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Your Reward for Holding Out

“If you do this for me babe, I will not only be extremely grateful but I will also reward you, more than you can imagine.” You think about my request for a little while before eventually and reluctantly relenting. “Good. You will thank me for this later. I promise.”

My request seemed quite hefty to you: to not have sex, jack off, or do anything to cause yourself to ejaculate until next weekend. You mentioned to me during our last conversation that you were unable to call me until then, which was the catalyst for my asking that you wait a full week.

It’s not that I wanted to punish you for not being with me until then. I didn’t want you to know why I was doing it, but I did have my reasons. The day after our last call you emailed me thanking me for getting you off so gloriously the night before. “You’re welcome, babe. I just love the sound of your voice when I’m coaxing a load from you.”

A couple of days later, you’re beginning to really feel the strain of my request. Your next email to me is met with no sympathy. “I’m sorry, dear. This is something I need you to do for me. Besides, you promised and it means a lot to me.” A day before our next rendezvous you write me again, begging me to let you unload. “Hon, you’ve made it this far. I know it’s hard (he he), but it will be worth it. Just hang in there.”

Finally, the day arrives! You awaken to the thought of how incredible it’s going to feel when my voice is on the other end of the line. Before you jump in the shower, you sent me an email assuring me that you’ve kept your promise. “You’ve been a very good boy. I’m proud of you. It won’t be much longer.”

Our call is scheduled for 10 pm. You call me at 9:50 hoping to get started sooner. I answer the line and you feel your entire body begin to convulse. “I’m already stroking it for you, Ashlee.” Hearing this meets with my disapproval. I order you to put your clothes back on. Until 10 pm, you are not to jerk that cock (my cock!). It crushes you, but you’ve come this far, you’re not going to do anything to disappoint me.

When the clock strikes 10:00, I say “Okay, babe. Please take your pants off. It’s almost time to begin.”

“Almost, you reply?”

“Yes almost. There’s something I need for you to do first.” I instruct you to take the tips of your fingers and gently lift up your balls.” I can hear you take a sudden short breath.

“Ashlee, they’re so heavy. My balls are so—my god they’re just so full!”

“Not for long, my baby. Let’s empty them. Cumming just once won’t be enough to drain them. We’ll need at least 2 or 3 explosions before I have you completely dry again. I think we’re up to it.”

“Aren’t you glad you waited?” Just then, your eyes started to roll back in your head as you yelled “Yessss!”

“Good things cum to those who wait, my love.”

I told you that you’d be rewarded for holding out.

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The Power of Sexual Surrender

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. I enjoy writing my blog entries for you for many reasons, and sprinkling tidbits about my life in my blog is a way that I can give you some additional insight into my life when I’m not in your ear. My erotic phone sex diary helps you understand who I am, what I’m into and how I think. Yes, the photos that I post help too. You get to see me in lots of sexy poses demonstrating some of the many different sides to my sensuality.

But sometimes there’s a picture that simply expresses more than mere words alone can. Take this picture, for instance. There is a definitive message I’m sending out and when I’m speaking to you with my eyes and body, I want to know how your eyes and body are reacting to the message I’m conveying. It’s incredibly arousing for me to know that our sexual signals are in sync.

What do you see when you look at this photo? Maybe you see an alluring woman who is confident and powerful. Or a woman who knows she’s beyond hot and isn’t afraid to show it. Perhaps you see a woman who is aware of what she has to offer. Maybe even a woman who is ready to grab a hold of what she wants, taking it, and claiming it as her own. (And you’d be right.)

But I know enough about psychology to know that we see what we want to see. If you’re drawn to this picture, you’re drawn to it because you enjoy the idea of having a seductive goddess take the reins sexually. You feel it all the way down to your cock. It makes your heart skip a beat and causes your knees to go weak just thinking about it. The possibility of me taking complete control of your penis makes you throb and twitch with anticipation.

It’s the notion of surrender that draws you in. That’s what I want to know more about. Does the idea of your surrender make you horny, babe? I’d like to explore that with you. You know plenty about me. I want to delve a little deeper into what really drives your lust and desire. I want to tap into the areas you are not permitted to explore with “her”. I promise it will feel incredible.

You see, once I’ve learned all about the desires you’ve had to subdue for so long, you will find it impossible to cum without me. Also, once you’ve confessed your less conventional yearnings that you’ve yet to explore, you’ll be powerless to escape the hold I wield over your cock. Therefore, you’ll be completely mine. Pleasant thought, isn’t it!?

With me, you are safe; I derive great pleasure in helping you discover what lies beyond vanilla sex. I welcome and encourage whatever kind of kinky phone sex fuckery you want to explore.

I’m ready to show you the power and euphoria that your sexual surrender will bring.

It’s time to call…

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My Hilltop Rendezvous- Conclusion


In part two, dated 9-6-19, I meet Mr. Hillside and begin using my powers of seduction to invade his mind and body through his cock.

Naturally, when I asked Mr. Hillside if he would like to have his cock between my tits, he was surprised, but he quickly regrouped. He stood up, walked over to me, put one hand behind my neck and kissed me while he reached behind with his other hand to squeeze my ass tightly. I put my hands on his hips and pulled him in closer. I felt his cock rubbing up against me as I felt myself going crazy with desire.

My hands went straight to the button on his slacks. I quickly had his pants and boxer briefs pulled partly down as I then knelt down to yank them all the way off. Once his pants were removed, and he had stepped out of them, I was finally able to take his cock into my hands. I longingly looked up at him and wrapped my lips around his bulging mushroom head.

I then placed my right hand at the base of his cock and encircled his leg with my left arm. This allowed me to run my fingernails up and down his inner thigh while I took more of his hard cock into my mouth. While I gave him head, my free hand made forays to tickle his balls and dig my nails into his firm ass.

He was just about to burst, but I stopped and stood up promptly. I felt a little guilty about taking him that far without letting him finish, but I knew I’d make it up to him. I wanted his first shot to be blown inside of me. I then laid down on a soft throw rug in his living room and removed my corset and thigh highs.

After I spread my legs, he ran his tongue over his lips and walked over to me. He bowed before me, and began licking. I thought Carly was good when it came to eating my pussy, but Mr. H was certainly no slouch, and it wasn’t long before I was in the realm of orgasmic delight!

As much as I was enjoying his smooth tongue technique, that’s not why I was there, so I rolled over and got on all fours. I reached back and parted my wet pussy lips, urging him to enter me. He quickly accepted my invitation and before I knew it, he was buried deep inside of me. I knew he couldn’t last long after all of the teasing and elongated foreplay he’d already encountered, but that was okay, I was primed and ready. I reached back and gave his balls a little squeeze that sent him straight into a colossal orgasm. Each spasm and stream of cum felt like an out of control fire hose going off inside of me causing loud moans of ecstasy to escape my lips.

After he was spent, he stayed semi-hard for a surprisingly long time inside me. Maybe that was because of the great view he had of my ass, or the way I was squeezing his cock from the inside.

When he finally slid out, he collapsed on his back next to me, and laid down on my stomach.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “but I really need to get to work soon, and I have to start getting ready all over again.”

“Are you sure you can’t stay just a little longer?” I asked, “I did promise you a titty-fuck.” He glanced down at my side-boob and I knew I had him. After he said that he could indeed stay a little longer, I asked him if he had any oil. When he replied that there was some olive oil in the kitchen, I told him to go and get it, and then I rolled over on my back.

After returning, he handed me the oil and he watched spellbound as I rubbed the oil all over my beautiful melons. He was partially hard when I told him to straddle my stomach. After he did, I stroked his cock with my oily hands until he was fully hard again. I then pulled him down and slid his cock between my slippery breasts. He started to rock back and forth as I kept him sandwiched between my tits tightly. It didn’t take long for him to cum again and I thoroughly enjoyed it as he shot his hot cream all over my luscious tits and stomach.

Being a gracious gentleman, when he recovered, he got a warm, wet towel and cleaned me off. He then said, “I’d love to spend the day with you, but I really do have to get a move on.”

“No problem,” I said as I got dressed. I’d gotten exactly what I’d wanted. Once I was dressed, I kissed him goodbye and walked back down to the cabin. Carly had a cougar-like ability to pick up scents, so I took a long, bubble bath to get rid of any lingering man-scent. While soaking, I relived every moment of our morning together.

My relationship with Carly ran its course and I moved back to the city to start grad school. To this day, whenever I take a bubble bath, I reminisce about the man in the house at the top of the hill.

You’re here. You’re hard. You’re horny. It’s time to call me.

I promise that I’ll give you something to reminisce about too!

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