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When the reward outweighs the Risk- Conclusion

Phone sex is best with Ashlee 866-605-2544…And waiting. It became pleasurably agonizing, hoping every time I heard a tiny sound in the hallway it would be him approaching. I would get excited, and then mellow out again when I realized it was just my imagination. When he did at last come, I didn’t even hear him approach.


He assumed as he entered the classroom because it was too dim to see my face, though I had made sure the glow did illuminate my nearly bare legs. I was glad he was expecting it to be me.

“Mr. Atkins.” I acknowledged him and removed my legs from his desk, slowly crossing them in front of me.

“This note… what are you doing here? We shouldn’t be here.”

He was saying the words, but even to someone who wasn’t engaging in wishful thinking, they sounded unconvincing. I stood up and leaned against the edge of his desk, facing him, opening my legs a bit so he could imagine himself between them.

“Mr. Atkins, I’m sorry if you’re misunderstanding. I just wanted to discuss Dracula a bit more.”

He moved closer, grinning.

When he was close enough that I could touch him, I grabbed his tie and pulled his body into mine. I could feel that he was already hard as he pressed against the loose fabric separating us. The situation excited him as much as it excited me. “You’ve always been my favorite student, Ashlee, but I could get in a lot of trouble for being here right now.”

Pulling harder on his tie, my mouth found his neck. “I’ll just have to make it worth the risk, then.”

He groaned while his hands found the underside of my thighs, pulling me closer to him, moving us both back so I was resting on his desk. I slid back further and wrapped my legs around him.

“I just wanted to experience this before graduation,” I told him. “I’ve been trying hard all year not to make a move.”

Even in the low light, I could see the smile that spread across his face. He said he loved the way I looked lying on his desk. I responded by feeling the bulge in his pants, attempting to grip him through the fabric and feeling him grow.

“We need to make this quick. They’ll look for me if I don’t come back.”

“Perfect” I whispered in his ear. With the suspense building as long as it had, I was dripping wet in anticipation anyway.

I heard him unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants but I didn’t look away from his face. Even in the dark he looked handsome. I wanted him to tell me more about sex and blood and death but I also just wanted to experience it with him — all the parts of being human, all the things worth writing about.

I was happy there, to be a willing participant in a fantasy I was sure he had. Happy when he slid my lace panties off, happy when he didn’t bother to remove my bra but instead pulled my breasts free from it, and especially happy when his body met mine.

While forging a path with his mouth from my neck, down to my collarbone, and then landing on my tits, he pulled me closer to him and entered me. The speed with which he poured himself into me belied his eagerness. I knew he wanted me as much as I wanted him.

He thrust himself in and out of me with frenzied desire as I felt myself on the verge of a glorious orgasm. I arched my body, pushing my tits high up into the air as I came all over his cock. He told me that I was a good girl, and slowly pulled his dick out of me. He pressed his cheek against mine and whispered, “Ashlee, if you want to be a great student you’re going to have to finish me off with your mouth.”

Kneeling before him, I skipped the niceties and began sucking him with full force right away, working my hand around his shaft in tandem with my mouth. His hands worked their way through my hair, separating it into two ponytails that he held firmly as he used them to guide my head onto his cock, increasing in rhythm until I felt him tense up while his hands were busy clenching my hair.

Pulling my head down on him, he held me there and emptied his hot cum into the back of my throat. While pulling my mouth from his cock, I ran my tongue over my lips, savoring every drop that was just fed to me.

“The reward certainly did outweigh the risk! Thank you, Ashlee!”

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When the Reward Outweighs the Risk- Part 1

“Blood, Sex, and Death” were the three things Mr. Atkins taught were part of every Gothic horror novel. He was the high school English teacher who I hopelessly crushed on, and I couldn’t help but notice that his eyes lingered on yours truly when he mentioned the key ingredient, Sex”. 

I was already 18 and about to graduate. Glued to my seat even in the late spring when my classmates were perpetually zoned out, focused on the summer ahead of them. But I still had unfinished business here, and today he was wearing a black tie over a light blue button-up shirt and jeans that were just snug enough to drive me wild.

When he perched on the edge of his desk reading from The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, I let my eyes wander up and down his body, imaging a new use for each part of it.

He was the new cute teacher that year, the one all the girls whispered about between classes, “Mr. Atkins is looking hot today.” I tried to pretend that I wasn’t one of them at first; it’s not interesting to have the same crush as everyone else. But his charm was undeniable; who else could make the classics sound so damn sexy? Every day when he taught, his inflection would bounce up and down with pure passion as he taught us about Bram Stoker and Shirley Jackson.

When he taught Dracula, he became rather brooding and obsessive, delving into each character. Even in the clinical, fluorescent-lit classroom you could feel the sexual tension. I spent the 50 minute class period imagining his lips — his teeth — on my neck, secretly finding me, lusting after my “life force” as Stoker said.

The week we spent on The Haunting of Hill House was one of the most oddly erotic weeks of my life. The text was thrilling. I was in a constant state of suspense and I held myself to the promise of not reading ahead. I was completely enthralled in class when he talked about the role that adrenaline plays in our body’s physiological state as we read. I didn’t dare ask, but I was sure that my accelerated libido was one of those byproducts he was talking about.

With graduation only a few weeks away, I felt bolder. Surely I should make a move, if the consequences of being rebuffed were so low? (More like, out of the question, really.) Besides, what could they do? I was almost gone. And so I became consumed with the idea of hooking up with Mr. Atkins.

At first, I thought I could be ahem…subtle. Mr. Atkins certainly noticed when I wore something low-cut or form-fitting. Once I entered his classroom in a pair of short-shorts and a tight crop-top that displayed my midriff and fleshy thighs; I could have sworn I heard him groan as I sauntered to my desk. But understandably, he never did anything more than cast a lingering sex-laden glance my way.

He’d get in too much trouble, I reasoned. I’m going to have to be the one to make a move. So I set my mind to creating the perfect plan: I’d just have to present him with an opportunity he simply couldn’t say no to.

The senior end-of-year dance was coming up, and I enthusiastically inserted myself into the planning committee. I asked Mr. Atkins if he would be a chaperone (apparently we were in desperate need of one, though of course I didn’t ask anyone else). A light flickered in his eyes as I carefully enunciated the word “desperate”, and I assumed that it was a look of comprehending my agenda. He accepted the task.

I went to the mall and bought some lingerie, black and red and lacy. On dance day, I wore it under a loose-fitting white sundress, pure and virginal like a Gothic heroine, but dark and carnal beneath the surface.

At the dance, I added a note to Mr. Atkins’s clipboard. I slipped it underneath the list of rules and map of emergency exits. The note was simple; it was a line from Dracula along with his classroom number. “No man knows till he experiences it, what it is like to feel his own life-blood drawn away into the woman he loves.” C17.

I never went to the dance. Instead, I made my way through the dark, empty corridors of the school and let myself into his classroom. I brought a candle with me to help create an aura of mystique and an air of eerie seduction.

Lighting it and setting it on a desk in the front row, I climbed into Mr. Atkins’s seat behind his desk, pulled the straps of my dress down so the top of my lacy bra was showing, and crossed my legs with my heels resting on the edge of his desk, and I began waiting…

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Invitation Into the Water, and Into Me

Summer sex with Ashlee 866-605-2544On a lazy summer morning, I look outside to see the clear blue sparkle of the swimming pool at the beautiful house we rented for our secluded weekend getaway in San Diego. The sun is catching the water in diamond-like spikes, the gentle breeze  moving the water just enough to send the tiniest ripples across the surface.

I can hear you moving about upstairs; I have no idea what you’re doing, but I do know that you are privy to the same view as I am. I open the patio doors and stand for a moment drinking in the glorious scenery, before walking out to the edge of the water.

Without looking up I can sense you watching from the window as I slip off my little robe, naked beneath it. The fabric slides swiftly down and pools on the stone decking as I sensually stretch and dive into the water. I swim slowly up and down the length of the pool, moving through the water with intention.

As I reach the point from which I started, I pause and just lean my arms over the edge of the pool. As the water clears from my eyes I see your legs in front of me, naked and tanned. I move my eyes upwards slowly and notice that you are standing before me completely nude; your cock is rock hard and looks so fucking delicious!

Moving further up with my eyes, I reach your smiling face and eager eyes. I push myself back into the water and rise out of it again just enough for you to see my breasts barely breaking the water. I shoot you a sexy smile that is inviting you both into the water, and into me.

You sit on the edge of the pool, your legs between my arms, and slide down between my body and the edge of the pool. I can feel the whole length of your manhood as you slowly run your hot flesh against my cool skin, which immediately responds to your touch. My nipples harden, my breath quickens, and a familiar surge of heat starts to spread in the soft sweet spot between my legs.

As our bodies press together, your mouth meets mine in a slow, deep kiss, whilst your strong hands run across my shoulders and down across my tight, wet breasts. I wrap my long silken legs around you, holding you up. I arch towards you, my hips pushing my longing pussy against your throbbing cock, pressing the length of it between my lips as the head of your shaft teases my clit.

The way you look at me and work my body is driving me crazy with desire. You sense my mounting frustration as I can’t release my grip on the pool’s edge because I’m supporting both of us. You lift me up and place my legs around your waist as you slide your erection into me; my legs are holding you in the water while my pussy clamps tightly around your pulsing dick.

My breasts are now above the water line as you bend your head and suck and bite on them unabashedly. You use your hands to move me backwards and forwards on your cock as my pussy clenches you tighter and tighter with the need to cum. The slow speed and constant pressure on my breasts causes me to cum quickly and quietly whilst curling my head into your neck as I do. You can feel the orgasmic waves running through me and around your cock, but you haven’t finished yet and pull out before you get too prematurely caught up in the pleasure.

You push yourself back out of the pool with me following you, and we walk over to the chaise lounge, pausing by the side of it for another deep long kiss. You sit me down and stand in front of me knowing that I love to taste you and need to pleasure you. I run my fingers gently across your skin, down your stomach and around your thighs, raking my nails across your ass.

As I cup your ass-cheeks in my hands, I lean in and run the tip of my tongue across the bulging head of your cock before engulfing your girth. I open my mouth again slightly and glide it along the underbelly of your twitching cock just to prolong the ecstasy.  Then I slide my open mouth over you, taking you in as far as I can, sighing softly as I do.

I work my mouth slowly and firmly up and down as my hands massage your glutes, spreading your cheeks slightly as I do. Taking one hand off, I run my fingers through my slick pussy and return them to your ass, delicately fingering each of the crevices surrounding your puckering asshole.

Next, I gently push a couple of fingers into your ass as I suck harder and deeper. I softly circle my fingers inside of you as I reach up to massage your prostate. Still sucking you, you start to thrust your hips back and forth, wanting both to fuck my mouth and to feel my fingers deeper inside of you.

Suddenly your body stiffens and your balls tighten as you cry out “Ashlee!” and you pump thick streams of hot cum straight into my mouth and down my throat! When you have emptied the entire contents from your balls into me, you slump over a little against me and I release you.

You lay down next to me on the lounger. I curl up into you and whisper in your ear “I’m so glad you accepted my invitation into the water, and into me, baby!”  You just sigh as we lie together quietly, savoring the aftershocks of our sex.

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Daddy’s Good Girl: A Taboo Role-play

Phone sex is best with naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544One Saturday night after my high school graduation, I had some of my classmates over for a sleepover. My girlfriends were splayed out on the floor of our den as they covered their eyes and laughed nervously as the serial killer on the television screen hid himself in the heroine’s closet. I saw my dad as he glanced over to ensure that my mom was just as absorbed in the movie. Sensing a chance for fun, he pulled me closer to him.

I laid my head on his shoulder, and I felt him slide his large hand over my thin pajama top to fondle my firm breast. I let out a soft gasp, and whispered in his ear…

“What if they see us?” I asked.

He put his other finger to his lips to shush me and began to squeeze my breast, feeling my nipple harden beneath his thumb. I squirmed as if to move away, but he pinched me just hard enough to get my attention. I stifled a moan before grabbing the blanket at my feet and settling back against him.

He took the blanket from me and spread it over the two of us. He put one hand on my thigh, and I could feel his cock begin to stir. Now that I was covered from view, he pushed his hand up my pajama top and cupped my bare tit. He leaned his head down and nuzzled against my neck, nipping at my ear lobe lightly with his teeth.

“You shouldn’t have brought them home with you,” he whispered. “I need you, and I’m going to have you.”

“I’m sorry, Daddy,” I replied. “I thought you had to go out of town this weekend, or I wouldn’t have brought them. I need you, too.”

He pinched and teased my nipple some more, then slowly traced his fingers over my tight belly. My PJ bottoms were a bit snug on my shapely hips, but his hand still swiftly found its way under the waistband. It had been weeks since he had touched me, and I could tell that he was pleased that I wasn’t wearing any panties.

Daddy always got a thrill seeing my voluptuous body in such an innocent little getup with all those red kissy lips adorning my form. He loved the way my tops were always a size too small, barely containing my luscious tits. What really turned him on the most, however, was how clingy and sheer my bottoms were, the way they hugged my tempting flesh. I knew he craved seeing me saunter around in next to nothing, and pleasing him made me a very happy girl.

Sometimes I would sneak into his bedroom while my mom was showering or downstairs cooking breakfast wearing my tightest PJs and straddle him. I would grind up against his cock, teasing him until he just had to feed my tight pussy his leaking cock! Invariably, we ended up with me bent over the edge of the bed, pants around my ankles, as he emptied himself into me from behind.

There was no chance of that tonight, but he wasn’t easily dissuaded. He ran his fingers up and down my hip before slipping lower and cupping my fleshy ass. He squeezed and rubbed and lightly dug his nails into my cheek. When he slid a finger into my crack, I let out a barely audible sigh before removing my hand from his thigh and clamping it over my mouth.

He moved lower, until the pad of his finger found my rosebud and flicked at it. He felt my hand back on his thigh, and then I reached up under his loose gym shorts to grasp his throbbing cock. I fondled him slowly as he continued to explore my nether regions under the blanket.

He could feel the heat radiating from my pussy as his fingers moved closer. I was already moist as his middle finger made contact with my slit, and I shifted slightly to give him better access. I stroked his cock a little more insistently as he pushed the tip of his finger inside my dewy lips. We continued our furtive touching until a particularly loud and frantic scene in the movie began. My Mom was getting too scared and went off to bed, and my friends were thoroughly enthralled in the events unfolding on the TV screen to even notice us.

“Get on my lap,” he hissed and began pulling me over. We remained covered by the blanket as I sat backwards on his lap facing the television, grasped his big cock, and positioned it at the entrance of my dripping wet pussy. I slowly lowered myself onto his rigid pole until he was fully inside me. We each took a moment to adjust before he settled his hands on my hips and began to guide me slowly up and down.

We found a nice rhythm and increased our tempo. Each time I lifted my hips about half way off of his cock, He’d thrust up and pull me back. I could feel my juices running down his shaft, and his gym shorts were definitely going to have a noticeable wet spot when he stood up. He reached his arms around to bring his hands to my glorious twin globes, squeezing both mounds and pulling at my nipples under my flimsy top.

I started to moan, and he pressed a hand over my mouth before we could be discovered. I bit down on his palm, and he growled low in my ear as he pinched my nipple tightly. I leaned back firmly against him, and he dropped both of his hands back to my hips and started fucking me hard and fast, but silently.

I lifted my arms back over my head to grasp his. He buried his face in my shoulder and kissed my neck. I could feel his cock tingling as I felt his cum rising.

“I’m going to fill you, baby,” he grunted in my ear. “I’m going to cum in that hot pussy.”

“Yes!” I squealed, struggling to contain myself. “Please cum inside me, Daddy, cum with me.”

His body began to shake as my orgasm was in flight, and he slammed as far into me as he could go before his own euphoric spasms started. His balls pumped one, two, three times as he poured hot cum into his daughter’s welcoming pussy.

Our breathing slowly returned to normal as he slipped out of me. I moved off of his lap and back onto my side. He helped tug my jammies back up before slipping a hand back to my pussy and scooping two fingers of cum from my warm honey-hole. He brought his hand to my mouth and I licked and sucked his fingers greedily. I dipped my own fingers inside and offered him the same treat, which he eagerly accepted.

I flipped onto my back, my head in his lap. My deep, dark eyes twinkled with delight as I smiled and looked up at him. He mouthed the words: “You’re such a good girl, Ash”.

“Thank you, Daddy; I guess I’m just a natural born pleaser.”

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How I Became Your Only Desire


Phone sex with 866-605-2544Conclusion…

I wondered how I could go about getting a phone sex job working on a hot line like the one I had seen on TV. A quick internet search turned up numerous phone sex sites. All of them featured tons of women dripping in sex, each one claiming to be better than the rest. The sites were brightly colored and had flashing lights like a virtual version of Vegas! I was a bit overwhelmed, to say the least.

After a little more contemplation, I decided to call and inquire about a job. A woman answered the phone at the first company I called. She asked me a few questions, told me she loved my voice and hired me on the spot! All that was required of me was that I work at least 15 hours a week and procure a dedicated landline with a separate phone number installed to which my calls would be routed.

As soon as I got my new line up and running, I created a profile to introduce myself and my assets to the phone sex seekers of the internet world. I described myself as being a unique blend of a nurturing nymphomaniac who is both sultry and sweet. I closed out my self-depiction by boldly declaring myself “too hot not to call” (even at 18, I wasn’t afraid to speak the truth wink*). And just like that, I was officially established as a sexual force to be reckoned with!

I soon found out though, that my “phone sex profile” didn’t just attract salaciously horny men. My first call was quite memorable. The gentleman who called me was quite forlorn and was not really seeking sex at all. This took me aback, and I had to think fast on my feet as I had no official training as a PSO much less as a compassion therapist (yet!).

My new profession in the phone sex industry had me interacting with a variety of different men right out of the gate. Being a top-notch provider of “any service” (in my case, phone sex) meant a lot more to me than muddling through something to earn a quick buck. I’ve always been an “all or nothing” kind of girl. I derived an immense amount of pleasure becoming Your Only Desire, and it still colors my world in the same way, today!

I was disappointed to discover that the company I was working for was recording every single call.  The direct violation of your privacy as well as mine outraged me. Privacy is paramount to me, and I felt that I needed to resign at once.

I decided to start providing phone sex my way (the right way)!  I created my own website, started growing my own reputation and executing my own, distinct brand of phone sex.

I was doing pretty well after my first solo year, so much so that I almost considered quitting school and just making this my permanent career. On the other hand, I had always wanted to be a teacher, and I thought that continuing to take calls was something I could always fall back on if times got tough, or if I wanted to save up for something special. (In reality, the connections we had cultivated were just too special to give up).

My folks never guessed why I spent so much time down in my room, and I let them assume that I studied like a studious little scholar (batting my lashes). My parents were Southern bred and exemplified the kind of work ethic and values that others could only hope to learn. I would sneak extra cash into my dad’s wallet or my mom’s purse, since they refused to take any money from me for room and board.

Following graduation, I started my job search again, and was hired to replace a teacher who was moving over the Christmas Holidays. After six years of advanced learning, I was finally doing what I had wanted to do since I was young (Although, I do love “doing” you too, my darling)!!!

I love being able to enhance your life in some small way, while you definitely enhance mine in the ahem…“biggest” way possible. I’m not planning on ever side-lining my calls with you. I’m going to continue to fly solo and dish up the infinite possibilities that cum when we are spending time together!

Now that you know how I became Your Only Desire, it’s time to call so that I can reiterate why: No Man Calls Only Once.


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How I Became Your Only Desire

Phone sex with naughty Ashlee 866-605-2544It all started when I could not find a full time teaching position. Well, that’s not entirely true; it started long before that when my boyfriend graduated from college and took a job nine hundred miles away while I still had a year of school left.

Transferring really wasn’t an option as I was attending a private school on a scholarship while still living at home. Not to mention, my parents would never accept my moving in with a guy before marriage. I was very attracted to him and we had a lot of great sex, so I was really going to miss him.

After he moved, we talked on the phone all the time and occasionally our conversation segued into sexy talk. One day, I heard him breathing heavier than normal and realized he was probably masturbating. When I stopped talking, it was quiet for a minute.

“Come on baby, keep talking to me. I’m almost there.”

“Well, now I’m a little embarrassed, Dan. I don’t know what to say. I mean we were just talking.”

“I love the sound of your voice, baby. It is so sexy and it makes me feel like you’re right here with me, touching my hard dick. So please, keep talking.”

“Mmm… I do like to see your pants bulge when you get hard. I think about the day when I can feel that erection inside me again.”

“Oh yeah, baby!”

“Feel it sliding in and out…”

“That’s it, baby; just a little more, I’m so close!”

“I want to feel it pulse when you shoot your hot load deep inside my pussy.”

“Ohhh, yeah!!”

I heard him grunt and moan, then just the sound of him breathing.

“Thanks, baby. That was incredible!”

After that first time, we started having phone sex more often. It began with just Dan masturbating, but he kept encouraging me to pleasure myself as well. I started touching my slick pussy and rubbing my erect clit while he would be talking dirty to me. Knowing that his hard cock was in his hand the entire time fueled my inner sex-goddess! I even discovered that in many ways phone sex was more fulfilling than in person sex.

Soon, we were having phone sex dates nearly every night. Dan just kept saying how good I had gotten at it and his orgasms were louder and more intense when I started climaxing along with him. He told me that I could easily make a living at it. I just giggled and kind of blew that comment off at the time.

Not long after that, I broke up with him to focus more on school. After graduating with my teaching degree in the spring, I began sending my resume out to school districts looking for a position. In the meantime, I went to work full time at the department store I had worked at since sophomore year of high school.

Only one school district, a full 40 minute drive on a good day, replied with an affirmative answer, and that was just to be added to their list of substitute teachers. Although I continued sending out resumes to closer school districts, no definitive job offers followed.

After a year of looking with no luck, I decided to go back to school for my Masters, but would not be able to get a scholarship for it. In order to pay for my continuing education, I remained at home my parents, but also needed part-time work. It would still be very tight, but I was determined.

One night while I had the TV on, there was an ad for a sex hotline. It got me thinking about all of the hot phone sex I had with Dan and how hard he always said I got him off. This sent my mind reeling with the possibilities to cum!

To be continued…

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