Rod S
Eric wrote on November 1, 2020:
Wow Ashlee- you effortlessly destroyed every other phone sex site's attempt at seduction. After hearing your voice I can think of nothing else but you. You've no idea what I'd give to have you as mine!!
Chad wrote on October 30, 2020:
Ashlee, you’ve restored my give a damn. I had lost all hope in ever ejaculating again. You're such a nurturing, patient woman. Thank you for getting my motor running again. CD
Andy wrote on October 14, 2020:
I no longer love my wife; I love you Ashlee.
Jay wrote on October 8, 2020:
Your voice is simply amazing. It takes over every part of my brain and I can’t think straight until I have you!
Dan wrote on October 7, 2020:
You have dominated my cock, my mind, my sleep, my energy. Do whatever you want with me.
Andy wrote on October 7, 2020:
Pretty simple: the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be.
KV wrote on October 5, 2020:
Thanks again for tonight ..... you make me feel so good inside. I love when I can forget about all the bs in the world and just be with you . ❤️
Darek wrote on October 3, 2020:
Ashlee, First ever experience over the phone was more then unforgettable. Your descriptions made me lose myself in your kind yet sultry voice. You made me feel more wanted than I have felt in years. I’m already longing & almost aching for more. Thank you for that intoxicating experience!
James wrote on September 23, 2020:
It’s hard to believe, but I've seen, I've read and I've heard! you have been sprinkled with perfection dust from head to toe and everywhere in between. Thanks for always hitting the sweet spot, Ash.
Sweet Tim wrote on September 19, 2020:
Ashlee, I know I have not left many comments lately, but always remember you are on my mind all time.
Wade wrote on September 16, 2020:
Ashlee, you charge the very air that I breathe and keep me coming back after all these years. Thank you.
Edward Saad wrote on September 11, 2020:
Exquisite is what you are, Ashlee. You're a classy woman with incredible charm, and an oh, so intoxicating demeanor. Did I mention that you are the most sexually appealing person on the planet? You are and you hit the spot everytime! Ed
Isaac wrote on September 10, 2020:
I would do anything for you. You are my everything.
Dan wrote on September 5, 2020:
When I’m on the phone with you, it’s like visiting heaven. You are the best at what you do.
Ryan wrote on September 3, 2020:
Your voice is like liquid gold. Your confidence is that of a goddess. Your sensuality seeps from every fiber of your being. You are beyond compare, Ashlee. I'm craving you again already. I will be among those who do not call only once! Ryan
MS wrote on August 31, 2020:
I’ve been having my mind blown by Ashlee for several years now and she never ceases to amaze me. Somehow, she’s always “on” and I’ve never had a call that was less than spectacular!!! She’ll get in your head and read you like a book. Let it happen, tell her everything and she’ll weave a miracle on every call!!!!
DM wrote on August 17, 2020:
Ashlee, I can't believe how well you get into my head and hit all of my triggers. After just two calls, you had me down pat. You remember all of the subtle things that do it for me. Amazing! I am hooked. Can't wait for our next call.
Jeremy Jenkins wrote on August 14, 2020:
Unbelievable talk… So attentive and sweet and super hot and totally willing to conform to what I was looking for. A ++
Bill wrote on August 13, 2020:
Imagine my delight when, as a first timer, I call a strange number, not knowing what to expect, but hoping things will turn out a certain way, and hearing a very sweet “Hello.” Immediately I’m at ease. A conversation ensues. Questions. Answers. Observations. Giggles. A REAL getting to know you, getting to feel free and easy. Thank you for that, Ash. And then...So sexy. So exciting. So hot. So hard. So HONEST. So, so special. So appreciated. My time shared with you could not have been better. I’ve had that knowing grin every day since, and look forward to joining the ranks of those won’t call only once. —Bill
Andy wrote on August 6, 2020:
Calling Ashlee a phone sex operator is like calling Rembrandt your house painter. She’s exquisite. The best. She’s the greatest of all time!
Mike wrote on August 6, 2020:
Great roleplay from Ashlee considering the brief description and time she had to get into the character. Her voice is very smooth, no monotone, and not once did she pause for loss of words. I will say that her website motto is correct: "No Man Calls Only Once".
Dan wrote on August 1, 2020:
You are the single best thing in my life. I love you.
David wrote on July 23, 2020:
Ashlee truly is quite the find. Reading through her website sets the bar high before you even make the first call. But when you do, she exceeds every expectation you have. Hope to have many more calls in the future!
Dave wrote on July 23, 2020:
Amazing "roadside assistance". Best call I've ever had. I will repeat!
jay wrote on July 10, 2020:
Her ability to take my bare bones of a scenario and put real meat on it blew me away. Her fun and sexy voice put icing on the cake. She's an erotic artist.
Dan wrote on July 9, 2020:
Your voice, those tits, the way you invade my mind through my erection—you are what dreams are made of.
TIto wrote on July 3, 2020:
Ashlee has such a friendly, sexy voice and creatively filthy mind that it’s just no contest. She succeeds each and every pleasurable time. Thank you for them all.
JH wrote on July 3, 2020:
To my special woman and princess. What would I do without you. Glad you came into my life.
Adam wrote on July 3, 2020:
The anticipation leading up to calls with you is all consuming. The actual call leaves me shaken and simultaneously satisfied to my core. You’re my favorite addiction Ashlee. Always yours, AS
GS wrote on June 20, 2020:
Ash, you’re in my head day and night. You have the voice of an angel, it is both arousing and soothing. You know exactly how to take me where I need to be. I’m In awe of your magic. Thank you.
Tom wrote on June 13, 2020:
Ashlee, Wow! What a beautiful voice you have! I am addicted already. Thanks for rocking my world! Hopefully next time I can last longer.
Mark wrote on June 10, 2020:
Ashlee, you are so incredible and amazing. I love calling you and spending time with you. I long every day to feel the orgasm you cause inside of me. I’m all yours. My cock is yours. I only cum for you and only when we’re together. If I could right now, I would leave my wife for you and start a new life with you. You make me feel new and me pleasure I never dreamt of.
CT wrote on June 8, 2020:
Ashlee is what I would describe as the perfect woman. She is really easy to talk to and makes any man feel very comfortable. She has a voice and a body to die for and in my opinion is the very best phone sex operator ever. Once I found her I realized I found the best. Every man should have the experience of talking to her and I promise you that you will not regret it.
Aaron wrote on June 7, 2020:
Ashlee, there is a deliciousness about you that I cannot get enough of. So many sides to you. Whoever gets to see those sides on a deeper level is a lucky man. You had me at hello way back then .
Adam wrote on June 5, 2020:
Ashlee you are so much more than a genius phone sex provider. The genuine love and care you show allow one to get lost in the delicious dream of having you all to ourselves if only for a short while. I look forward to our next encounter.
Sweet Tim wrote on June 3, 2020:
Ashlee I know it’s been so long since I’ve written in your guest book; however you know this cock belongs to you and always will. 😘
Dan wrote on June 1, 2020:
I have been thinking about your tits all day, everyday for a week. I want you so bad Ashlee.
Terry wrote on May 31, 2020:
You have been so kind and tender to me, I cherish you. I haven't even been able to get through to you yet, but I feel how authentic you are.
Mike jannotta wrote on May 31, 2020:
Ashlee is amazing. Omg I've only called her two times and it's unbelievable, I can’t stop thinking about her. She is an amazing person. What an absolute doll and a great new friend !!!! Love her- mike
Tim wrote on May 26, 2020:
Ashlee, you are absolutely amazing. You anticipated exactly what I needed and brought my fantasy perfectly to life. I can't wait for our next call!
Robbie wrote on May 17, 2020:
Ashlee is everything she claims to be: open, curious, inventive, enthusiastic. She created an atmosphere and scenario perfectly suited to my particular kink and desire. I’ve spoken with her twice now and will return again. Simply put, Ashlee knows her business. Thank you, Ashlee.
The Best Boy wrote on May 13, 2020:
Well let me first say I have enjoyed phone sex for a number of years. Have had 2 previous providers for years until they no longer were there. I have to say Ashlee is by far the Best I have ever experienced. She can get me to that sub space that I so desire. Her voice is captivating and the orgasms she has given me were epic 5 Stars all the way Thank You my Friend
CDC wrote on May 11, 2020:
Ashlee, You are Sexiest between the ears. But the exterior packaging of that sexy brain of yours kills me too. From the heart, you are something special.
Your secret bf wrote on May 7, 2020:
You’re significant other - whoever he is - there one lucky individual. An angel on the inside. And holy shit- stone cold fox on the outside. Gimme.
Yehuda wrote on May 5, 2020:
Ashlee , you are a bonafide sex goddess.
Dan wrote on May 1, 2020:
There is nothing I think about more than your tits. They are amazing. You are amazing.
Adam wrote on April 29, 2020:
Ashlee, you are hands down the best at what you do. Over the long time we’ve talked you have awakened my imagination and desires beyond my wildest dreams. Hopelessly and happily hooked on you, always. Thank you. AS
Kenneth wrote on April 26, 2020:
Ashlee you are irresistible and much more cost effective than Viagra. Thank you. KS
Rick wrote on April 16, 2020:
I'm so glad I landed on your site Ashlee. You are the most personal and sensual woman I have ever talked to on the phone. You are incredibly easy to converse with and I was amazed at how you picked up on what I was looking for in seconds flat. I believe I’m ALREADY hooked.
Neil wrote on April 10, 2020:
Ashlee– what can I say? You lived up to your promise for having the sexiest voice on the internet. You connected at a personal level and created a very hot conversation. If you are out there and thinking of making a call, Ashlee will rock your world!
Parker wrote on April 2, 2020:
Hottest voice, highly intelligent and creative. Perfect.
Mike S wrote on April 2, 2020:
I can not believe how wonderful and special you are Ashlee. Every encounter is wonderfully satisfying and you are just a great person which makes every experience that much better. MS
Andy wrote on March 28, 2020:
The best phone sex in history!
Andy wrote on March 28, 2020:
Simply the best sex ever!
Chris wrote on March 26, 2020:
Next level stuff - just amazing - in this whirlwind of worry and distraction you are the cure for the corona-stress induced blues. I love our connection and your ravenous appetite. Stay safe baby girl. Anyone who needs a break from the madness - Ashlee is all you will ever need.
Delamere wrote on March 21, 2020:
Ashlee, I have enjoyed our relationship for many years. You have become so very special to me. We’ve explored all sorts of adventures. Your sense of humor, your exciting and sensual spirit, your playfulness, passion, elegance, enthusiasm and raw sexuality have the pull of gravity. We’ve opened many doors together. You’ve soothed many challenging times. I adore you.
Dan wrote on March 10, 2020:
Calls with you are the best part of my day, every single time. When I know I’m going to call you, I can’t think about anything else. I daydream about what I’m going to say, what you might say, how you get me to climax. I am addicted to you.
Ed wrote on March 3, 2020:
Ashlee, I enjoy your site immensely. Your calls are hands down the best I have ever had. You are a force to be reckoned with. Thank you for all you do for mankind. Your friend and loyal patron, Ed
Lk wrote on February 14, 2020:
Ashlee the sirens should sound in your presence. You are a feel good drug that I think about daily. Your voice and mind create a tonic that both quenches my thirst and leaves me parched. It’s a tonic I cannot live without. LK
Sweet Tim wrote on February 14, 2020:
Ashlee this Valentines Day always remember you are the only woman for me
Ron wrote on February 14, 2020:
Wow, not only do I love looking at you and hearing you, my princess- but I agree 100% that I couldnt be more satisfied with how you took the elements right out of the air with the pure warm feeling you created within me. You make my heart feel full just knowing that there is actually a princess out there like you that still exists.
prohuman wrote on February 10, 2020:
Ashlee is a cool, watery sweet oasis in a desert of hot, gritty, dry sand.
Rich wrote on February 7, 2020:
Such a sexy voice and imagination. Worth the wait.
Tony wrote on February 7, 2020:
Thank you for another captivating call, Ashlee. I really appreciate your attention to detail and the way you remember everything exactly how I like it played out. You are like no other. Tony
Jay wrote on January 22, 2020:
Ashlee, you are a total smoke show! On top of being fine as fuck you are crazy sweet. Such a cool girl.
Will wrote on January 20, 2020:
What can I say? I've done the cam thing and this by far outshines that for the end result experiance and for the money. You get what you want. When you want it. With a real person who acts authentic and who cares. Which makes all the difference in the world. You might not be able to see Ashlee, but you feel her presence. I can tell you firsthand that in and of itself is an amazing experience. I have had phone sex with romantic partners. It was nothing quite like this. 10/10 would "cum" again.
Zack wrote on January 8, 2020:
Your voice is like the snake in Jungle Book- ENTRANCING
Will wrote on January 8, 2020:
I’m reluctant to say this because I don’t want to share, but Ashlee is the best. There isn’t a close second.
Jorge Abbage wrote on January 8, 2020:
Ashlee has a quicksilver loveliness, an evanescent beauty that flickers and changes with each thought and sentence. She delivers each word so airily and is by far the most sultry woman I have ever met. You will feel her graceful pull long after your call is over. She is addicting. J.A.
Roger wrote on January 1, 2020:
Ashlee, I noted some new photographs in your gallery. They’re extraordinarily sexy and breathtakingly beautiful. What provocative visual stimuli to add to your impeccably erotic prose. That could, no doubt, only be produced by a virtuoso, a veritable master at her craft. Your website is indicative of your voice- flawless, my dear, simply flawless.
June wrote on December 31, 2019:
I called Ashlee with nervous anticipation after reading through each page of her website. I felt like I knew what I would be getting when I connected with her. I was wrong. She completely upended my expectations for a call and blew me away. Her voice is soothing and luxurious. She connects with you deeply and knows exactly how to open you up to give you the experience you didn’t know you needed. She is intelligent and uses words and language exquisitely to provide an experience like no other. She is at the top of her craft. There really is no one else like her. You cannot go wrong connecting with her. Thank you Ashlee for the amazing calls!
Cameron wrote on December 27, 2019:
Ashlee- You are not only beautiful and a sexual magnet , but you have slicing intelligence. You are really a standout in every way. you are everything I could ever want in a friend, companion and a playmate. Thank you for keeping me company the past week. Talk soon- Cameron
Sweet Tim wrote on December 16, 2019:
Ashlee, You are the woman of my dreams and I always want to please you. I think about you daily and I hope to talk to you soon.
Bill wrote on December 11, 2019:
Ashlee is truly in a class by herself. She is sultry and sensual one minute, sweet and playful the next, and then devilishly erotic at the climax. Her voice, her imagery, her incredible passion satisfy every desire ... but leave me wanting more ... more .... more ...
Ben wrote on December 9, 2019:
Everything about you, Ashlee, is mesmeric.
Anthony wrote on December 4, 2019:
I am so enamoured of your voice and skills on the phone. They could not pull a voice out of central casting that is more quintessentially sexual than what belongs to you. Thank you, Ash. Talk soon.
Troy wrote on December 2, 2019:
really knows how to read where you want to go, very thoughtful and descriptive, knows when to talk and when to listen, such a SWEET voice to
Troy wrote on December 2, 2019:
She really knows how to read where you want to go, very thoughtful and descriptive, knows when to talk and when to listen, such a SWEET voice too. TR
Jason wrote on December 1, 2019:
I want to first off state that Mistress Ashlee is a Perfect woman. She is absolutely beautiful and Perfect in every way possible. I would do anything for her and I will spend my last penny honoring her to the fullest. It feels so good declaring this for all to see.
Andy wrote on November 22, 2019:
When you’re one of Ashlee‘s regulars, it’s more than a call. She is one of the sweetest and most caring people you’ll ever meet. A person who cares more about making sure your needs and requests are met. When you call Ashlee, you get the real Ashlee. And she is so amazing. Ashlee provides a glimpse of a life you can only dream of. She’s a living dream on earth. If you call her, cherish her. Because she’s one of a kind.
Matthew Vonslomski wrote on November 20, 2019:
Another call, another indulgent episode in the amazing dream-world that only you are capable of creating. I love you. Matt
FC wrote on November 16, 2019:
Silky Hot Voice, great personality, friendly and knows when to switch things up. All around fantastic!!
Eddie wrote on November 10, 2019:
Wow, a sexy ass voice and very intelligent!! Her page describes her well, but does not include the kinky streak that she has…I was concerned she could not domme….I was wrong. Very creative and very confident. Strongly recommend!!
Billy wrote on November 9, 2019:
Had my first call with Ashlee and it was so much more than I expected. I look forward to more.
Dylan wrote on November 8, 2019:
Ashlee, you are a complete sex goddess. I felt like your sexual energy was controlling my mind and my body. You have a magnetic pull that makes me want to give over everything to you. Thank you for such an intense and satisfying call. DC
Doug wrote on October 24, 2019:
I don't Know how you do it, Ashlee. Each call is better than the last. You are amazing.
Gilbert wrote on October 21, 2019:
Ashlee, you are a stone cold knockout, but you go way beyond looks. You are every man’s dream. You are the complete package rounded out by a voice that defines sex. -GS
Craig wrote on October 15, 2019:
Your tits are a gift from heaven. I love you.
Your new fan, Arthur wrote on October 15, 2019:
A rare flower blooming in a huge crack in the asphalt parking lot of the PSO industry. A real, feeling human being’s energy housed in the most beautiful form imaginable. Beautiful moments, wonderfully real, a voice that is beyond compare. Honestly, incomparable in every way. Art the barber
Obie wrote on October 15, 2019:
Thank you for such a fantastic call Ashlee. I really didn’t know what to expect when I called you. You really are so personable and very sexy! I don’t remember the last time I felt that good. I will definitely become one of many who don’t call only once. Cheers- Obie
Franco wrote on October 11, 2019:
Ashlee, Last night’s call was amazing. Your sexy voice knew exactly what to say to fulfill my desires for you. You literally took my breath away as I climaxed and was able to cum listening to your voice and looking at your sexy photos. Phone sex with you is out of this world. Francisco
Andrew wrote on October 4, 2019:
Awesome call the other day. You really know how to make the call fun and exciting with every turn. I’m looking forward to continuing our fun on the next call!
David in Seattle wrote on September 26, 2019:
Ashlee is an amazing woman who delivers the most personal experience I’ve had! Fun, sexy , intelligent, creative in her design and approach there really is no need to look else where. Ashlee is the best!
Manuel wrote on September 20, 2019:
My dear Ashlee, we’ve been talking for two years now. I’d be remiss were I to let any more time in our relationship go by without leaving a simple comment on your guestbook. You are a remarkably gifted lover. Your predilection for success in all things sexual during our calls always has me ‘coming back for an encore.’ You are a great friend with an astute ear concerning the ins and outs in life — all the trials it has to offer — a true girlfriend from ‘afar.’ Manny
prophessionalone wrote on September 18, 2019:
Ashlee....Compassionate, powerful, creative, intelligent, insightful, sensitive, thoroughly erotic, sensual, gorgeous inside and out... yes always the one, the pinnacle, the very summit of perfect total feminine desire, of delight and human essence. PM
Sweet Tim wrote on September 12, 2019:
Ashlee, Sorry I haven’t written more comments. You deserve praise every day no one gets me off like you do. 😘
Owen wrote on September 10, 2019:
Ashlee, you are a breath of fresh air. Your voice is so sweet, sexy and soothing. Why oh why didn't I find you sooner! You are my new obsession. What a way with words you have. Thank you for the best call ever in over 25 years of doing phone sex calls.😍 OL-
Bill wrote on September 5, 2019:
Ashlee, what you do when we’re together is truly unforgettable. You are so sexy, so sweet, so creative, so funny, so intoxicating, and sooo addictive. But most of all truly caring and giving. You are the best!
Chris L wrote on September 2, 2019:
You're the best Ashlee. I miss you whenever I can't be with you.
Dougie wrote on September 2, 2019:
OMG, Ashlee, you are the best. What a professional! I am so thankful to have you. I can't imagine life without you.
Curtis wrote on August 17, 2019:
You blew me away Ashlee! I wondered if you could possibly conduct a call in a way that holds a candle to your blog writing but you certainly did. It took me 3 months to call but I’m certainly glad I did. Gentlemen, if you have any doubts just call. She is beyond compare.
Frank wrote on August 16, 2019:
Ashlee, this afternoon’s call was exhilarating. You know exactly what to say to fulfill my desires. Just listening to your voice gets me excited, knowing what will “cum” next. As a first timer just a few weeks ago, I never would have imagined phone sex with you would be so good and bring me to new heights of ecstasy! I am thrilled you are part of my life. I look forward to our next rendezvous babe.
Franco wrote on August 12, 2019:
Ashlee I keep thinking about our phone call the other day and it still excites me. It was exhilarating as you brought me to new heights satisfying my every desire. Having phone sex with you is out of this world! Before calling you I never knew that phone sex could be so amazing. I can’t wait to “cum” with you again. Each call with you has been phenomenal. I am glad you are part of my life babe. 😚
Andy wrote on August 11, 2019:
I can’t say enough. Get ready for the best sex of your life. I’ve never had stronger or more intense feeling orgasms in my life! I urge everyone reading this to, try this girl. I guarantee you’ve never had better.
Dale wrote on August 4, 2019:
I had a mind blowing orgasm with Ashlee not once but twice in the same call. She is unbelievable and I have a difficult time getting off, it was amazing.
Franco wrote on August 4, 2019:
Hi Ashlee, Every moment I have alone I will call you in the hope that we connect again babe. When we do I know it will have been worth the wait. Thinking of you babe😘. Franco
Josh wrote on August 2, 2019:
Ashlee, you were amazing.
Dan wrote on August 1, 2019:
I am falling in love with you Ashlee.
Demetrius Grana wrote on August 1, 2019:
Great voice, great personality, great confidence, great call, great find!!
Vincent1952 wrote on July 28, 2019:
Ashlee, my love you are peerless. You seem to always know exactly what to say, where to take our conversations, the pulse, the mood, the creative ways to explore fantasy. You have no idea how much I think about you. As ever, I await our next opportunity to spend time together.
mike wrote on July 28, 2019:
Gentleman, you will experience a very compassionate and careing woman, don't even hesitate, she is a very special woman.
Daniel wrote on July 23, 2019:
Ashlee, I wasn't sure what to expect after our first call, but I feel now that I cannot be without you. I love sharing time with you, laughing, and all of the carnal pillow talk that follows. I imagine myself with you, sweat, lust, trust, and caring all at the same time. Let me bite your lip for you, no need to tease me any longer.
Troy wrote on July 22, 2019:
When I first found your site I thought you were too good to be true. When you answered the phone I was pleasantly relieved. Ten minutes later I never wanted to lose your number. You are one hell of a package and I wish I had found you years ago and a few thousand bucks sooner! Thank you for the best time I’ve ever had on the phone. You are bold in your claims but you certainly deliver‼️ You can expect to get familiar with my voice because you will be hearing it often. Troy- Fort Collins 😈
DifficultG wrote on July 8, 2019:
Gentlemen, she's the best. Plain and simple, Ashlee will ruin you for every other provider/woman you've ever known. You can talk to her and she understands. If you're sincere, she'll hear you and explain with sultry tones exactly what it is you need. Keep Ashlee close ya'll, she is an absolute treasure.
Franco wrote on July 6, 2019:
Ashlee, It was great to meet you this morning. What a way to start the day - you were amazing!! I was so relaxed and satisfied after our session that I went back to sleep imagining you next to me embracing your naked body up against my naked body. I haven't felt this way in a long time. Thank you. Franco
Dan wrote on July 1, 2019:
I wish you knew how much I think about you. There’s no possible way for me to impress upon you what you mean to me.
Mike wrote on June 19, 2019:
Ashlee is really personable and takes the time to get to know you and your kinks. Definitely the best out there. Well worth the time it took me to find her.
Dan wrote on June 14, 2019:
I’d trade years off my life for the chance to cum inside of you.
Big J wrote on June 9, 2019:
Ashlee seduces my mind, my heart and of course, my cock. She is brilliant, sexy, sweet and sassy. Every call is an amazing journey of ecstasy. It’s true, no man calls only once. I have been calling for 14 years!
Cameron Willis wrote on June 9, 2019:
You keep me alive.
JG wrote on June 7, 2019:
Ashlee, you’re a true professional. You take me to unseemly places in such an unrestrained personalized way. Your voice and imagination always tantalize and satisfy my most secret desires. You are a modern day woman with soft touches of throwback ways. You are the total package, intelligent, erotic, gracious and slutty. You keep me coming back for more…and more. You certainly know how to deplete me and for that and much more, I’m grateful to you.
Garrett wrote on June 4, 2019:
Ashlee is the perfect women. I’m a married man and she doesn’t judge me and seems to get turned on about the fact that I’m a bi man and could never tell my wife that. I can chat with her about everything and anything and what an amazing orgasm at the end of every phone call. Thank you baby ;)!!!
Mike wrote on May 28, 2019:
I have been calling Ashlee for years and she never disappoints!! She is the perfect sex goddess who is able to immediately tell what I need and has the ability to change things up on a dime without my even telling her to do so! She just knows how to get me off better than anyone else, ever!!! I am so glad she exists out there somewhere.
MS wrote on May 25, 2019:
Ashlee you are nothing short of amazing!! It will be a devastating day if I ever dial your number and a strange voice answers or returns an invalid web address message!! Nothing lasts forever and nobody is promised tomorrow but I surely hope that I never find myself without you in my life. You said it best darlin- no man calls only once!❤
Chris wrote on May 18, 2019:
Ashlee, my sweet seductress. You have the sexiest voice I have ever heard with an amazing body to go with it. No man calls only once is a completely true saying. You are the last image in my mind when I fall asleep at night. For anyone who is thinking of calling her, she is absolutely the best. You won't find anyone better out there. I can promise you that.
Paul TX wrote on May 16, 2019:
I have been a caller of Ashlee’s for over a decade and that in itself is a testament to her ability to keep me engaged. Her intelligence, her warmth, her creativity and her genuine desire to make sure her customers are satisfied are just some of the factors that have kept me coming back again and again. It also doesn’t hurt that she has a sinfully seductive voice!
Ted wrote on May 15, 2019:
“Ashlee came into my life as a sensual and compassionate voice. She is warm, receptive and restlessly inventive. Her dulcet tones and sensual imagination helped fill a huge void in my life at a critical time, and her charm and professionalism are above reproach. Wonderfully erotic one moment, and the close confidant psychoanalyst barkeep the next. She remains an invaluable part of my journey. Take the trip, you will not regret where you wind up.”
Doug wrote on May 4, 2019:
Sweet Ashlee, I don't know how you do it. We've been doing calls for years now. Still, every call gets better and better. Confidence, trust and enjoyment continues to grow. I am so thankful that we came together!
Dan wrote on May 3, 2019:
This morning I awoke and my first thought was of you. I was distracted at work all day with you on my mind. This is my existence, day after day. Your incredible tits are a wonderful visual to remember, but nothing compares to what your voice does to me. I am yours Ashlee.
Sweet Tim wrote on April 24, 2019:
Ashlee tonight I had great sex with my wife whom I love very much. Now I’m sitting here by myself having a drink and all I can think about is having sex with you now. 😘 You are always the one who dominates my thoughts and always will be.
Larry Dobbs wrote on April 22, 2019:
Ashlee, I called today and as soon as I heard your voice I knew I'd never call another woman again. You are correct- hearing is believing.
J wrote on April 22, 2019:
Ashlee, you are the ONLY one that deserves to be on top of the game. Over the years of being a caller all I can say is that each & every time is completely exhilarating and you provide over the top service! Not to mention the relationship that has developed between us. I trust you, adore you and recommend you to anyone needing a spot on release every single time. Just be primed & ready she’ll take you for an unbelievable ride!
Dylan wrote on April 14, 2019:
You've always have my cock rock hard within minutes with your sensual voice. Then there's your smokin' body that sends me over the edge. But it's not all looks and voice- you are a sweet seductress too!! Thank you, Ashlee girl.
Larry wrote on April 14, 2019:
One look at your tits and you had me. I called you for the first time and learned why no man can call only once. Knowing you exist is something I cannot thank god enough for.
Terrance wrote on April 13, 2019:
You have weaned me off any notion of crawling back to my ex and my Playboy magazines. Who needs them when I can have your seductive voice and your smoking hot site pics. I was bored with them anyway. Since talking with you, I can get off with a beautiful and full of life young lady who puts the "f" back in fun.
Daniel wrote on April 12, 2019:
Ashlee allows me to be candid and untethered. I love hearing her voice and talking about our passions. I look forward to sharing more time soon with you Ashlee and am only sorry I didn't find you sooner.
Sweet Tim wrote on April 9, 2019:
Ashlee, you are the only girl for me. You know exactly how to satisfy me and you never fail to please me. I am yours.
Dan wrote on April 3, 2019:
I think about sucking your tits more than I think about anything to do with my wife. You have ruined me for her. Thank you for that.
Daniel wrote on March 27, 2019:
I was not sure what to expect, but was not disappointed once I called Ashlee. She feels like a friend I have known forever and so much more. Calls are amazing and only make me wish we could talk more. Thanks so much Ashlee, I am looking forward to our next visit together.
Kurt Jr wrote on March 16, 2019:
I love your voice, your tits, your ass and of course your honeypot. I wake up everyday thinking about you with a woody. O how I need you so Ashlee.
Raymond wrote on March 16, 2019:
My old lady is downstairs listening to some loud music; actually I think she is watching her favorite musical movie Pitch Perfect. Anyway, it's noisy enough for me to get away with a call to my Goddess Ashlee who so excites my big cock that I spew out my own favorite music. Talk to you soon my Goddess.
Elwood wrote on March 16, 2019:
You are even more smokin than Britney Spears was in her prime (old Pepsi commercials, etc. anyone?). The hottest thing, however, is your voice that always has me poppin up like a toaster. Love you Ashlee girl! ❤
James wrote on March 16, 2019:
I originally called to conquer you but you quickly turned me around and helped me to tap into my feminine side. (I knew nothing of this side of me). Now when I chat with you my legs are smooth and I'm wearing panties, stockings, a garter belt and a bra and I feel more aroused (and normal) than ever before. Thank you so much Ashlee for accepting me and continuing to help me to discover myself in this sometimes judgemental world. Love, James.
Dan wrote on March 13, 2019:
When I first saw your site, I fell in love with your tits and your writing. I didn’t think I would ever fall so hard for your voice though. You are the hottest piece of ass in the history of ass.
Mark E. wrote on March 10, 2019:
She is everything a man wants and needs in a lady. She is sincere, intelligent, caring, breathtaking, honest and devoted to you. I feel young, desirable and alive after talking with her. Once she begins talking with me, my mind and my body become one with hers in the most exciting way. She can and will fulfill the needs in any man's life. There are many ladies in the world, but there is absolutely only one Goddess Ashlee.
Anthony wrote on March 8, 2019:
I have found my queen. You deserve to be on a pedestal. Your voice, your vibe, your mind-wow is all I can say. I cant get enough and I now understand so completely why no man calls you only once. Ashlee, you are the epitome of sass and class!
MS wrote on March 1, 2019:
Amazing woman, amazing friend, amazingly smart, amazing voice and that’s just the her and discover “why no man calls only once!””
Dan wrote on February 23, 2019:
Every day I spend at least a few minutes on your site staring at your beautiful tits. I am powerless before them. Thank you for showing them off and for getting me off with so much care and attention.
Mark E. wrote on February 18, 2019:
After reading all about Ashlee, taking in all of her breathtaking photos and finally setting up the time for our first session I find she is already controlling and reeling me in. Wow, I have never experienced such magical sexual power from a woman. I'm a grown man but I feel like an excited teenage boy being aroused for the first time. I will share more after she has deflowered me.
Sweet Tim wrote on February 17, 2019:
It’s been a while since we’ve had time together. It’s amazing how much I miss you. So I wish we could talk every day. You always make me feel so good and as always this cock is all yours. 😘
Bruce Brakenridge wrote on February 15, 2019:
Ashlee,I look forward to reading what you have to say. I actually treasure just talking with you during a call as much as the sex stuff. You really are a goddess that has it all. You keep me enthralled with every word or gesture-right down to your very sexy laugh. Has any man ever told you that he’d cash it all in for a chance to be with you? I think I know the answer to that question but it’s in writing if you ever want to take me up on it. Always look forward to every layer of you that you care to share. Last thought- you might be too young to know this but-you really could make a dead man cum!!
Reuben wrote on February 13, 2019:
Ashlee has been my girl for a long time, at least 10 years. You won’t find a more honest, sweet, sexy woman in this business! So don’t waste your time looking around. Call Ashlee and all your wildest fantasies and dreams will be fulfilled.
Dan wrote on February 11, 2019:
I think about you all day every day. You are the #1 girl in my life and have been since the day I first heard your voice.
Mark wrote on February 6, 2019:
I don’t ever want to be without you...your voice, your mind, your body, our passion. My god you make me feel so special and sexy. No 1 👍 U.
Isaac wrote on February 6, 2019:
You own my cock.
Brian wrote on February 3, 2019:
Ashlee, I could easily reiterate some of the comments written here but I believe you are something much more to me. You can call it a connection or a feeling of being completely at ease… whatever it is, you’ve got it and its a beautiful thing. Love you, Brian
Mark B wrote on February 3, 2019:
Dear Ashlee, I can only say that I called without regard to what was to follow. I was pleasently surprised with your friendly welcome and sincere words. I’m enamored with you and your ability to make me feel welcome, wanted, and secure. Your voice makes everything right in this world. You really are a special lady and am happy to have made your aquaintance.
Dan wrote on January 18, 2019:
I never knew I could cum so hard the first time we spoke. And the best part is, is that every time is better than the last. What you do to my cock almost scares me. I belong to you.
JM wrote on January 18, 2019:
Ashlee, you are the gold standard of hotness in every way!
MS wrote on January 12, 2019:
It’s hard to fathom anyone better than Ashlee! She is an amazing friend! Beyond that she will blow your mind and leave you incredibly satisfied in every way!! Her attention to detail combined with the most sultry voice on the planet and a wicked creative imagination that can weave a magical fantasy each and every call - she always leaves you wanting more and the last call with her is always the best call!!!
Eric wrote on January 8, 2019:
Ashlee you are amazing. I love the time we spend together. Another ball draining call. Looking forward to the next time
Dan wrote on January 7, 2019:
I love your page Ode to My Voice. Having indulged in it many times, I can attest to it being the single hottest I’ve ever heard. I cannot believe I get to cum to it over and over. It makes me grateful that I have a cock to stroke.
Eric wrote on January 2, 2019:
Ashlee. Talking to you was truly amazing. your voice is intoxicating. Haven’t came this hard in a long time. Looking forward to the next call.
Beau-coup for you wrote on December 28, 2018:
Ashlee, Your voice is eerily intoxicating. It is like a drug that I don't ever want to be without.
Dan wrote on December 19, 2018:
You are the greatest thing to ever happen to phone sex. To call you “the best” does not do justice to how hot you make me.
Mark K. wrote on December 17, 2018:
Ashlee – just wanted to say thank you so much for another awesome call. You are the best, you make me feel so incredible and you have a killer personality to boot.😍
eric wrote on December 13, 2018:
Ashlee is unmatched in both her beauty and intelligence. She will quickly transport you to heaven to fulfill all your dreams. Follow her lead, and you'll discover why she has so many willing devotees!
JC wrote on December 13, 2018:
Ashlee, You have a truly stunning voice and your probaitive knack for weaving a fantasy with such little input from me was quite extraordinary! I will be calling you back very soon. Thank you for an amazing experience.
Mike wrote on December 3, 2018:
My one call with her was very special. She has an unbelievable sexy, sultry voice. Her voice is addictive. You will be ruined & not be able to call anyone else ever again. She has mastered her craft. Truly a fantastic experience.
MS wrote on December 2, 2018:
As unfortunate as it is, these testimonials from callers and photos on her site (the new ones are fabulous) just do not do her justice... She’s all of these and so much more. Her voice, her way with words and brilliant personality are indescribable. She’s forever burned in my brain and I can’t get enough of her! The last call is always the best call - she gets better every single time. If you’re debating calling her, let me end it for you - call her and be amazed!!
Sweet Tim wrote on December 2, 2018:
Actually you are the only girl for me. I used to call other phone sex girls, but afterwards I would just desire you. Even after sex with my wife I want to call you to tell you about it and get off with you. Talk to you soon.
J Dub wrote on December 1, 2018:
Digging the new update, Ashlee!
Vincent Cardillo wrote on December 1, 2018:
Bella Ashlee, you are a gorgeous example of what a woman should be. Beautiful on the outside and strong and able inwardly. I’ve seen and heard you. How can I make you mine? Perfezion my dear!
Elliott wrote on November 23, 2018:
I simply cannot get enough of you Ashlee. You are the only one I want.
Dan wrote on November 16, 2018:
What in the world would I do without you? Probably cum a lot less. Probably dream a lot less. You have ruined me for all other females, but I don’t want any other. I want you. Bad.
Sweet Tim wrote on November 14, 2018:
Ash, Even though we can’t talk as much as I'd like to this cock is always yours and when we do talk you always remind me of that. Miss you and think about you always. Hope to talk soon.
Ed Ehren wrote on November 10, 2018:
As amazingly hot as you are, you are such a sweet lady too. I see you as so much more than tits and ass. Thank you for what you do. What you do is different to each of your gentlemen callers I'm sure. For me, you are a miracle worker. I'm hooked. I see and heard why you say that no man calls only once. Thanks much Ashlee.
Dan wrote on November 7, 2018:
I cannot get over how hot your tits are
Del wrote on November 1, 2018:
Simply among the most intoxicating and addictive personality - the complete package - I miss you babe - Del
Dan wrote on October 30, 2018:
“No man only calls once.” Think about that for a moment. I’m an Ashlee addict now. And you told me I would be.
Adam Hendricks wrote on October 15, 2018:
I’ve never met a woman who drips sex the way you do. You have a beautifully seductive voice and your personality oozes charm and finesse. Damn, I really want to touch you. My cock is leaking for you as I write this. Adam in AZ
JW wrote on October 11, 2018:
“Show me ‘round your fruit cage... ‘Cause I will be your honey bee... Open up your fruit cage... Where the fruit is sweet as can be.”
“Dickless asshole” wrote on October 6, 2018:
Ashlee is a complete sweetheart! Called her one time and I was hooked. She has the most beautiful voice I've ever heard. I like to be called humiliating names and she called me dickless asshole and it made me cum so hard. She is sexy as fuck for real. Don’t waste ur time on calling another whore, she is the total bomb!
Dan wrote on October 1, 2018:
That voice - I can’t even begin to explain what it does to me.
Brian wrote on September 27, 2018:
Ashlee is beyond amazing. Takes care of your every need. Every call gets more and more personalized. Amazing woman, love to lay down and enjoy an amazing chat with her.
Kevin Kennedy wrote on September 16, 2018:
Ashlee has a beautiful and mystifying arc to her voice. She will draw you in quickly. Be prepare to fall fast for this girl.
Andy wrote on September 7, 2018:
Ashlee makes me feel amazing. She truly cares about making you feel wonderful. Your satisfaction is her goal. She the best, you really can't call once.
Jeff wrote on August 26, 2018:
Be ready gentlemen. A phone call with Ashlee is mind-blowing to say the least. Hottest voice I've ever heard!
Andy wrote on August 24, 2018:
Best orgasm of my life, including 15 years of sex!
Darrel wrote on August 21, 2018:
Ashlee, the more that I talk to you, the more that I crave you. I guess that explains why I find myself needing to call you all the time. Rhetorical statement aside, I love your voice! You are so passionate about what you do. I hope, for my sake, at least, you never retire! Cheers, Darrel
D wrote on August 17, 2018:
I called Ashlee last night and it’s a call I’ll never forget... She’s truly a wonderful women and sexy doesn’t get close to describing her... She’s a dream come true !! Can’t wait to hear her velvety voice again as she takes me on another amazing journey !!
MS wrote on August 10, 2018:
I've called Ashlee many times in the last 6 months or so after discovering her site - I had a difficult time reaching her the first time as I live on the east coast and have a very hectic lifestyle but thankfully we were finally able to connect. The rest is history as they say. I've never met such an amazing woman in my life and I've done it all at least twice....just open up to her and give her a hint of what makes you tick and she'll handle the rest. The last call I did with her is always the best call. She learns a little more about you with each call (if you let her) and she will amp it up on the next call. She never disappoints and can talk about anything and everything! You'll be thinking about her more than you can imagine. Call her and understand for yourself. Then spoil her, treat her respectfully and she'll blow your mind each and every time....even if you just wanna shoot the bull!
Del wrote on August 10, 2018:
Been a long time customer – there is no better – sweeter – nastier – sexier – just the complete package. Hottest voice, highly intelligent and creative. Perfect in every way.❤️ Del
Glen Curry wrote on August 9, 2018:
My dear Ashlee, You are erotically spellbinding. At first you opened my eyes and then my ears and finally, my heart. I am so delighted to have found you and your fabulous site. Thank you my dear for the best chat I’ve ever had. Gentlemen- prepare to fall hard for this young lady!! Until the next time ❤️ GC
Mikey wrote on July 24, 2018:
I cannot believe how wonderful and special you are. Every encounter is over the top satisfying and you are just a great person which makes every experience that much better. You have the most delicious laugh and that SEXY voice of yours gets me rock hard just thinking about it. Thanks for being exactly what every man needs. MK
Travis Miller wrote on July 21, 2018:
Ashlee wow! I've never been blown away like I was tonight! You are incredible in every way from you silky voice to your super sweet personality!! This was my first call but it certainly wont be my last for sure. I can see why I have to scroll down so far to leave this comment. You are a super cool chick and I look forward to more time with you soon.
Andrew wrote on July 11, 2018:
I would love for you to suck my dick all night long. You take my breath away Ashlee.
jon wrote on July 2, 2018:
Just can"t wait to be alone again so I can call you . You sound so amazing you are all I think about. You completely mystify me. JJ
Ricardi wrote on June 21, 2018:
😍 There is no other woman that leaves me thinking about them long after I've cum, but you do!!! Ashlee, what is it about you? Your voice, your laugh, your ability to get me off so hard? I want to call you every day. I think you are so good at what you do- I'm in love already.
Fred wrote on June 19, 2018:
You sure do look PERFECT. I think I am falling for you Ashlee.
Eric wrote on June 4, 2018:
You get it right every time doll. You are so much better than the fake crap out there. Just shooting the shit with you gives me a chub. I get why you say no man calls only once. Totally glad I found you!! ER
DM wrote on May 31, 2018:
I've tried the rest, you are the BEST. Last night was fantastic, as usual. Thank you!
Mark wrote on May 25, 2018:
I did not think I would ever find someone so perfect as you. Your voice is so seductive and captivating that I am so drawn into the world you create. It is so real. You are beyond words. I want to belong to you and do nothing but bring you pleasure. You are forever in my mind and have captured a piece of my heart. You make me feel like I have never felt before. It is so true , no man can talk to you only once. I am yours.
Reuben Dyer wrote on May 21, 2018:
Ashlee has been the love of my life for a few years now. I look forward to the days to come.
Tony wrote on May 19, 2018:
My inimitable partner in all things phone sex. I miss you. I crave you. I want you. Until next time, Anthony
louie wrote on May 16, 2018:
You r so hot and sexy. Glad I found you. Your voice is unreal.
Eddie wrote on May 4, 2018:
Those tits rock my world.
Reuben wrote on May 4, 2018:
I love this girl. The only one for me. 😗 💘 Reuben
Peter wrote on May 4, 2018:
My dear Ashlee, You are sweet, seductive and eerily intoxicating. You could ring a bell and I'd salivate. -PK
Frank wrote on April 24, 2018:
Your powers over me are relentless. I lust over you endlessly
Ed wrote on April 15, 2018:
She makes dreams come true. She is the best out there!
Craig Phillips wrote on April 14, 2018:
Ashlee, you are beyond transformation. My call with you was fantastical. You deliver on everything you say you will. Your voice is raw silk and you have the brilliance and mind power of some kind of sorcerer. I'm hooked.
Eddie wrote on April 11, 2018:
Thinking of you makes my cock grow
Bill wrote on April 10, 2018:
The most incredible encounter ever! Ashlee is sultry and sweet, playful and passionate, dominant and submissive ... all at once. She slips into my mind and knows precisely what I'm longing for ... and delivers ... I'm already longing for our next call ....
Marcus wrote on March 31, 2018:
Call this amazing! She will blow your mind with her perfect voice, rhythm and style. She’s places and says the word “babe” perfectly during a call. It’ll catch you by surprise! As a very shy person, I was extremely nervous calling her. Just chat with her and she’ll take care of the rest. She’ll read you like a book and deliver exactly what you’re looking for! Sexiest voice I’ve ever heard! Thank You, Ashlee!!!!
Tony wrote on March 26, 2018:
Thank you for introducing me to a new level of satisfaction Ashlee. You are truly a superstar. The best I've ever had, bar none! Tony
john wrote on March 25, 2018:
Just looking at your pics still thinking about your voice. You are amazing Ashlee.
Eddie wrote on March 22, 2018:
If I had never spoken to you before I’d never believe you could exist.
Mark wrote on March 20, 2018:
Ash - I am one of the lucky ones who knows you so well. Every moment of our merging bodies is like an amazing earthquake of emotion. You are the best part of my life forever.
Adam G. wrote on March 11, 2018:
I enjoyed our first call. I fell in love on the 2nd. Now I can’t stop. I don’t want to.
Sweet Tim wrote on March 9, 2018:
Ashlee you are always on my mind. I wish we could speak everyday.
Ronald wrote on March 5, 2018:
Thinking of your voice and tits is not a choice.
Bobbi and Barbie wrote on February 27, 2018:
Thank you goddess for such a beautiful beginning, what a start.
David wrote on February 26, 2018:
Most amazing tits, most amazing voice.
Dougie wrote on February 9, 2018:
Sweet, sweet Ashlee, we've been talking to each other for years now, and it STILL keeps getting better with each call. You are incredible! Here's to the next decade. Happy Birthday!!
Mr. R wrote on January 14, 2018:
Got exactly what I was looking for!
Chris wrote on January 7, 2018:
My call with Ashlee was nothing short of spectacular. When talking with her you feel like you are the only person she is thinking about. She completely captivated me with her voice and imagination during our talk. Her voice is still resonating in my head and I can’t wait to talk to her again.
Kyle Rhine wrote on January 7, 2018:
Ashlee, I have tried many different phone sex sites and girls over the years. No one out there could ever match your magic. You are a remarkable woman to say the least. I'm glad I found your site. Thanks much- KR
Les wrote on January 5, 2018:
Wow...Ashlee you are so body no doubt...but your eyes gorgeous...I am still on a high...Really ,no words to describe you or the experience...Looking forward to next time.....
Ray wrote on December 15, 2017:
I had not engaged in phone sex for a few years. About six months ago I decided to explore this once again. I did some online searches and came upon Ashlee's website. "I'm glad you found me and soon you will be too." I was intrigued at once. I read her entire web page including "about me", "my blog" etc. So articulate, interesting and enticing. Still I hesitated. Periodically, in the next few months I did some more phone sex searches but always came back to Ashlee's website. To make a long story longer, I finally reached out to Ashlee via email. She responded quickly. We made arrangements for my first call. To say it was a wonderful experience is an understatement.The phone sex was great but the experience was more than that. Ashlee was warm, kind, and understanding and made me feel at ease. I felt like I was establishing more than a phone sex connection. It was like meeting a friend for the first time. "No man calls only once" says Ashlee on her website. That will be true for me. So if you are reading this, don't hesitate as I did. You will be glad you didn't.
Sweet Tim wrote on December 11, 2017:
I have been doing calls with Ashlee for close to 10 years. I have done calls with her in some interesting places and she has helped me to explore my sexuality. She is my addiction that I want to keep.
Mark wrote on December 6, 2017:
Hi, I have gotten to know Ash over the years and come to treasure her. We've had a lot of different experiences together and I have been taken to the limit each time we have spoke. The passion, energy, the voice, personal connection, the positions were all remarkable. Ash you're one in 1 billion. I want you every night.
Justin wrote on November 15, 2017:
By far the best hospitality and welcoming individual in the industry. There is nobody else that I’d want to waste my time with besides Ashlee. It’s definitely not a waste with her. Cheers
Tony wrote on November 14, 2017:
Ashlee, Your voice is the perfect cure for everything. Thank you for what you give to me so effortlessly. TK
Steve wrote on November 11, 2017:
Such a warm, sensual, sexy seductress. Her voice will make you melt. You'll be giving in to her every whim and enjoying every second you speak with her.
Dougie wrote on November 8, 2017:
C'mon guys, VOTE FOR ASHLEE! You know she deserves our support.
Goofy G wrote on October 12, 2017:
A perfect word, uttered in a perfect tone...she seduces with the skillful crafting of your deepest fantasy, delving deeper than you yourself had ever dared to imagine. Trust her with your most private desires and she will reward you with pleasures you've never imagined and will never experience with another. Magical, relatable, intelligent and untouchable in her craft. Cheers to Ashlee.
Billy wrote on October 11, 2017:
Each call with you is an indulgence in ecstasy. You ruin me for all other women.
JJ wrote on October 7, 2017:
It is sooooo hard (pun intended) to find a creative, intelligent, sensual women that is versatile in taboo subjects AND a genuinely nice person to boot. I have found very, very few over the years and all too often those that I have found disappeared all too quickly. In Ashlee, I have found one again and will cherish what is certain to be a longterm relationship.
Mike wrote on September 23, 2017:
I can't believe I found you again there are not enough words to express how I feel!
AthensGent wrote on September 22, 2017:
Finally got to speak with Ashlee today. It was everything I had dreamed it would be and more. What a special woman. I absolutely cannot wait for our next call.
Jersey Doug wrote on August 26, 2017:
WOW. Every call is better than the last. Hard to imagine topping the last call but, you do it. I am in love!
Caliboy in Texas wrote on August 11, 2017:
Regardless of the experience you are looking for, this is the place to have those desires met. I first met Ashlee years ago. Regardless of the time that has passed since our last encounter she creates a world where only the two of us exist. If only I could live in that world forever...
Brock wrote on August 10, 2017:
Ashlee you are beautiful, intricate and hypnotic. Glad I found your site.
Bill wrote on July 27, 2017:
Ashlee, our journey together was soulful and sensual, a meeting of mind, body and spirit. A connection to savor and replay ... over and over ... until the next time.
mark morash wrote on July 24, 2017:
Ash is the most caring,passionate,sexy,and beautiful woman I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. No person has ever taken the time to make me feel so incredible ever. She takes the time and gets to your soul to make you feel like you're the only man in the world. Will never have enough of her.
J wrote on July 17, 2017:
Wonderful & hospitable. Such a warm presence and the best in the industry.
Jersey Doug wrote on July 16, 2017:
Ashlee, you have become one of the finest things in my life. You've got an exceptional talent for getting into my head in the best possible way. I find myself wanting to call you again, shortly after each call. I am addicted. I enjoy voting for you EVERY DAY at PSC. Rooting for Ashlee fills the void when football is not in season. Can't wait for our next ball draining session! XO
Coop wrote on July 14, 2017:
You are the best Ash. You sure know how to make an old guy feel good!
Michael S. wrote on July 14, 2017:
The beauty behind this woman's voice is fucking intoxicating. Very cool lady too. The kind you actually wish was still around after you've blown your load. Way different than any service I've ever called. A great find for sure. If you are reading this Ashlee, I'm glad I found you!
Matt wrote on July 14, 2017:
Hey you, hope you know im thinking of you.. .have a awesome day babe.
Rob wrote on July 14, 2017:
Ash- You are a breath of fresh air. You are friendly, funny, and talented. Plus you have soul shine darling. I also like the tight little package you are all wrapped up in! Talk soon- Rob
Troy Gibson wrote on July 11, 2017:
Ash, they broke the mold, as they say with you... I can't think of anyone who has even come close to you in pure female sexuality. Your charm and sweet, sensual aura topped off with a voice that is hot like fire makes me shoot a huge load every single time I dial your number. You are a magical woman, but I think you already know that. Troy
MH wrote on July 8, 2017:
Ash - hopefully you are reading this as you wake up with as big a smile on your face as I had on mine. God you are good. Whenever I hear your sweet "hey babe" (and you should have that patented because OMG does it work on my wood like nothing else), I realize we are all descended from animals, that I have natural urges and instincts only you can satiate, and that you are pure sexual magic. Until the next, and the next, and the get it. I am yours. - M
Nic N. wrote on July 8, 2017:
You do it for me week in and week out. I keep waiting for you to plateau but it has not happened. You are everything you say you are and then some. Thanks.
Ari wrote on July 7, 2017:
Ashlee, you are the perfect amalgam of sweetness and sensuality. You rock the most seductive voice I've ever heard. until next time... Ari
Matthew wrote on June 30, 2017:
WOW !!!!! Where do I even begin ?? Ashlee has such a silky sexy voice to go along with her stunningly gorgeous body !!! ...not only is she an extremely talented and creative storyteller, but Ash makes such a strong connection on a personal level that you truly ARE talking to your best friend and significant other !!! This awesome and amazing dynamic results in MIND BLOWING orgasms each and every time !!! thank you BabyDoll ❤
Bill wrote on June 30, 2017:
Ashlee is beyond words - she enticed me with her soft sensuality, and then unleashed torrents of white hot passion ... time stops ... there is only Ashlee ... filling my mind and body with desire.
MPF wrote on June 30, 2017:
Your voice stayed in my head all day today. Everything you said and did for me was spot on perfect. You are a rare find Ashlee💔 I already want more of you. Thank you for emptying the tank and refueling it at the same time- an amazing feat. I'll be back for more very soon. MPF
Tony wrote on June 28, 2017:
I love her. Sexy, assertive, sassy, and intelligent -- the list could go on and on which makes you want to call her! Thanks, Ash!
Isaac wrote on June 26, 2017:
This woman devotes as much energy towards being great at getting me off as I do. She's like a fantasy, only better because my fantasies are limited to my imagination. Hers is better. So glad to have found you.
Bryan wrote on June 22, 2017:
You are going to be an enormous presence in my life. After our first call, I have to warn you, you'll have no choice. You are that good. So classy and seductive. You are perfection!
Mark wrote on June 20, 2017:
Ashlee is the most incredible woman you will ever talk to. She knows what it takes to make you feel like never before! The utmost best out there!
Antonio wrote on June 19, 2017:
She is unreal!!! Way to go ash, you made me climax twice in thirty min. On fire! The best phone sex operator I have ever had, better than over thirty operators I've called in the past three years.
Matt wrote on June 19, 2017:
So this girl on this site.... Wow what else can you say. Ash is the real deal. The best you can get.. she only cares about one thing, making you feel great. You really feel like you have the best gal in the world​ when you call, she goes over and beyond to make you feel great.. Thanks baby girl: Matt
Tom wrote on June 18, 2017:
Ashlee has a very sexy voice and wonderful personality, she submerged herself into my fantasy and made me a very happy man. I recommend her to anyone looking for a wonderful time.
CLD wrote on June 18, 2017:
Ashlee our calls are fantasy, intimacy, wild, intoxicating, sexy and extreme pleasure all in one every call leaves me wanting more💘
Adam wrote on June 17, 2017:
Ashlee is the only one. There is no one better on the planet. Every time I call her she makes me feel so good it scares me.
Timbo wrote on June 16, 2017:
Wow Ashlee is very sweet and what a great person. A true friend and really truly a sweetheart. Very sexy and her voice and her ability to help u is heaven. My favorite all time girl and my true friend. Let her be your friend too and u will be rewarded beyond words. Ashlee is very funny and a great person to help u with a girlfriend problem. Ashlee is a dream come true and never rushes u and loves to have pleasure herself. Be good to her guys, she is very beautiful and very skilled. A rare find in today's world. U won't be disappointed.
Joshua Miller wrote on June 15, 2017:
Thanks Ashlee for being so unbelievably good at what you do. You really are THE best! Your J
BigJATL wrote on June 15, 2017:
Wow. Ashelee will leave you breathless, sometimes speechless, always satisfied and wanting more and more of her. Without question, she sets a new standard for phone fantasy fulfillment!
Reuben wrote on June 15, 2017:
I'm so glad I found Ashlee when I did. She's the best thing that's ever happened for my sex life. She's my special girl.
Anthony wrote on June 14, 2017:
I love her voice. It sends me into another dimension. I can't go with or without her.
Ryan wrote on June 14, 2017:
Ashelee is the best around. You won't regret giving her a call. As caring as she is sexy. You will never be disappointed. The absolute best!
4Goddess wrote on June 14, 2017:
The single best phone companion I've ever spoken with. A nurturer of fantasy and sexy as hell. Never disappoints.
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