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Given Name: Ashlee Jade
Birthplace: Savannah, Georgia (I’m a peach, want to make a pair?)
Ethnicity: Italian & Greek
Home: The Golden State!
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Dark Brown like Ghirardelli Chocolate – sweet, rich and beguiling
Cup Size: 38 D
Ht: 5’5
Wt: A true lady never tells
Age: Fabulously 30
First Hand job: 14
First Blow job: 15
Lost My Virginity: 16
Languages Spoken: English- I will make you cum gloriously! Italian- ¡Hablo muy poco español, sólo estar encantando bastante!
Interests: Getting men off, Music & concerts, writing, reading, sports (especially football, baseball, & hockey), working out, cooking, traveling, shopping, fine dining, and taking my dogs to the dog beach.
Favorite Food: Italian- extra gravy please! (I’m a sauce freak!)
Favorite Spot: Saint Lucia, Caribbean Islands
Favorite Position: on top, riding your cock deep and hard
Favorite Book: The Vampire Chronicles
Favorite Music: classic rock, country, eighties, disco, alternative (grunge), techno-house-rave, anything I can bump my booty to
Favorite song: Sound of Silence by Delerium (this is one sexy ass song!)
Favorite Movie: The Broken Circle Breakdown
Favorite TV shows: Black Mirror, Game of Thrones, The Crown
Likes: phone sex, oral sex, all sex, teasing men, pleasing men, being your Naughty Ashlee, pedicures, shopping, iced tea, tacos, cold beer (Corona & Pale Lager please), spumoni ice cream, any food you can put whipped cream on, animals, the sunset, the beach, mountains, lake, hiking, dancing, and good conversation with cool people!
Dislikes: shallow people, condoms, waiting in line, having to go pee when you are almost asleep, reaching for the milk to pour on my Froot Loops and there is only a drop left in the container! Anyone who doesn’t agree that this is the best phone sex site on the net and that I am the best phone sex provider out there!
Special Talent: seduction – invading your mind through your cock
Best Virtue: I’m not cliché
Notable Quirks: I twist my hair when I’m horny, I wiggle my big toe when I’m trying to fall to sleep, I bite my bottom lip when I’m trying to maintain sexual composure
Favorite Quote: There is never a second chance to make a first impression (call me so I can make mine on you!) “Ashlee holds a sense of wonder”
Pet Peeves: I get pissed off when people refer to my pets as dogs, they are sexy beasts! It makes me cringe when a person asks me if I want to “Conversate.”  Hello backwoods, this is not a word!

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If you have an inquiry or need to schedule a call, kindly send me an email. I reply to all legitimate emails promptly.

Billing Information

There is a 10 minute minimum on all calls, domestic (USA) and international (Canada & all other countries). Domestic calls are $2.50 per min- INTNL calls are $3.00 per min. Never a processing fee and always toll free! All Major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, and Gift Cards (Visa/MC/Amex/Discover) Accepted. Payment Accepted by Phone only. Your charge will be discreetly billed and appear as GA

Refund policy - If you’re not completely satisfied, buy more minutes! Simply put, it cost you a mere $25.00 for the following: you will bask in the feeling of pure ecstasy the moment my voice begins to dwell in your ear. You will revel in my mind and be astounded by my skill set. All of these senses will culminate into the most volcanic orgasm that you have ever had. I am a cut above. I turn the mundane fantasy into a scintillating soiree! I’m a natural born seductress and you’ll never know unless you have me at least once!

So stop deliberating, pick up the phone and allow me to dish up the infinite pleasures that cum when you do a phone sex call with the woman that…

No man calls only once

Phone sex Ashlee will get you off hard and fast! 866-605-2544

My Wishlist

Surprising me with a gift from my wish list lets me know you’ve been thinking about me and nothing would please me more.

error: My hips are yours to handle, my pussy is your cock\'s honey-hole. I might let you have this picture too, if you ask for it the next time I make you cum!